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Son La province is a mountainous province in North West of Vietnam, along with the Hoa Binh, Dien Bien , Lai Chau , Son La is the roof of the northern plains. Boundaries: the north border of the provinces of Yen Bai , Dien Bien , Lai Chau ; east of Phu Tho and Hoa Binh province ; west of Dien Bien province ; southern borders of Thanh Hoa Province and the Democratic People's Republic of Lao

Son La Vietnam Tours

Son La Province

Area           14 055 km²

Population 1.1 million people
Density       80 people / km²

Ethnicity     Vietnamese , Thai , Hmong , Muong , Dao , Kho Mu

Location Son La in Vietnam

Son La Province

Son La province is a mountainous province in North West of Vietnam, along with the Hoa Binh, Dien Bien , Lai Chau , Son La is the roof of the northern plains. Boundaries: the north border of the provinces of Yen Bai , Dien Bien , Lai Chau ; east of Phu Tho and Hoa Binh province ; west of Dien Bien province ; southern borders of Thanh Hoa Province and the Democratic People's Republic of Lao
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Son La Tours Administrative Units
In total, Son La province 189 communal units include the seven wards, 10 towns and 587 villages. Son La has 1 city and 10 districts:
  • Son La City : 7 wards and five communes.
  • Quynh Nhai : 11 communes
  • Muong La : 1 town and 15 communes
  • Thuan Chau : 1 town and 28 communes
  • Phu Yen : 1 town and 26 communes
  • Bac Yen : 1 town and 15 communes
  • Mai Son : 1 town and 21 communes
  • Song Ma : 1 town and 18 communes
  • Yen Chau : 1 town and 14 communes
  • Moc Chau : 2 towns and 27 communes
  • Sop Cop : 8 social communes
Son La Vietnam Tours Attractions and sonla Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Son La
Son La is one of the 13 provinces of the Mekong Delta, with a population of nearly 1.3 million people. Along with the general characteristics of the Southern region for tourism as hick tourism, folk music elements, villages, ... Son La still has its own potential to develop tourism, especially cultural tourism festival, learn traditions of cultural art forms, traditional sport of the three ethnic Kinh, Khmer, Chinese . Son La also has conditions to develop eco-tourism resort with the advantage of the range of the island isles along the Hau River ranges longer than 50 km to the East Sea, the coastal mangrove forests. Son La also has traditional villages such as lead, salt, Pia cake, sausage, mats, ... tourism can be exploited.
Vietnam Tours that include Son La
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Vietnam tours  in Son La
Son La Goverment tell about Tours
To Son La, you will see the majestic mountains and explore the unique cultural values ​​of ethnic Northwest, as well as attractive for spread, ecstatic drunk in wine, a also drop by flickering firelight and a sweet voice, echo far in the forest music festival. In recent years, when the country is on track to innovation, the Son La also had many profound changes, especially in the field of building infrastructure to serve the needs of socio-economic development and people's lives. Son La is known by tourists the unique culture of 12 ethnic groups. Between the 12 nation's very own definition is very general, it is the harmony between the cultures. Son La where there are the attractions for visitors. Stand out, not to mention the historical museum and the prison Son La suture Both; Historic inscription of King Le Thai Tong on carpets shelves at Son La town. To Son La tourists can reach very natural hot spring soak the city less than 5 km. Hot Springs thin (Hua) is becoming one of the addresses of attractive tour shuttle to city youth. , Son La also many historic attractions, scenic tourist calendar such as: H ang Beer Guilin Ngu Che - where marked autographs of King Le Thai Tong in 1440 with a poem engraved on the roof of the cave cliff, has confirmed the history, traditions thousands of years ago, now become tourist origins attracts tourists from everywhere; evaluation Hang (Cold Tong) more kilometers with 2 shops across two slopes. This used to be the largest arsenal of our military campaign in northwest Dien Bien Phu victory illustrious European, shaken the earth; States the Thuan Chau (where Uncle Ho visited and talked with minority ethnic Northwest); TNXP Monument fork she said; Thap Muong and; Hang teach - is a new scenic discovered and go into operation in recent years.
Every day, thousands of visitors curious to visit, sightseeing, hiking, exploring the natural beauties, such as: Thien Cung, elephant statues, terraces, fruit tray na ... all stone, sparkling, mysterious, magical; ... Highlights while in Son La plateau Moc Chau (Son La) which meets the conditions to become an eco-tourism destination of the northern mountainous and midland. However, the tourism potential are revealed and exploited only the first step. Natural conditions, Moc Chau is ideal for resort development by the climate here is similar to the famous resorts such as Sa Pa, Da Lat. With an average elevation of over 1,000 m, is located between the river Da Ma River in the northeast and southwest, Moc Chau has a cool climate during the annual average temperature of 18.50 C. In addition, the diversity of cultural and ethnic identity are favorable conditions for exploitation and development of the cultural tourism product unique, high value. It is also a spectacular highland scenery, both poetic and captivating side of the hill tea untouched sight, the white plum flower gardens, the four-season mountain clouds and the village hidden in the morning dew the terraced fields connected together on the hillside. By Moc Chau, tourists can admire the beauty of the Son Moc Huong district center edge of the beautiful stalactites, mysterious. Slight a bit near the town of pine forests Copyright Ang Dong Sang, and mining Strip Flap in Muong Sang high 100 yards and landscapes as Pha Luang mountain, river, Xuan Nha natural reserve with Us Mineral water springs: Additive Model, The Bunch, Hua Pang.
Currently, the district has kept many relics as: Don Wood Glass, beer souvenirs Division 83 Vietnamese volunteers in Lao Dong Sang Commune, President Ho Chi Minh relic Moc Chau talk to people at the sub-regional 13 of the town, the historic Mission 52 Tay Tien French, temple ruins things throat, temples Hang mouth and the riparian archaeological research continues to be unearthed .... In addition, visitors can travel the river, Chiang yen, visit Da transit or tourist travel to Laos. From Moc Chau straight down river ports Van Yen, where comes the Black River tour, boat trip visitors will admire the scenic tourist route river extends to the city Son La hydropower or down the Hoa Binh. Moc Chau Pa Hang gate to Hua Phan (Lao PDR). Of Moc Chau - Pa Hang expanded and upgraded highway. These are favorable conditions for tourists visiting the natural environment of Long Sap, Xuan Nha and linking to Sam Nua town. Long Luong, Van Ho - Moc Chau is home to many ethnic Mongolian, to the convenient traffic, allowing development of a number of cultural villages, national festival and other peaceful activities characteristic of the Mongolian people. District of Ang Thai national identity. There is a clothes horse and can sail two forests at km 45 and Chieng Sai, where Thai - Moc Chau and Lao people have the same language. Moc Chau is about 40 kilometers south of Xuan Nha natural reserve, where there is plenty of forest and rare animals such as tigers, bears ... are favorable conditions for the development of ecotourism. Another prominent advantage Moc Chau is quite close to the capital, where investment is concerned, this place can become a tourist center served as the driving force, promote the development of tourism Northwest.
Add an option for visitors to tour with Son La Son La Hydropower Reservoir. Guests will be pleasure watching wild beauty, mysterious domain of a culture of water, two lakeside looming shadow floor of resettlement. In terms of human tourism resources, Son La is the oldest living area of ​​12 ethnic groups, each nation has its own cultural identity, uniqueness and similarities. Many villages people still retain many traditional cultural values, be considered as specific human tourism resources to exploit, forming the cultural tourism product value. Many village people are qualified to develop community ecotourism model associated with poverty, such as: Accessories Model, Na Bai, Chieng Yen; Ban Ang, Dong Sang (Moc Chau ); sell two, Fish, Bouquet (Ward Chang An); summary, hum, Chieng neighborhood (City); Japan Han 4, Han 5, Muong Do (Phu Yen); Japan Surf, Ngoc War (Muong La); sell, Casting, Chieng around (Quynh Chew); ... Can say, with geographical location and rich tourism resources, diversity, Son La owns the natural tourism resources and human appeal, can create unique tourism products, contribute positively to the social and economic development of local tourism in the development of the country. Referring to the North West, many people remember now to Mai Chau and Moc Chau. But, two years ago, hydroelectric attract many tourists love to explore and adventure. Son La hydroelectric approximately 224 km2 located on the territory of the three provinces of Son La, Dien Bien and Lai Chau. Moc Chau Plateau is the gate of Son La province, has a varied topography, fresh temperate climate, cool, beautiful scenery and fresh. This is the ideal potential destinations for tourists to visit and vacation.
Moc Chau, visitors unleash panoramic view looking at the vast plateau more than 50,000 ha, with green meadows, vast tea hills, the forests apricots, plums, peaches spread slopes and hills. It also addresses many landscapes painted marine beings: floating market, queue by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the national ranking and Son Moc Huong, hill Japan Ang, Flap Strip Five operators Wen, national conservation areas Xuan Nha, top high Phieng 1,500. In addition, systematic archaeological study riparian areas such as: Restaurant coffin, animal fossils in the area Chieng Yen, marks carved in stone of Xuan Nha area and the monuments historical and cultural revolution: Don Wood, beer souvenirs Union 83 Vietnamese volunteers in Laos ... Along with landscapes, Moc Chau has many hot springs (Muong Khoa, Mao's wife, Ban Bo, Hua Pang ...) and the convergence of many forms of cultural characteristics of ethnic identity: White Thai, Muong , Mong, Dao, Hot Mun, Kho Mu. Each ethnic eating habits, different production has created a diversity of culture and festivals. The most attractive is the fair sex (1 year 1 time only). Mongolian compatriots in neighboring provinces without an appointment but on to Tet Independence (September 2 th) annual meeting here, exchange, dating ... With his potential, Moc Chau can develop many diverse forms of tourism, characterized by a plateau, such as: community tourism, visit the tea processing factory livestock export facilities dairy and milk processing; visit the high-tech zone growing vegetables and flowers for export ...
It is interesting that visitors not only learn about tea production, but also participate in productive labor to experience feelings of picking plums, vegetables and flowers; visit the cultural heritage tourism, immersed in the landscape, habitats, features associated with living traditions and enjoy the culture of the people the nation; involved travel sick with hot mineral springs, the herbs grown on the plateau, sports or travel, entertainment: Climbing, skydiving, horse racing, sailing ...

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