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Vinh Long is a province located in the central region of the Mekong Delta , South Vietnam. Vinh Long province located between the Tien and Hau rivers , bordering the province of Tien Giang , Dong Thap Province on the north, Ben Tre east, of Tra Vinh southeast, Hau Giang , Soc Trang and Can Tho city to the west and male.

Vinh Long Vietnam Tours

Vinh Long Province

Area          1487 km²

Population 1.1 million people

Density       700 people / km²
Ethnicity      Vietnamese , Chinese , Cham and Khmer

Location Vinh Long in Vietnam

Vinh Long Province

Vinh Long is a province located in the central region of the Mekong Delta , South Vietnam. Vinh Long province located between the Tien and Hau rivers , bordering the province of Tien Giang , Dong Thap Province on the north, Ben Tre east, of Tra Vinh southeast, Hau Giang , Soc Trang and Can Tho city to the west and male.
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 Vinh Long Tours Administrative Units
Vinh Long 107 communal units including the 7th Ward, 6 towns and 94 communes. Vinh Long 1 city and 7 districts are:
  • Vinh Long City 7 wards and 4 communes grade 3 and is striving to become a grade 2.
  • Binh Minh District 1 and 5 towns, founded the town of Binh Minh in late 2012.
  • Binh Tan District 11, is upgrading urban Tan Quoi up town
  • Long Lake 1 town and 14 communes
  • Mang Thit District 1 town and 12 villages
  • Tam Binh district 1 town and 16 communes
  • Tra district 1 town and 13 communes, established Tra town in 2020
  • Vung Liem District 1 town and 19 communes, founded the town of Vung Liem 2020
Vinh Long Vietnam Tours Attractions and vinhlong Vietnam Tour Tourism
Vietnam tours in Vinh Long
I still remember in the western tours, one tour from SG at 5am, down to Cai, visit the Cai Be floating market ... Some attractions such as the oven candy, jam, bread, cereal, ... then go around Vinh Long, eat on the island, Vinh Long market to buy fruit and about. That tour in days, really Vinh Long just glance eye.
Vietnam Tours that include Vinh Long
Below are list of all of Vietnam Tours that include Vinh Long or vinhlong. Recognized as leading Travel Company in Vietnam, we offer Luxury, Family, or All-inclusive travel specialized in many beautiful spots in Vietnam.
Vietnam tours in Vinh Long
 Vinh Long Goverment tell about Tours
Vinh Long, visitors will have the opportunity to floating on each country, between the natural green color with the green orchards, laden ... This is the orchard, is intercropped coconut water willow green color, quiet peaceful setting will make the everyday concerns of the travelers suddenly vanish. Tourist Attractions An Binh equally, with the dish: mussel soup; snail rolls rice paper, coconut and herbs; fruit salad toad; sour perch; snakehead fish steamed elected. The food is "more rustic" as customers are involved in a few stages such as: fishing, picking vegetables, start building ... For the more active ecotourism, garden owners held for participation in rural activities to understand the people's living waters. Eco-tourism - Vinh Sang farm (An Binh, Long Ho District, Vinh Long). This resort has a triangular shape that an edge is the pair in the Co Chien River, opposite the city of Vinh Long. It is the prime location to help Vinh Sang has an attractive landscape, attracting many tourists in the early days in operation with more than 10,000 people, 2,000 and 3,000 passengers sailing visit the My Thuan Bridge. .. Vinh Sang Tourist Area is also a an African ostrich forum with over 60 adults. Between the natural freshness of the southwest delight visitors riding ostriches run around more on the sand. This is the world's largest birds to be nurtured and developed in the middle of the Mekong River Delta, it is a very popular service in this place.
Guests can also participate in canoeing, net, fishing or ditch and scooping fish ... fresh freshwater fish will be more attractive guests handedly grilled fish processing enjoying right now garden with pure rice wine or alcohol Dao Tien, mix rustic lifestyle of the people River, tourists can enjoy folk songs smoothly through the type of Don ca tai tu, will certainly bring guests feel comfortable between a peaceful atmosphere. Guests can also participate in other activities such as: river bathing water slide, young people can stroll around the village road cycling through the orchard on An Binh isle ... From Vinh Sang Tourist, tourists traveling by boat deep into the canal and visit the famous traditional villages of South garden is located along the river. Guests are enjoy candy making duatruyen craft of the people of the island An Binh Corp Vinh Sang, enjoy the sweet coconut candy. In addition, tourists can visit the red ceramic kilns - a traditional village, famous and peculiar only in Vinh Long. Island floating between the Tien River , opposite the town of Vinh Long , home to many tourist attractions. isle about 60 km2, consists of four: An Binh and Binh Hoa Phuoc Hoa Ninh and Dong Phu. Fertile soil and fresh water all year round, residents planted many fruit trees: rambutan, mango, longan , durian, sapoche ..
Garden Bonsai scenes of his Six Church in the village of Binh Thuan Hoa Ninh hundreds of types of plants: apricot gold, tomorrow hydro projection, jasmine ... label around the house is a garden and oscar fish ponds, fish meat. Mr. Ten wire: wooden floor store in Ninh Hoa canal, behind the garden labels , grapefruit , sapoche. Was chosen as the serving tourists for lunch and spend the night in the "Going out of the blue in the Mekong Delta" of travel companies Delta. Hai Hoang old house built by the French architect rear yard and garden is rambutan and longan . This is a place for lunch and overnight for tourists. Other specialty fruit garden Garden rambutan his nine Conversion, rambutan garden he should, garden labels to their hearts, and countless other orchards grapefruit orchard on the island My Hoa Binh Minh district , 30 kilometers from Vinh Long , Nam Roi pomelo cultivation , delicious grapefruit famous Mekong Delta. Architecture facade and the entrance was built from 1961 - 1963 Vinh Long is advantageous to develop tourism ecology, in addition to the historical sites and culture to your visit. Vinh Long has many temples, pagodas, such as families Long Thanh, monasteries Ngoc Vien, Phuoc Hau, Tien Chau temple , the temple Saghamangala ... Then go through tourist Vinh Sang, on the weekends, visitors it tingle, crowded terror. That winter, Deleting and serve run toe smoke.
Despite the still difficult economic situation, many people have to tighten spending, but on the occasion of the National Day 2/9 this year, tourist attractions in Vinh Long has attracted many visitors from near and far. Thanks to a quiet, cool, and some destinations to invest more forms of entertainment should have a large family, group of friends and unit, the company selected tourist attractions in Vinh Long sights tourism and recreation in this occasion. In three days, from 1 - 3/9, Vinh Long has welcomed thousands of visitors come here. In addition to the passengers inside and outside the province are also many foreign delegations. Private at Vinh Sang resorts in An Binh, Long Lake, thanks to the wide area, cool and a lot of games to attract more tourists. Since Day 1/9, the resort received over 2,000 visitors, including many of the delegations of the units, companies outside the province, especially in Ho Chi Minh City. Vinh Long has nearly 20 fixed destinations and tourist activities seasonal fruit, concentrated mainly in the island district of Long Lake.

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