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Quang Tri is a coastal province in the north central region of Vietnam . This province is the 17th parallel demilitarized zone , is the demarcation line separating South and North Vietnam, so it is a fierce battle in the past 20 years of the Vietnam War (1954 - 1975).

Quang Tri Vietnam Tours

Quang Tri  Province

Area         4745.7 km²

Populati    0.6 million people

Density      110 people / km²

Ethnicit      Vietnamese , Chinese , Bru-Van Kieu, TaOi

Location Quang Tri in Vietnam

Quang Tri Province

Quang Tri is a coastal province in the north central region of Vietnam . This province is the 17th parallel demilitarized zone , is the demarcation line separating South and North Vietnam, so it is a fierce battle in the past 20 years of the Vietnam War (1954 - 1975). Quang Binh Province to the north , the southern border province of Thua Thien-Hue Province , to the west by the Lao People's Democratic Republic , the East Vietnam Sea . Administrative center of the province is the city of Dong Ha is situated 598 km south of the capital Hanoi and 1,112 km north of Ho Chi Minh City .
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Quang Tri Tours Administrative Units
According to the results of the investigation on 01/04/2009 Quang Tri Province's population is 597,985 people. Quang Tri, including 1 City, 1 Town and District 8:
  • Dong Ha City : 9 wards
  • Quang Tri town : 4 wards and 1 commune
  • Cam Lo : 1 towns and 8
  • District has : there is no social
  • Da Krong District : 1 town and 13 communes
  • Gio Linh district : 2 towns and 19 communes
  • Hai Lang district : 1 town and 19 communes
  • Huong Hoa district : 2 towns and 20 communes
  • Trieu Phong district : 1 town and 18 communes
  • Vinh Linh district : 3 towns and 19 communes
Quang Tri Vietnam Tours Attractions and quangtri Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Quang Tri
During the Vietnam War , Quang Tri is one of the most bombed places. Today Quang Tri is home to many famous historical sites:
  • Suspension bridge Dakrong
  • Ho Chi Minh Trail .
  • Quang Tri Citadel (a place associated with the summer 1972 campaign ).
  • Truong Son Martyrs Cemetery
  • Vinh Moc Tunnels
  • Pursuant to the Khe Sanh
  • Con Tien Doc Mieu base
  • McNamara electronic fence
  • Cua Tung Beach ( French Navy officers known as the "Queen of the beaches" in Indochina .)
  • My Duong Glass
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Quang Tri Tours withlocals
Quang Tri is located between central Vietnam, is the intersection of the Trans-Viet and East West Economic Corridor through the Lao Bao international border; meeting place, cross-cultural regions in the country, the local Mekong sub-region expansion. Tourism of Quang Tri create breakthrough. Land rich tourism potential. Fierce as fire routes in the Great Patriotic War of the people of Vietnam in the 20th century, Quang Tri is preserved a historical system war massive and unique. In the 500 typical monuments not to mention the ruins of great value for travel flashbacks, memories attractions and the historical study of war. This is the basis for the formation of travel programs "Retro on battlefields far and the team," a famous brand of Quang Tri Travel through time. Also from the advantage of, Quang Tri potential to become an important bridge for the tourism program serial "Central Heritage Road", "Legendary Route" and other typical tourist program. Quang Tri has 55% of the area mountains and 75km coastline with many beautiful beaches such as: Cua Tung, Cua Viet, U.S. Marine, Trieu Lang, Vinh Kim, Vinh Thai In particular, each known as "Queen of the beach "," Pearl of the of TT Liang Sea "and Cua Viet beach with many advantages is forming scale tourism services and high quality service to the guests. Cua Tung 28km from the coast is the island of Con Co hero now developed into tourism island. The beach is popular with tourist island of Con Co will be the ideal weekend resort address, venue beach activities, sea sports attract visitors from near and far. Quang Tri Forest is beautiful and there are many rare animals and plants. Excel as Vietnam package tours and Vietnam tour packges.
Hundred Tra Loc typical tropical jungle; scenic area Dakrong charming rivers, hot springs, public space vy; Rao Quan, Khe Sanh, Khe Wind Waterfall Oh Oh ... is the resort of birth state is formed, the future becomes attractive address. East West Economic Corridor birth plays an important role in local strategic linking of the four countries directly benefit state governments on the East West Economic Corridor focus on promoting activities exchange economy, culture, especially as commercial development, tourism is both a motivation and objectives in development strategies. Along with the completion of the East West Economic Corridor, travel on arterial routes has become the brand new tourism attractions on a map ASEAN countries. And from Quang Tri visitors continue the journey to explore the ruins, great landscapes of Central, the country of Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar beautiful ... To create a breakthrough for tourism in Quang Tri. Quang Tri province, there are many programs and action plans to promote tourism development stronger; synthetic mobilize more resources for the development of tourism; combined investment of the economic sectors with increased investment from the State budget to develop tourism infrastructure; actively implement the policy of socialization in the development of tourism. Thus have obtained the first results. Currently Quang Tri has formed a number of important tourist areas such as: door, doors, Khe Sanh - Lao Bao and many other tourist attractions; many cultural relics, history is more interested in restoring and upgrading of management associated with mining; system hotels, restaurants rapidly.
Quang Tri attention branding tourism products have the advantage: eco-tourism, tourism nostalgic recollection, spiritual and cultural tourism transit travel on the East West Economic Corridor . The management of state tourism gradually innovation: management apparatus is enhanced coordination between functional departments and focus on reforms to create a favorable legal environment for economic sectors to invest in tourism development. The training of human resources is concerned. Results tourism business growth. The period 2006 - 2010 the number of tourists to Quang Tri increase 20% / year and social revenue increased 28% / year ... Thus, contributing to the restructuring of the local economy by increasing the proportion of industry and services; solve many things for the society. These forward-looking solutions, tourism to become an important economic sector in the province by 2015, creating a powerful breakthrough in the next stage, Quang Tri should focus on implementation of a number of tasks and key measures: Additional complete master plan for tourism development in Quang Tri 2020, with a vision to 2030. Complete the thematic tourism planning, detailed planning areas, planning travel routes tourist infrastructure associated with the master plan of socio-economic development of the province until 2020 by the Government approval. Develop implementation plan for tourism development strategy accordingly. Improve the quality of management, execution of the planning and evaluation of tourism investment projects.
Investment to the planning layout. Need to address the relationship between tourism development and industrial development, agriculture and the development of other services, tourism development with culture and human development; tourism development with protection of natural resources - ensuring environmental defense, security and social order and safety ... Focus investment in the construction of tourism infrastructure planning right direction to focus focal point: building traffic systems for tourism combined with the economic development and serve People living; complete the technical infrastructure, the importance attached to the promotion of tourism investment promotion, management and exploitation of tourism potential; roadmap embellished upgrading of cultural relics, history a logical way to promote efficient investment; efficient exploitation of existing facilities, especially the hotel system, new high-end restaurant is built ... Improve policies on tourism development: study of a number of mechanisms, specific policies are not contrary to law to strengthen tourism development to attract investment; formation of village handicrafts technology to create products for tourists; forming parks, tourist attractions and develop policies on human resource training, capacity building business travel management. Along with perfecting mechanisms and policies must focus on building investment to upgrade the cultural institutions, sports centers, commercial services; conservation and development of selective revolutionary festivals , traditional cultural festivals have the ability to attract tourists ...
Focus on improving the performance of the business, service businesses and tourism management of monuments, landscapes. Organizations exploit existing tourism potential of the province in various types of travel services such as: visiting historical war, festivals, cultural, spiritual, ecological and tourist resort corridor the East-West ... Develop strong businesses, services, tourism, diversification of tourism products quality. Expand and diversify the types of services such as: entertainment, information, advice, money exchange, souvenir sales ... to meet the needs of our customers. Linking tourism development with the protection of the ecological environment in the direction of sustainable development. Urgently formulate and implement effective project management and exploitation of the value of monuments, landscapes. Training officers, staff and human resources in the tourism business, tourism businesses. Policies to attract workers and management staff trained in tourism business. Institution for the staff working in tourism cultural communication, professional courteous and knowledgeable tourism to attract visitors. Strengthen the leadership of the Party committees, the role of State management, propaganda and mobilization of the Front and the mass tourism development. Further improve the governance role of government, state management agencies on tourism, to create a favorable legal environment and economic equality for all involved in tourism business. The reform of administrative procedures to create ventilation mechanism, convenient procedures for visitors, especially in the area of ​​Lao Bao international border. Promulgate regulations on activities, tourism management, step-by-step modernization of facilities management and application of strict management method.

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