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Tuyen Quang is a province in northeastern Vietnam . North provinces of Ha Giang , Cao Bang northeastern borders , the East Bac Kan and Thai Nguyen , south of Vinh Phuc , southwest borders Phu Tho west by Yen Bai .

Tuyen Quang Vietnam Tours

Tuyen Quang Province

Area            5868 km²

Population   0.8 million people
Density        130 people / km²

Ethnicity      Vietnamese, Tay , Dao , San Chay

Location Tuyen Quang in Vietnam

Tuyen Quang Province

Tuyen Quang is a province in northeastern Vietnam . North provinces of Ha Giang , Cao Bang northeastern borders , the East Bac Kan and Thai Nguyen , south of Vinh Phuc , southwest borders Phu Tho west by Yen Bai .
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Tuyen Quang Tours Administrative Units
Tuyen Quang province 141 communal units including the 7th Ward, 5 towns and 129 villages. Tuyen Quang include 1 and District 6 City :
  • City Tuyen Quang 7 wards and 6 communes
  • Chiem Hoa district 1 town and 25 communes
  • Ham Yen district 1 town and 17 communes
  • Na Hang district 1 town and 11 communes
  • Son Duong district 1 town and 32 communes
  • Yen Son district 1 town and 30 communes
  • Lam Binh district 8 communes
Tuyen Quang Vietnam Tours Attractions and tuyenquang Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Tuyen Quang
Tuyen Quang is also a lot of other sights such as Ham Yen Tien district Tuyen Quang town about 50 miles. Tuyen Quang is also a lot of other sights such as Ham Yen Tien district Tuyen Quang town about 50 miles. Tuyen Quang is also a lot of other sights such as Ham Yen Tien district Tuyen Quang town about 50 miles.
Vietnam Tours that include Tuyen Quang
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Vietnam tours in Tuyen Quang
Tuyen Quang Tours withlocals
Historic Tan Tan Movement Movement is situated in a small valley in Dong Bac Son Duong district (Tuyen Quang) is surrounded by the Red Mountain in the east, the Mountain Applies , Thia fuse in the Nam, Bong Mountain in the west ... To get to the New Movement, previously only two trails through forests and high mountain pass. Today, to The New Movement motorways very convenient. New Movement is a new name, which was consolidated from two communes Tan Lap and Hong Thai in 1945 (formerly known as Kim Long and Kim Chau ). Associated with the resounding of the nation in the war against the invaders, today the New Movement has many important historical sites such as rivets Movement , Hong Thai , ice Tan awarded , Na Lua Restaurant Bong ... Tree history of the New Movement. Waterfall Open - Na Hang Tuyen Quang town 100 km, mine is in the center of the Na Hang Nature Reserve . The entrance to the waterfall is winding asphalt road running under the forest canopy. From the blue lake with rain on the mountain Pac Ban , who falls soft, white down the mountain. My Lam Mineral Springs Located in the territory of Yen Son district , Tuyen Quang, spring is one of the only quiet relaxation and healing space. Mineral water here is very good for the treatment of diseases of the muscles, bones, joints ... Daughter Tuyen Quang not only beautiful, but also has many tourist attractions with the natural landscape. Yesterday invite Uncle glide a round Tuyen Quang and his collected articles on Tuyen Quang offline Impressive Na Hang - Tuyen Quang.
Located in the northern mountainous province of Tuyen Quang, arc waves, with more than 83% of the natural area is forest, Na Hang proud of the exotic attraction of a diverse ecological zones. It is also known by the unique culture of many peoples. Na Hang has many mountains, pristine forests and streams. Rivers, beautiful waterfalls of you that nature has generously bestowed. Soak River, River Power, peaks Khuoi Tong, Loong equivalent, you boil, Pia, Pac Ta ... used in poetry, in music, in association with the legendary stories deep humanity. Conservation Area special use gecko - Ban Bung, covers approximately 42 km2, hugging fit in the five communes: Kunlun, Export Department , Son Phu Vinh Yen, Thanh Tuong, with thousands of species of rare plants and animals. Especially snub-nosed monkeys are listed in the World Red Book. The village where the sticky wooden floor, palm leaf roof, the cage Tong festivals, new rice celebrate, celebration colors ... maintained. Space filled with spring colors of brocade and Spanish praise Cats, elastic. By 2010 the town of Na Hang will develop into an industrial town with eco-tourist routes: Pac Ban Waterfall (Optical Speed ); nature conservation Tat Ke; Bung - Da Vi - Ba Be Lake in Bac Kan Province. from Tuyen Quang town roads, to Na Hang then continue 4 km is to resort Pac Board. Guests can take a bath in the cascade of silver, dreamily told the tale the name "Quang Speed" (deer fall).
Or can go to visit the natural reserve forests, exotic birds with his own eyes, see pheasants, ocellata, Phoenix. Or you can use the boat to go fishing; involved camping, water skiing. then relax in the mini-floor house is both unique and rustic. At this point, you can enjoy the mountains own dishes: rice, salt sesame, bamboo forests dotted fresh, bitter vegetable soup, especially corn liquor made ​​men as trees, more and more drunk heart; taste the famous fish specialties: green beams, you dance. You can visit the cultural village of ethnic Tay, Dao, H'mong, looking at her, she rolled cotton, spinning, weaving. evening, the fire floor, you will hear traditional folk songs like sing then, glide, sli. Smooth voice of the young woman, passionate singing romantic question, despite leaving the Na Hang deposition remains unforgettable. When, in your luggage is probably several liters of wild honey, corn liquor election Na Hang, tea, shan or keepsake bamboo rattan wicker ... Spectacular Na Hang If not in person, but only heard of Na Hang, you will not be able to believe the matter. Na Hang known for hydropower plants are built rather than an eco-tourism attraction. hydropower Ho Na Hang an area of 8,000 hectares, is located in the nature reserve off shelf - Expand. This is a land of legends has over 30 tales and folklore associated with each sites have been collected. Na Hang is where the Gam River flows from Ha Giang to Bac Kan river having support from to make up the majestic landscape: Horizontal rivers, mountains.
This is also the area of the Tonkin snub-nosed monkey - species of the world have been recorded in the Red Book. Pier is located near the foot of the mountain tourism Pac Ta mountains four seasons were incubated in clouds. In recent years, with the economic boom, tourism industry Tuyen Quang also move vigorously. According to statistics from the beginning of the year the number of tourists to with Tuyen Quang estimated at 250,000 people, total revenue is estimated at nearly 200 billion. With such a very positive signal a bright future full of promise. One of the key projects in the strategy development smokeless industry construction project that is eco-tourism resort spring American Forestry. A tourist-class National, a paradise resort in the future. Work began April 10, 2006 with the solemn ceremony in the presence, joy to thousands of people in the area. Welcome This is the 10th national party congress, the project is groundbreaking tour of Tuyen Quang. To My Lam mineral resources mining effectively, Tuyen Quang province to determine American tourist Forest is one of the province's three major resorts and tourism breakthrough of Tuyen Quang. Thus, we can see American mineral springs resort Lam, was selected as the breakthrough point of tourism is changing rise to the appearance, vitality and brand new. When the project is put into operation will create the stimulus for a series of support services in the areas of development, thousands of local workers are trained to do.

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