VietnamMost of the Vietnamese in urban areas no longer bow when they meet each other. In formal gatherings, at religious place, and sometimes in the country areas, one may see the people clasp their hands together in a prayer-like gesture and bow slightly.

Oview of Meets and Greets in Viet Nam

Traditionally, most Vietnamese slightly bow when they meet each other. However, most Vietnamese living in the urban areas no longer bow.

Introductions of Vietnam People

Whereas Americans often immediately introduce themselves in given situations, the ordinary people of Vietnam think this to be rather bold and like to have a mutual acquaintance make the introduction. They will rarely introduce themselves when going...

Taboos in personal relationships

It is best to call to people in a quiet voice, using their names preceded by Mr. Mrs., or Miss. Waving or beckoning with an upturned finger is considered highly impolite.

Confusing Personal Traits of Vietnamese

Vietnamese people have a habit of not looking into your eyes when they talk to you. This is often because of shyness, but one of the main reasons is that traditionally they do not look into the eyes of those they respect or those higher in rank...

Hospitality of Vietnamese

The Vietnamese love to be hospitable and will often invite you to dinner. If gifts are taken for the family, they should be items that they could not easily obtain themselves.

Marriage in Vietnam (Part 1)

In Vietnam today, there are two distinct groupings as far as the important rite of marriage is concerned. One group is the more modern, who cling to Western innovations and desire similar weddings.

Marriage in Vietnam (Part 2)

Vietnamese customs of weddings, funerals, holidays and rituals all are attached to village community. Marriages not only reflecte the lovers’s desire but also had to meet the interests of the family lines, the village; thus, the choice for future...

The Wedding Celebration (Marriage in Vietnam part 3)

Horoscopes are specially important for the wedding and numerous checks are made, for no one would want to start a marriage off on the wrong foot. Usually the day before the wedding, the boy’s family has a banquet. Among the poor, it may be a tea...

Marriage in Vietnam (Part 4)

Except among young moderns, one of the greatest desires of the Vietnamese is to have a large family. Boys are more desired than girls and are especially important to carry on the family line and ancestral worship. A couple having only girls are...

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