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Expert Vietnam Travel Guide including detailed information about everything you need to know about Vietnam Tours.  Guides to planning your trip including travel and where to stay Key things you should know before you go like passport visa, money and duty free information Also what to do while you re there, what to see, where to eat, drink, shop and party, and how to get around between all these places

Vietnamese Languages

Throughout the years, Vietnamese languages have been enriched in terms of vocabulary, precision, and expression. However, the Viet language is most commonly used.

Meetings & Greetings

VietnamMost of the Vietnamese in urban areas no longer bow when they meet each other. In formal gatherings, at religious place, and sometimes in the country areas, one may see the people clasp their hands together in a prayer-like gesture and bow...

Vietnam Customs & Habits

Vietnam Customs & Habits, The Vietnamese culture has always evolved on the basis of the wet rice civilization. Thus, the lifestyle of the Vietnamese population is closely related to its village and native lands

Traditional Costumes

Traditional costumes of the Vietnamese people tend to be very simple and modest. Men wear brown shirts and white trousers. Their headgear is simply a piece of cloth wrapped around the head and their footwear consists of a pair of plain sandals

Vietnam Regilion & Belief

Vietnam Regilion & Belief, Viet Nam has six major religions, namely Buddhism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Muslim, Caodaism and Hoa Hao Buddhism. The Vietnamese people have a time-honored tradition of practicing their beliefs

Vietnam Ethnic Groups

Vietnam Ethnic Groups, At present there are 54 different ethnic groups inhabiting Vietnam, in which Kinh (Viet) people make up nearly 90% of the whole population, and 53 other ethnic groups represent over 10%

Vietnamese Cuisines

Vietnamese Cuisine encompasses the foods and beverages of Vietnam, and features a combination of five fundamental taste elements (Vietnamese: ngũ vị) in the overall meal. Each Vietnamese dish has a distinctive flavor which reflects one or more of...

Vietnam Markets

There are some great markets to be found in Vietnam. Especially the bigger cities such as Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi are home to some of Vietnam’s biggest market areas.

Vietnam Festivals

Statistically, there are 7,966 festivals in Vietnam. The main part of them is folklore festival, and the rest are religious, historical festival and festival from other countries. In Vietnam’s culture, festival is the specific section which is...

Vietnamese Art Performance

Vietnamese Art Performance has a long and rich history which is always retain many distinctively Vietnamese characteristics. Vietnam's traditional music has played an important role in the local life that expresses the innermost feelings,...

Transportation in Vietnam

Transportation in Vietnam, Tourist can use public transportation in Vietnam such as busses, trains, car hire, flights and ferries

Vietnam Beverages

Vietnam Beverages, beverage has been considered as one of human basic need. In Vietnam, this industry has been studied to develop strongly

Vietnam Pagodas, Temples

Vietnamese Buddhist Temples, are similar to, and yet distinct from, their Chinese equivalents. The Vietnamese pagoda is usually a single-storeyed structure rather than a multi-tiered tower. Most will have a sacred pond-usually replete with sacred...

Museums & Memorial Sites

Vietnam Museums & Memorial Sites, This is a list of museums in Vietnam

Vietnam World Heritage

Vietnam World Heritage throught over the past two decades, eight sites and eight cultural practices in Vietnam have been inscribed in UNESCO’s lists of world tangible and intangible heritage, while four national documentary heritage were added to...

Vietnam Handicraft Villages

Currently there are approx. 1500 handicraft villages in Vietnam, the Vietnamese government is putting much effort in the promotion of handicraft villages where tourism and handicrafts are joined. The brochure, "Vietnam's Craft Villages", was one...

Architecture & Fine Arts

Vietnamese art has a long and rich history, the earliest examples of which date back as far as the Stone Age around 8,000 BCE. By the 19th century, the influence of French art took hold in Vietnam, having a large hand in the birth of modern...

Vietnam Tours withlocals

Vietnam Tours & Travel with locals. Local and international tour operators offer tours to ethnic minority groups, walking and bicycle tours, kayak trips and multi-country trips in particular in connection with neighboring Cambodia, Laos and...

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