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Vinh Phuc is a province in the Red River Delta , Vietnam . Vinh Phuc is one of the provinces that make up the capital Hanoi . To the north it borders Thai Nguyen and Tuyen Quang, the boundary is the Tam Dao mountain range. West of Phu Tho province, the natural boundary is the river Lot .

Vinh Phuc Vietnam Tours

Vinh Phuc Province

Area          1371 km²

Population 1 million people

Density       730 people / km²

Ethnicity     Vietnamese , San Diu , San Chay , Tay

Location Vinh Phuc in Vietnam

Vinh Phuc Province

Vinh Phuc is a province in the Red River Delta , Vietnam . Vinh Phuc is one of the provinces that make up the capital Hanoi . To the north it borders Thai Nguyen and Tuyen Quang, the boundary is the Tam Dao mountain range. West of Phu Tho province, the natural boundary is the river Lot .
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Vinh Phuc Tours Administrative Units
Vinh Phuc commune has 137 units in 13 wards, 12 towns and 112 villages. Vinh Phuc has one city, one town and 7 districts;
  • Vinh Yen City 7 wards and 2 (upgraded from the town of Vinh Yen on 29/12/2006)
  • Phuc Yen Town 6 wards and four communes
  • Binh Xuyen District 3 towns and 10 communes
  • Lap Thach District 2 towns and 18 communes
  • Lot 1 River district towns and 16 (separated from the old Lap Thach district since 23/12/2008)
  • Tam Duong district 1 town and 12 villages
  • Tam Dao District 1 towns and 8
  • Vinh Tuong district 3 towns and 26 communes
  • Yen Lac district 1 town and 16 communes
Vinh Phuc Vietnam Tours Attractions and vinhphuc Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Vinh Phuc
Vinh Phuc river systems, lakes, dense, in addition to economic value also create visual environment, create conditions for tourism development in the future. system includes the Red River, river, Lot and living Deputy.
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Vinh Phuc Museum is located in the city center, with area 2.500m2 display, in 38.000m2 campus, the former director of the porcelain hill (mountain Son Cao) look down at an angle of Dam Vac, with thousands of artifacts, documents, images are represented by art, technology and magnificent display means and modern. Museum Vinh Phuc will meet the needs of scientific research, the sights of the local people and tourists to Vinh Phuc home. This is an attractive tourist destination since arriving visitors center Center City. In populations of lagoons, lakes valuable tourism landscape of Dam Vinh Phuc, the cauldron has a important position. Dam Vac is located in the heart of Vinh Yen City, has 23 main branches create lakes, creeks 14km2 circumference average width of 1 km, surface area of nearly 500 ha, the deepest bottom 4.5 m, average 3.8 m. annual water reserve filled with seasonal, if kept at 6.5 m, with more than 3 million m3. Dam Vac is located in the Red River system, the water is circulated by river systems of Vinh Phuc. This area formerly natural forest cover, forest birds, fish, dress, night herons, pelicans, nails, hair, teal feeding. Probably because there are many storks, night herons here since the ancient call Dam Vac is? Favorable geographical location, beautiful scenery, climate and healthy environment should Dam Vac has been a major tourist attraction tourists.
In 2011duoi the impact of the economic difficulties at home and abroad, Vinh Phuc tourism development in the stable direction with numbers not much of an impression on visitors, revenue and quality of Services. Total number of visitors is estimated at 1,878,500, 86% of the year, down 3% compared with 2010; revenue of 840 billion dong, up 11% over the previous year, down 0.09% from the year plan . Capacity to use a room at the resort was 50-55% (70-75% of tourist season). Vinh Phuc tourists this year, mostly concentrated in the main tourist attractions of the province: Tam Dao, Tay Thien, Dai Lai. Some new features to attract more tourists to the: Solid villages Vinh Vinh Tuong Son Temple, Ha-Vinh Yen ... Industry in 2011 to focus on building tourism service development scheme of Vinh Phuc 2010-2020, completed the master plan for tourism development Vinh Phuc to 2010 and vision to 2030. Scheme and the master plan will be considered complete skeleton-oriented tourism development an efficient and sustainable way. Tourism products and services diversity, richness, further investment. The focus is the point-of-service dining serving the needs of customers, many new restaurants opening and innovative dishes, how to serve. Up to the present time, tourists stop at any places to visit in Vinh Phuc has many options for you.
The management of travel - hotel management is enhanced on the basis of guidance and support to promote enterprise development and ensure effective management of State; close coordination with relevant sectors and districts to the situation changes in the business and timely dissemination of sector management regulations, limited to the lowest level of business activities do not qualify. Continue implementation of the law and the bylaws tourism businesses. Parallel with tourism businesses, 2010 was also the year that the provincial tourism industry more actively support the promotion, tourism promotion photos Vinh Phuc. Many missions learning experiences, promote tourism in other provinces has brought positive effect in attracting customers, investors, offering diverse tourism products, in addition to international markets calendar. This was also the year that tourism Vinh Phuc welcomed many groups , local media to learn, to broadcast information. The beauty of Vinh Phuc also introduced effective at events, fairs, shows domestic tourism. However, tourism services stop at the meet dietary needs can not stay long retention, especially with the market near Vinh Phuc. Number of tourists, tourism revenue of Vinh Phuc will be much improved if the investment next year is to develop the recreation and entertainment services, especially at the district and tourist attractions.
Besides the achievements over the past year, there are still some difficulties and limitations set requires us to gradually overcome, that is: We still have not fully exploited the potential of tourism; Travel businesses with limited capacity; human resources both short and weak; many tourist infrastructure both construction and mining should not efficient; without coherence and coordination good agreement between the industry, the travel units with local authorities. Links with your local travel less effective. The handmade products are monotonous designs and types, not to attract the attention of visitors. Environmental issues and the education of environmental protection for the people, especially in the tourist area is still limited, the increase in prices of tourist services are still random. With these results and achievements in 2011, Vinh Phuc tourism industry will have to continue to prepare for the development of many changes, especially in the context of regional instability, influence sector. The attraction to Vinh Phuc be compatible with the ability to provide services, the ability to meet the elements of human resources, market research as well as product and destination. Therefore, tourism development investment, construction products, brand, promote investment in promoting tourism promotion, training of human resources to ensure service quality.

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