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Quang Ngai is a coastal province located in the South Central Coast , Vietnam . Known for appellation "hometown cane origin sugar". against the Truong Son mountain range overlooking the South China Sea , the northern border province of Quang Nam Province to the south Binh Dinh , Kon Tum Province to the west , the East Vietnam Sea. Located in the middle of the country, the Quang Ngai capital, Hanoi and 883 km north of Ho Chi Minh City, 838 miles to the south.

Quang Ngai Vietnam Tours

Quang Ngai Province

Area           5137.6 km²

Population   1.2 million people

Density        240 people / km²

Ethnicity       Vietnamese , Chinese , Hre , Xodang , Cor

Location Quang Ngai in Vietnam

Quang Ngai Province

Quang Ngai is a coastal province located in the South Central Coast , Vietnam . Known for appellation "hometown cane origin sugar". against the Truong Son mountain range overlooking the South China Sea , the northern border province of Quang Nam Province to the south Binh Dinh , Kon Tum Province to the west , the East Vietnam Sea. Located in the middle of the country, the Quang Ngai capital, Hanoi and 883 km north of Ho Chi Minh City, 838 miles to the south.
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Quang Ngai Tours Administrative Units
Quang Ngai province, including one cities and 13 counties, including one island, one district, midland, 6 districts plain, six mountainous districts:
  • Quang Ngai City : 8 wards (Nguyen Nghiem, Tran Hung Dao, Le Hong Phong and Tran Phu, Quang Phu Nghia District, Nghia Lo, director Lo) and 2 (Nghia, Nghia Dung).
  • Ba To District : 1 town (Ba) and 19 communes (Ba Bich, Lord, Ba, Ba Dinh Ba Giang, Three Mobile, Three, Three traveler, Ba, Ba, Ba Amazingly, she Member , Three Pepper, Ba, Ba, Ba Kham, Ba Vi, Ba Vinh wife).
  • Binh Son : 1 town (Chau O) and 24 (Binh Khuong, Binh An, Binh America, Binh Minh, Binh Nguyen, Binh Trung, Binh Chapter, Binh Thanh, Binh Chanh, Binh Duong, Binh Dong, Binh Thuan , Binh Phuoc, Binh Tri, Binh Thoi Binh Long, Binh Hiep, Binh Thanh West, Binh Thanh Dong, Binh Hai Binh Phu, Binh Tan District, Binh Hoa Binh Chau).
  • Duc Pho district : 1 Town (Germany) and 14 (Pho Hoa, Pho Thuan, Pho Van, Pho, Pho An, Pho Quang, Pho Ninh, Pho Minh, Pho Nhon, Pho Cuong, Pho Khanh, Pho Thanh , Pho Chau, Pho Vinh).
  • Minh Long District : 5 (Long Hiep, Longmen Long Mai, Long Son Thanh An).
  • Mo Duc district : 1 town (opaque) and 12 (Duc Nhuan Duc Loi, Duc Thang Duc Hiep Duc Hoa, Duc Chanh, Duc Thanh Duc Minh, Duc Tan, Duc Phu Duc Phong, Duc Lan ).
  • Nghia Hanh District : 1 town (to God), and 11 communes (administrative Minh Hanh Duc Trung Hanh Phuoc Thuan, compliance, almonds, administrative West Tin Tin East, Operation Compassion, Action Thinh) .
  • Son Ha District : 1 town (Di Lang) and 13 (Son Ba, Son Ky, Son Bao, Son Cards, Son Hai, Son, Son Giang, Son Thanh Son House, Son of Father, Son Nham, Son Cao , Son Thuong).
  • Son tay : 9 commune (Son Dung, Son Bua, Son Set, Paints, Paints Long, Paint Color, Paint Season, Son Tan Son Tinh).
  • Son Tinh District : 1 town (Son Tinh) and 20 (An Tinh Chau, Long, love, compassion, Khe, love States, Tinh Hoa, Ha, An Dong province, Pure Indian, Pure Life, Purification of Binh, North, Tinh Minh Giang, Dong, love Agreement, Tinh Son Tra).
  • Tay Tra : 9 communes (Tea Room, Tea Life, Tea Hot, Nham Tea, Tea Chinese, Consul Tea, tea, tea shops, tea Khe).
  • Tra Bong District : 1 town (Spring Tea) and 9 communes (Tea Binh, Phu Tea, Tea Giang, Tra Son, Tra Association, Tea Thuy, Tra Lam, torture, Tra Bui).
  • Tu Nghia district : 2 towns (La Ha, Song Ve) and 16 (Nghia Trung Nghia Lam, Nghia Son, That Thang, That Tho, Nghia Thuan Nghia States, the meaning Fill, Ha, meaning Hoa Nghia An , Meaning and Trade, Nghia Hiep, That Time, U.S., meaning districts).
  • Ly Son island district : 3 (An Vinh, An Hai, An Binh).
Quang Ngai Vietnam Tours Attractions and quangngai Vietnam Tour Tourism
Vietnam tours in Quang Ngai
Coastal province of Quang Ngai have quite complex terrain, the Truong Son crashed into the sea creating beautiful landscapes as: Heavenly Mountain Press, Sa States , Mount Phu Tho and have accumulated villages . With a coastline of 150 km extending from An Sa Huynh Tan to windy with many beautiful beaches: My Khe Khe two , Minh Tan, Sa Huynh Duc Tan ... Besides places like: Ba, Van Tuong, Tra Bong, My Lai . With the attention of the province and the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism - Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in recent years tourism has become prosperous.
Vietnam Tours that include Quang Ngai
Below are list of all of Vietnam Tours that include Quang Ngai or quangngai. Recognized as leading Travel Company in Vietnam, we offer Luxury, Family, or All-inclusive travel specialized in many beautiful spots in Vietnam.
Vietnam tours  in Quang Ngai
Quang Ngai Tours withlocals
Quang Ngai include tourism the My Khe resorts, Sa Huynh, cultural tourism Thien India, eco tourism Mountain Coffee Conversation, White Waterfall resorts, resorts Chi Springs, Cultural Tourism Zone Heavenly Pen, resorts Thach Nham, resorts Ly Son Island, Van Tuong eco-tourism, Van Tuong resort. Perhaps no province, in addition to the revolutionary relics, ruins, monuments landscapes, meet all kinds of tourism: the spiritual tourism, historical tourism revolution, tourist resort sea ​​and ecotourism, Quang Ngai has the ruins of hate and through two wars, Quang Ngai is also home to the fight go down in history: Ba To , Tra Bong , Ba Gia , Van Tuong , evidence of Paint America . Quang Ngai is the integration of mixed mountains rivers, rapids, waterfall and many relics and ancient architecture: cultural relics Sa Huynh , Thien India, the ancient Chau Sa, American Son testimony, tunnel crowd dark ... and with drips stunning natural landscapes and charming as: Tiananmen posted galaxies, have accumulated areas .... Quang Ngai also referred to with the beach clean, beautiful and worth to develop into attractive tourist resorts such as My Khe (Son Tinh), the Sa Huynh (Duc Pho), Khe Two-Dung Quat (Binh Son ), Minh Tan, Tan Dinh Duc Minh (Mo Duc). If Mountain Indian River Tea, Thien remarks on the symbol of a local land spiritual masterpiece, the historic uprising Ba, Ba Gia, Van Tuong, my tunnel Halloween, evidence of Son My. .. powerful demonstration of revolutionary heroism but no less suffering of the people of Quang Ngai.
Quang Ngai far there are 24 monuments rated historic national culture and more than 100 provincial-level relics. Another attraction of Quang Ngai is the dish unlike any in the country, it burns Tra, bird sugar, candy mirror, malt, sugar lungs and Don dishes ... all very charming taste of the countryside; festival for fishermen, fishermen's sailing waters, the unique customs ethnic H're, Cor, Cadong bold shades of Quang Ngai ... In recent years, Quang Ngai has become a promising area for investment and tourism. Technical facilities and tourism infrastructure has been invested. In 2000, the province has only 15 tourist accommodation establishments with 470 rooms, 2006 there were 38 tourist accommodation establishments with more than 900 rooms with 6 rated from 1-4 stars and a number of tourist schedules are completed and put into operation phase. The number of tourists to the region increased in 2000 welcomed 83,000 visitors, including international 4500 in 2006 welcomed 195,000 international with over 13,000 visitors. At the same time to create the featured products of Quang Ngai tourism continues to open new tourist routes: Ho Quang Ngai - Ly Son Island, Quang Ngai City - ruins clinic Martyr Dr. Dang Thuy Tram- Sa Huynh ... Currently tourism in Quang Ngai are looking for resources and foreign investment in the marine eco-tourism and forest planning as: resort My Khe, resorts Sa Huynh , tourist Van Tuong tourism, tourist colonies ... in order to exploit this potential richness and diversity.
Mechanism, clear policy to encourage investment in the province's tourism, Quang Ngai tourism industry would get the cooperation of domestic and foreign enterprises to land this promising and attractive . Located northeast of Quang Ngai town about 70 miles. Dung Quat sea depth is ideal. Dung Quat port is built into the deep water port for cargo ships ten thousand ton. In Dung Quat become future largest oil port in Vietnam . Sa Huynh is located in the southernmost province of Quang Ngai, Duc Pho district, a town 60 kilometers from town. Sa Huynh beach is beautiful, famous bowl of salt is important in the central region . Sa Huynh Beach is located close to the National Highway 1A , about 985 kilometers, Sa Huynh railway station , so from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, visitors can stop at this very convenient. Sa Huynh sites must write to the Tsar , which means golden sand. Indeed, the white sand here is not like in other places have beautiful iridescent yellow. The reason, to write the Sa Huynh , because the word "Royal" with the same name as the Lord Nguyen Hoang Nguyen profile. There are also tourist attractions and famous historical relics such as: Sa Need, Thien An Mountain, Waterfall, White, Natural Indian School Ha, My Khe Beach. Historic: Thanh Chau Sa, the system Co Luy, you, citadel of Quang Ngai, Tiananmen listed and Long First Colosseum aquatic. Quang Ngai Dung Quat port, a major port ideal depth is being constructed. In Dung Quat future will become Vietnam's largest oil port along with the modern city of Van Tuong.
Quang Ngai land investment potential awaits further to become one of the development centers in Central and tourist attraction in the country and abroad.

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