Tayninh Vietnam Tours

Tay Ninh is a province in southeastern Vietnam . The west and northwest borders with the Kingdom of Cambodia ; east borders the provinces of Binh Duong and BBinh Phuoc ; south of Ho Chi Minh City and Long An province.

Tay Ninh Vietnam Tours

Tay Ninh Province

Area            4029.6 km²

Population   1.1 million people

Density        270 people / km²
Ethnicity       Vietnamese , Cham , Khmer , Chinese

Location Tay Ninh in Vietnam

Tay Ninh Province

Tay Ninh is a province in southeastern Vietnam . The west and northwest borders with the Kingdom of Cambodia ; east borders the provinces of Binh Duong and BBinh Phuoc ; south of Ho Chi Minh City and Long An province.
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Tay Ninh Tours Administrative Units
Tay Ninh province has 95 communal units including five wards, 8 towns and 82 communes. Tay Ninh District include 1 town and 8:
  • Tay Ninh town : five wards and five communes
  • Tan Bien district : 1 towns and 9
  • Tan Chau district : 1 town and 11 communes
  • Duong Minh Chau : 1 town and 10 communes
  • Chau Thanh district : 1 town and 14 communes
  • Hoa Thanh district : 1 towns and 7
  • Ben Bridge : 1 towns and 8
  • Go Dau district : 1 towns and 8
  • Trang Bang district : 1 town and 10 communes
Tay Ninh Vietnam Tours Attractions and tayninh Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Tay Ninh
Tay Ninh is known for the spectacular natural scenery. Nui Ba Den 986 meters is home to many famous legends, there is a museum built in the Kim Quang and a very famous temple of the same name . Tay Ninh is the shrine of the Cao Dai Holy See in Tay Ninh magnificent, magnificent. There are also Buddhism , Christianity and many other religions. Xining is the capital of resistance, where its Central South Bureau of the anti-American, winning national independence. Tay Ninh is home to the largest artificial lake irrigation each region of Southeast Asia , It's Dau Tieng Lake .
Vietnam Tours that include Tay Ninh
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Vietnam tours in Tay Ninh
Tay Ninh Tours withlocals
In the field of trade and tourism, has implemented projects in the domestic and commercial areas, facilitate international trade border residents of the two countries to exchange and trade goods. Focus on developing the Moc Bai border-gate economic zones, local commercial centers, markets, border markets while building Xa Mat border gate economic zone, proceed to build industrial parks Brooch Gold (Dau), industrial strength, industrial school flower (Member), Tan Binh (town), Cha (Duong Minh Chau), Thanh Dien (European) to attract investment in the field of industrial. Continue to expand trade and exchange, enhance information exchange with Cambodia and Thailand in various forms such as tours, talks, promoting the study of investment promotion. Construction of the Economic Zone into a focal point of imported goods, including goods in transit, temporary import for re-export and transit of goods. On the basis of expansion of trade networks, to promote tourism activities and step-by-step construction of facilities for the tourism industry - service, linking the development of tourist Ba Den mountain, Ma Thien Lanh Pursuant to the Central Bureau, Dau Tieng, Lo Go-Xa Mat National Park. Tay Ninh, 240 km of border with Cambodia, is an important gateway to the southwest of the country. Tay Ninh Ba Den Mountain , Dau Tieng, national parks Lo Go - Xa Mat, Cao Dai temple Binh Thanh tower along the historic, revolutionary bases south .... make it quite complete tourism of nature, wild attract domestic and foreign tourists.
Tay Ninh is known for the spectacular natural scenery. Nui Ba Den 986m high is home to many popular legend , there is a museum built in the Kim Quang and a very famous temple of the same name. Tay Ninh is the shrine of the Cao Dai Holy West Security symbol of the Cao Dai is the Brand. Tay Ninh also have places like: Dau Tieng Lake, Pursuant Central Bureau ... Trang Bang ( Tay Ninh ) is one of the many local villages, traditional handicraft City. The most famous is Banh Canh Trang Bang, Rice paper drying the dew Trang Bang has become a tourism product, a familiar destination for tourists. Ba Den Mountain, tourists often come here and participate in the festival pilgrimage Ba Den , and visit Spring Festival Ba. Region Tay Ninh is the natural land is suitable for tourists and pilgrims traveling scenes unique beauty of the plain between the mountains. Tay Ninh is a land of mountains, plains and more beautiful landscape is very attractive for many tourists. Tay Ninh Forest has more than 200 species of precious wood, 250 rare animals with a solid number three stripes, the largest gold turtle in Vietnam and more than 700 species of insects. Today, this precious animal and plant species are preserved and protected. From Tay Ninh town is a tourist destination located 20km uninterrupted route between the town of Tay Ninh Tay Ninh Holy See - Ba Den mountain . Lake has an area of ​​27,000 ha, with a capacity of 1.5 billion m3 of water to irrigate the fields province and neighboring provinces.
Lunch in the jungle He Riec peace. In a quiet, birdsong mingled in the wind howling as deep in the ocean realm. A blue untouched depths. Sit where once the nerve center of the war gods of the army, people against foreign aggression, in memory of the heroic years, in the heart of every tourists rush pride. Many foreign tourists come here to visit, have more, excavations power intensity will of a people in the past to win freedom and independence. This is a red address to educate future generations about the revolutionary tradition. Tay Ninh is attractive to domestic and foreign tourists, come here, tourists can go to Nui Ba, Tay Ninh honest can go to court , can go duty-free supermarket. Cu Chi Tunnels (on the way to Tay Ninh) Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh Holy See Ho the southern English Tw Department of Moc Bai Longhua Market ... Specialty Cakes cultivation Trang Bang, fog lung , shrimp salt Tay Ninh Tay Ninh Map View map here or download the map here Go &: Motorcycle Starting from HCMC you drive by QL22 (if to that you will find this path running parallel to the Vam Co Dong River). With written notice, you go Tay Ninh by motorcycle is the most reasonable: it allows you the freedom of time and is also very convenient to visit tourist sites in Tay Ninh Bus From Ho Chi Minh City Bus routes go to Tay Ninh and Moc Bai bus in HCMC . However Bus ride will be "hard". Coach Buy tickets Tay Ninh at bus An Suong. Vehicle route Ho Chi Minh City - Tay Ninh in the written notice, very few vehicles run on this line and quality.
Most of the car is kind of small (14 - 16). Vehicles often stop at the bus station in Xining, but if you want somewhere along the way, that's ... Suong Bus QL22, Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City Tel: (08). 38832 516 Tay Ninh Bus Gallery, Queen Street Phone: (066). 3823 363 Travel in Tay Ninh The tourist sites in Tay Ninh relatively far apart. While transportation between points is .. a bit hard to find (before the car pulled to this move, etc.). This is another reason that you should ride if you intend to go "cleaner" on Tay Ninh (or is renting a car from Ho Chi Minh City). Taxis Taxi: 066.376.76.76 You have to stay overnight in the Nui Ba or stayed at a number of hotels, motels Tay Ninh At town Nui Ba Den Sleeping on the temple (in the mountains) Pagoda in Ba (in the mountains) there are several other motels to pilgrims or tourists want to stay overnight here (more like dormitories). You do not have to pay to sleep in here. Can bring a sleeping bag or rental projector sleeping in your contacts manager (near the temple). Projector rent 5,000 / unit, when hiring to leave identity card.

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