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Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province is a coastal province in the South East region . The province is located in the southern key economic region, the urban areas of Ho Chi Minh City. Provincial capitals of provinces (from inception to May 1, 2012) and urban areas of the province is the city's largest tourist city of Vung Tau .

Vung Tau Vietnam Tours

Vung Tau Province

Area          1987.4 km²

Population 1.1 million people

Density       510 people / km²
Ethnicity     Vietnamese, Chinese, Khmer and Cho-ro

Location Vung Tau in Vietnam

Vung Tau Province

Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province is a coastal province in the South East region . The province is located in the southern key economic region, the urban areas of Ho Chi Minh City. Provincial capitals of provinces (from inception to May 1, 2012) and urban areas of the province is the city's largest tourist city of Vung Tau . From May 2, 2012, Li moved to the city of Ba Ria province . Currently, Ba Ria - Vung Tau is the only province in the country with provincial urban Li is not the largest in the province and the two cities in the southern province.
Adjacent province of Dong Nai Province in the north, Ho Chi Minh City in the west, Binh Thuan Province in the east, while the south Vietnam East Sea.
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Vungtau Tours Administrative Units
Ba Ria - Vung Tau has two provincial cities and six districts. Two Cities: Vung Tau, Ba Ria (town center) (founded 22/08/2012), Six Districts: Long Dien, Dat, Chau Duc, Acquiescent, Knife, Xuyen Moc. Which is divided into 82 administrative units commune, including eight towns, 25 wards.
Urban Planning 2020: City Vung Tau City, Ba Ria, Phu My City, Town and Long Dien Chau Duc district, Con Dao, Dat Tan Thanh, Xuyen Moc. In it; Vung Tau City is the center of economy, culture, public services and the exchange of the Southeast Ministry and of provinces BRVT, is the center of tourism, ports and maritime services operators of the country's oil and gas. Baria City is the administrative center of political provinces BRVT. Phu My City in the future (now the town of American phy, Tan Thanh district) is built urban industrial port, is an important economic center of the southern key economic region and the province BRVT. Satellite urban: Chau Germany, Dat, Long Dien, Xuyen Moc support, providing goods and services to the urban port. Urban Con Dao tourism economic zones and high-quality services, regional and international.
Vungtau Vietnam Tours Attractions and Vungtau Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Vung Tau
Vung Tau has a number of attractions such as:
  • In the field of tourism , the province is one of the leading tourist centers of the country. In recent years, the government has granted permission and are evaluating a number of major tourism projects, such as: Saigon Atlantis ($ 300 million), Amusement Park Bau Central and underground aquariums Nghinh Room ($ 500 million), Zoo Safari Park Xuyen Moc ($ 200 million) ... Average growth rate in the period 2006 - 2010 was 17.78%. Industry and construction accounted for 64.3% (down 0.26% from 2005); trade and services decreased from 31.2% (3.48% in 2005), agriculture accounts for 4, 5% (down 3.22% compared to 2005).
  • The province has 14 industrial parks: Long Son Industrial Park, Chau Duc (Vietnam's most modern Industrial Park), Phu My Industrial Park III, Phu My I Industrial Zone, Dong Xuyen Industrial Park, My Xuan A Industrial Park, My Xuan A2 Industrial Zone, My Xuan B1-CONAC, Cai Mep Industrial Zone, Phu My II Industrial Zone, My Xuan B1 - Tien Hung, My Xuan B1 Oceania IP, Long Huong Industrial Zone, Dat Industrial Park 1, Are planning more industrial areas in the district Dat, The Long Son petrochemical complex. In addition, the province has planned 29 industrial clusters in the districts in the province.
Vietnam Tours that include Vungtau
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Vietnam tours in Vung Tau
Vung Tau Goverment tell about Tours
Ba Ria - Vung Tau is one of the provinces with the gateway exchanges between Vietnam and the world, systematic sea, river and air is very convenient. In addition to the vast potential of oil and gas. Ba Ria - Vung Tau has gradually asserted its strong tourism, thanks to the potential advantages of rich natural and human. Ba Ria - Vung Tau is a harmonious natural populations of aquatic organic paint, with vast mountain ranges - Small Mountain - Minh Dam Mountain Palace shielding, distance Sea Con wrapped Island, near Long Son together ... In addition to the beautiful beaches with fine sand gently, talk to Ba Ria-Vung Tau can not not mention the two famous native forests: the forbidden forest Binh Chau - Phuoc Buu and the Con Dao National Park with animals rare plants, diverse environment where many types of forests ecoregion. Coming to Binh Chau hot spring resort, guests truly relax to enjoy the warm atmosphere, fog smoke Forums weaving between forest trees scattered between fairyland, this is the resort home, hot water treatment by rewarding.
Ba Ria - Vung Tau is also a land with a long history of cultural tradition with bold imprints ruins of the historical period, the province currently has 29 national monuments rated. With the advantages and great potential mentioned above, travel time, Ba Ria - Vung Tau has experienced strong growth, a series of foreign investment projects in the fields of hotel, entertainment location, routes, destinations with a total investment of up to hundreds of millions of dollars is very exciting activity. Ba Ria - Vung Tau 65 hotels with over 2,300 rooms in 1100 well-recognized international standards.
According to the master plan for tourism development in Ba Ria - Vung Tau (1995 - 2010) with five tourist and economic center, in the not too distant future, Ba Ria - Vung Tau will develop strong, commensurate with potential generation and an important tourist center of the country.
Vung Tau CityVung Tau City Ho Chi Minh city 125km and 90 km from the city of Bien Hoa. Vung Tau is like an island because it is surrounded on three sides by the sea and fourth river pearling.
CoastThe city has a coastline stretching 20km, mostly undulating cliffs at the foot of Big Mountain and Mount mind ran bien.Tu that Bong Training to nose Nghinh Room, beach created by the steep cliffs. has a door rivers and sheltered bayside convenient for ships to anchor.
Land and sand dunesIn addition to two stone mountains Big Mountain and Little Mountain, the remaining land has Vung Tau is composed of sandy soil. Soils suitable for crops: mango, custard apple, get in the city. Vung Tau City sand hills lie parallel to the beach runs from the foot of Small Mountain to Cua Lap length about 10 km, height from 4m to 12m. Through this sand hills that strong winds blowing from the sea to the eastMale without damage, wear color, trees.
MountainsVung Tau has two mountains in the west Male City: Big Mountain (also known as futures) area of about 400ha, including the summit of Big Mountain (245m), Rifleman (220m), Hon Sup (215m). Small Mountain (also known as Tao Phung) 138m, an area of about 180 ha.
PondsAfter sand hills running parallel to the beach is a lotus lake stretches from the foot of the Little Mountain Thang Nhat, after a shower is run to the forests and canals Cay Khe all the territory of the city of Vung Tau. 400ha large lotus lake is a scenic and abundant food supply. People fishing crabs, eels, frogs ... and harvest lotus seeds, lotus in the lake for processing the special guests.
Rivers and canalsVung Tau is only one river is the largest river palace. River originates from the mountain Dinh flows through Phuoc Le, down the northwest Vung Tau 11 km long, widest 1000m seats narrowest 300m, most deep breath 25m. Northeastern city of canals Tree Cone 6 km long. Of Ba 7.9 km long canal located astride the boundary between the Most Wins and Wins Second. At the Thang Second, the back of the island, Ben Dinh canal Ben Dinh 5.5 km east of Phuoc Thang where Cua Lap 3 of sea water canals on the city Ong Nam canals canal and canal spring Cai River. Rivers in Vung Tau as well as beautiful scenery.
RoadsDetours Small Mountain (Ha Long) run from Front Beach to nose Room Nghinh way Thuy Van (Back Beach) long 6km hugging the foot of the mountain, steep run up, the run to the sea, is inserted between the leg area green trees. Walk this way, tourists can breathe fresh air, enjoy the sea breeze and watch the ocean and the ever-changing scenery along the way. Detours Big Mountain (Tran Phu) run around the slopes of Big Mountain, from Ben Dinh - Shakyamuni Buddha Radio - Bai Dau Beach First 10-km, the sea surface 40-50m one side of the mountain, the bottom of the sea, the hero more great detour Small Mountain, there are many places along the way such as the statue, mountain Ghenh Rai, Ben Stone Electric Ba ...
The rocky headlandsWindy where tourists like to is nose Nghinh Feng, where the wind blows all year round. There are also have before White, nose Cao stone at the top of Big Mountain Loop, as well as where evening visitors have to walk. On Small Mountain ring road after through from Vong Nguyet yard, if to that you'll find a small island like a mountain Tria above water. When the tide lowered one can walk out of here, through a jagged rock, which is more than three.
Weather - MeteorologyVung Tau peninsula with lower average temperatures than the southern provinces of the East by the sea on three sides, windy year round average temperature of about 28 degrees C, precipitation average 1.500mm/nam. Vung Tau has two distinct seasons, depending on the wind, the wind is blowing in both directions near as opposite each other, except for the transition date. West monsoonMaleblow in the rainy season (from May to October), the northeast monsoon blowing in the dry season (from November to April). Strong wind blowing, speed about 35km/gio. April and October are the months with the changing seasons, the wind light off small waves. Vung Tau few storms or negligible effects of the storm, so be a good shelter for boats. The semi-diurnal tide, tide twice every day up and down. Largest tidal amplitude is 4-5 m. Seawater temperature little change, year-round surface water temperature of about 24 - 29 degrees C, the bottom temperature of about 26 , 5 - 27 ° C. With the characteristics of climate, weather and natural preferences, Vung Tau has and always will be one of the leading tourist centers of the country.

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