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Tien Giang Province is a coastal province in the Mekong Delta , South Vietnam . The north and east, Long An Province to the north , to the west by Dong Thap , Ben Tre Province to the south and Vinh Long Province , the East Vietnam Sea . Government planning is one of eight Southern key economic provinces

Tien Giang Vietnam Tours

Tien Giang Province

Area           2367 km²

Population 1.7 million people
Density       710 people / km²

Ethnicity     Vietnamese

Location Tien Giang in Vietnam

Tien Giang Province

Tien Giang Province is a coastal province in the Mekong Delta , South Vietnam . The north and east, Long An Province to the north , to the west by Dong Thap , Ben Tre Province to the south and Vinh Long Province , the East Vietnam Sea . Government planning is one of eight Southern key economic provinces .
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 Tien Giang Tours Administrative Units
Tien Giang has 10 administrative units including 1 city 2 (recognized by the government in 2005 and aims to grade I in 2015), the first town of IV and 8 districts. In 2009, the city is planned 1 Type 2 standards is My Tho City and one town Go Cong Town .
  • My Tho city , consists of 11 wards and 6 communes, is a grade 2 in 2005 and will be the first in 2015 as a nuclear center of the province and 6 northern Tien and government planning is one of the city's major new urban area in Ho Chi Minh City government will be oriented planning 2020 2025 .
  • Cai , including 24 communes and one town of Cai ), LI is the town of Cai Be district.v
  • Cong town , including five wards and 7 communes, grade 4 towards grade 3 in 2010.
  • Go Cong Dong district , including 2 towns and 11 communes, districts li towns Tan Hoa and towns Vam Lang .
  • Go Cong Tay District , 1 town and 12 villages, Li is the town of Vinh Binh .
  • Cho Gao District , 1 town and 18 communes, districts li is the town of Cho Gao .
  • Chau Thanh districts , 1 town and 22 communes, districts li town of Tan Agreement .
  • Districts Tan Phuoc , including 1 town and 12 villages, districts li My Phuoc town .
  • Cai Lay districts , 1 town and 27 communes, planned the town of Cai Lay.
  • Tan Phu Dong District , consists of six districts, established in 2008.
  • Tien Giang Province has 169 communal units consists of 16 wards, 8 towns and 142 villages.
Tien Giang Vietnam Tours Attractions and tiengiang Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Tien Giang
As a leading province has potential for tourism. Every year, the number of visitors reached more than 331,500. Strength mainly due to the cultural and historical monuments and ecological as: Go ( 1st century to the 6th century AD); historical Rach Gam-mango jam, Ap Bac monuments, accumulated Fireworks radio; many tombs and temples: Truong Dinh Tomb, the Royal Tomb, Tu Jie, Vinh Trang Pagoda , Buu Lam Pagoda Sac, ... Tourist attractions such as: eco-tourism Mekong Lodge, ancient Dong Hoa Hiep orchard in Thoi Son island, the five agreements, Dong Tam Snake Farm, Dong Thap Muoi ecological zones, sea Cong.
Vietnam Tours that include Tien Giang
Below are list of all of Vietnam Tours that include Tien Giang or tiengiang. Recognized as leading Travel Company in Vietnam, we offer Luxury, Family, or All-inclusive travel specialized in many beautiful spots in Vietnam.
Vietnam tours  in Tien Giang
Tien Giang Goverment tell about Tours
Explore the Mekong River with the tour package of Tien Giang tourism, restaurants, bedrooms fully imported equipment facilities, enjoy a unique shopping experience, transportation and real service. Tien Giang Tourist strong belief and pride in delivering world-class service. Located south of Vietnam in 13 provinces of the Mekong Delta, Ho Chi Minh City, Long An and Tay Ninh, Binh Duong and Ba Ria-Vung Tau is responsible for about half the nation's population and 70% of GDP of national gia.TP Ho Chi Minh City, a major international gateway to the Philippines, the country's commercial center is golf Tan Son Nhat airport is about 60 minutes drive from My Tho - the "heart" of Tien Giang Province with a population of approximately 160,000 people. Highway medium wage was introduced in October 2010 has cut the from Ho Chi Minh City to My Tho City from 90 minutes to 45 minutes by car or 60 minutes by bus. Tien Giang province to achieve the number of guests visiting or passing by 30 million people every year, is located on National Highway 1A and is the headquarters of our company, Tien Giang tourism. central area of My Tho Market business mainly produce all local products such as fish, seafood ... fishing vessels from the sea. Is rich and vast market - a supply of dried fish and dried squid largest of the South. At night the place for the handling & sorting fish, particularly catfish for wholesale markets in Ho Chi Minh City.
Produce, especially fruits and vegetables are transported directly to the seat. It is a typical starting point for tourists to take a boat trip on the Mekong River. Tien Giang hometown of Cai Be floating market, a place characterized very own "little Venice", a community fun colors spread between the two river junctions, forming a rectangle H. Early in the morning or very late at night retail, traders unloaded their ships with fresh products to the "hand" the merchants in carrying noi.Day is a very attractive tourist scene , but not a "tourist trap", which is a real market, not one show-shown providers fruit hanging on their boat mast, showcasing what they sold as: banana, coconut, watermelon, grapefruit, etc.. Small boats even the girl rowed by hand with features like mobile cafe: coffee, soft drinks .. be displayed as a small bar with a box in front. Tien Giang Tourism Tien Giang Tourism was established in 1986 as a state company and at the time of travel Vietnam has not yet developed. Over the years of development, the company has established business in a prime location and prosperity over the years has received more than 30 million tourists in and abroad each nam.Dau 2009, Tourism Tien Giang has become a private company with 100% equity of the Royal family. Currently, Tien Giang tourism assets are as follows: 1. Headquartered in Trung Trac 63, My Tho, Tien Giang. 2. Trung Luong restaurant 3. Resorts lipstick 4. Restaurant & Hotel Tien River 5. Song Tien Hotel Annex 6. Que Huong Restaurant 7. Sea Perfume and Tan Thanh beach front 8. Delta Icecream & Coffee Lounge 9. Chinese tour operators at the pier 30/04 10. Branch office in Ho Chi Minh City
Assets and services as above, Tien Giang Tourist Joint Stock company is considered the best place to provide the following services: - Special Tour Package: designed suit your travel needs . - Restaurant prestigious quality: with the delicious food of the region. - great place to stay: suitable for vacations and events organization. - Unique Shopping: At the store brands with reasonable prices. - Services and facilities: Serving you throughout the tour. strong Tien Giang Tourism trust & pride in providing world class services. With the motto "The customer is our god they deserve their choice at affordable prices." Train Travel travel on the Mekong River takes visitors to the most popular tourist destinations of My Tho as: Cu Lao Tan Phong, Con Thoi Son. Tien Giang is a land rich in tradition of patriotism, revolutionary traditions associated names national hero, revolutionary hero with the illustrious trophy for the protection of the country such as: Thu Khoa Huan Truong Dinh, Le Thi Hong Gam ... home of Tien Giang is also famous Go in archaeological Oc Eo 15 centuries ago. Landscape rich with shrines, temples, family temples both historical value and cultural value: Truong Dinh Tomb, the Royal Tomb, Temple Thu Khoa Huan, Vinh Trang Pagoda, Long Hung family , ... and many areas, tourist development has been invested as: Thoi Son island resort, Xincheng sea, resorts Cai Be floating market, relic victory Village North, Rach Gam Mango Sucking, Dong Tam Snake Farm, ...
Stretching along the Tien River and out into the South China Sea, with a length of about 120km, Tien Giang has many canals interlaced, interwoven with the isles as: there Calendar, Tan Phong, Ngu Hiep, Thoi Son, Tan Long, Horizontal alcohol ... have created the verdant orchards four seasons and the famous products such as: Mango Cat Hoa Loc, Marble Association durian, orange, mandarin, grapefruit, apple blacksmith-Vinh Kim, Sori Cong, ... cool and fresh air of the river Mekong Delta region. With rich resources, diversity, forming three natural ecoregions, very conducive to tourism development: - freshwater ecoregion includes: areas of fruit trees on the island and residential areas along the Tien of Cai Be, Cai Lay, Chau Thanh and My Tho city, with the green orchards of the four seasons, the vast interlaced canals water. Have formed eco-tourism hick island Thoi Son, resorts, Cai Be floating market. Thoi Son islet is a tourists center of Tien Giang province, each year welcomes more than 300,000 visitors, of which 70% are international visitors. Eco-tourism island lipstick has been planned with an area of 77 hectares, including seven thematic areas: reception roads, parks, camping trips, water sports, parks and village-South, the ecological parks and resorts will create tourism products typical Mekong Delta. - The mangrove ecosystem: sea formed resorts Xincheng - Hang Duong service needs visit holiday sea and in the future will be linking to Vung Tau beach and elsewhere by tourist boats and speed boat.
Tan Thanh Beach Resort - Hang Duong was planning 80 hectares, construction of coastal tourism cluster complex, serial fortress tour Luy Truong Dinh and tourist alcohol Horizontal (currently being implemented); developed this place into a resort, swimming, sightseeing, etc. - The ecology flood alum: characteristics of the Mekong Delta will recreate the zone mangroves alum Dong Thap Muoi Tan Phuoc Tien Giang, with 100ha center and surrounding buffer zone is 1.800ha Melaleuca, will Dong Thap Muoi Eco-tourism. This is a vast field with a unique ecosystem alkaline flooding in Vietnam, the endemic species of plants and animals like: Melaleuca hooves, stars, guns, eagle, strabismus, bird, flamingo, python, turtles, bees. ... will serve well for the scientific study of the resort as well as a place to visit.

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