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Viet Nam has grown many and various types of tea such as che Tuyet, che Moc cau, che man, che chi … Each one is combined with a particular kind of flower: che man with chrysanthemum; che bup with hoa soi flowers; high quality che man and che bup with lotus, narcissus or jasmine.

Some connoisseurs go so far as to row out to the middle of a pond to place small amounts of tea inside lotus buds in order to perfume it. An example is cum tea, grown by the Tay ethnic minority. Cum tea plants are allowed to grow until the buds are mature, then they are picked, and roasted in a pan until they are dry and the buds begin to curl up. The tea is then wrapped up in palm leaves to keep it fragrant.

The Vietnamese like to mix tea with flowers to make it more aromatic. Tea with lotus is very precious for Vietnamese people. This kind of tea was formerly reserved to the Kings. According to the predecessors, when the lotus blossoms in the afternoon, they put a sachet of tea in the pistil and then, they tighten it with the sheets of lotus. In the next morning, they take dew remained on the sheets and in mixture with the sachet of tea in the pistil. After having poured into the cup, the soft and fresh odor of lotus dominates the whole room.
The tea culture has sticked to the life and the heart of Vietnamese people for generations. And when they drink tea at a small mouthful, the tea savor makes them more off-hand and closer to one another. This has formed the culture of the vicinity and the affection between neighbors.
Green tea in bulk
Tea is a part of Vietnamese lifetime, we appreciate and enjoy our unique green tea. Green tea is a delicate, original-tasting beverage.
With long history in cultivation, we know the secret of growing and processing to have the finest tea. Recently, Vietnam's green tea has gained its reputation in the world. Trade-marks of Thai Nguyen green tea, Shan Tuyet tea have been recognized worldwide thanks to their unique aroma and delicious taste.
Taking tea leaves and buds from gardens that are located in the most famous cultivation area: Thai Nguyen, Ha Giang, Son La, Lai Chau, Moc Chau, Future Generation provides the best green teas that are graded in more than hundred types: OPA, OP, Thai Nguyen green tea, Shan Tuyet tea, Gunpowder, Chunmee, Sencha,...
Thai Nguyen green tea : for the connoisseur in tea drinking, unique tea grown in Dai Tu hamlet. Thai Nguyen province, is their best choice. It is said that this particular region has a very special taste, aroma and liquor.
Shan Tuyet tea: special green tea called "Snow Green Tea". Only Shan Tuyet tea trees in Ha Giang, Lao Cai, Lai Chau, Son La are growing naturally, no fertilizer, no insecticides.
Shan Tuyet tea is a natural and clean tea. Those tea trees in Ha Giang have a long-standing form with 6-9 meters of height. These special features bring a subtle drink.
The way of making, tasting Lotus and Jasmine teas are of Vietnamese culture. Taste our natural flower scented tea, you will feel part of Vietnamese culture through every cup of tea.
Vietnam Special tea
Lotus Tea
Lotus tea is a very unique tea that is made in an old traditional way. To have the finest lotus tea, lotus flowers must be picked when they have just bloomed and keep fresh. They take a Lotus flower bud and, very, very carefully peel back the petals without a single rip or tear until they would put about 2 grams of the fresh green tea inside, then carefully take back up the petals until the bud is as it was before filling it with tea. After all the buds are full and rewoven they put them aside overnight and the next evening reverse the process and extract the wonderful smelling Lotus tea. To have one kilogram of lotus tea nearly one thousand lotus flowers are needed.
Jasmine Tea
A unique tea made from Green tea leaves that are scented with jasmine flowers. The jasmine flowers are harvested during the day and stored in a cool place until night. During the night, the flowers bloom with full fragrance. On the great floor the flowers are layered over the tealeaves during the scenting process. It is turned and turned and left to absorb the scent. In order to have one kilogram of Jasmine Tea, four kilograms of jasmine flower is needed. The whole process is made by hand, in a very careful manner to transmit the natural scent into teas. The quality of Jasmine tea is determined by the quality of green tea used as its base and the effectiveness of the scenting.
Oolong Tea
A compromise between black and green tea, a "temple of heaven" variety, tightly rolled up into little balls, which gives it its wonderful keeping attributes. Have a look at, taste it once, discover the difference...
Pu-erh Tea
Come from the border between Vietnam and Yunan. Habitants in this area using the tender leaves of large leaf tea as its raw material to make pu-erh tea. There are two types according to its shape: Pu-erh compressed and loose tea. Pu-erh tea is especially good for reducing weight.
Black tea in bulk
Vietnam offer black tea orthodox and various grades. Beside pure black tea, flavored tea have been created by scented black tea with plentiful flower and fruit flavors. With all these selections, black tea has been made available to satisfy your needs.
There are hundreds different kinds of black tea, that are graded according to:
+ Origin of plantation: high grow, low grow and tea estates.
+ Our grading system: OPA, OP, BOP, FOP, GFOP, TGFOP, PS, F, D, etc.
+ Processing technology: Orthodox and CTC.
Black tea has been made its present worldwide. Buyers credit us as a trustable supplier concerning product diversifying, quality, quantity and price.

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