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Quang Binh (the former name of the region include: Lam Binh, Tien Binh Tan Binh ) is a coastal province in the north central region of Vietnam . Quang Binh is located at the narrowest place in the East-West direction of Vietnam 's S- shaped strip of land (50 km by the shortest route from the Laos border to the South China Sea ).

Quang Binh Vietnam  Tours
Quang Binh Province
Area           8051.8 km²

Population  0.9 million people

Density       110 people / km²

Ethnicity      Vietnamese , Bru-Van Kieu , Chut , Tay

Location Quang Binh in Vietnam’

Quang Binh Province

Quang Binh (the former name of the region include: Lam Binh, Tien Binh Tan Binh ) is a coastal province in the north central region of Vietnam . Quang Binh is located at the narrowest place in the East-West direction of Vietnam 's S- shaped strip of land (50 km by the shortest route from the Laos border to the South China Sea ). Ha Tinh province borders to the north with Hoang Son is the natural boundary; borders Quang Tri to the south; bordering the South China Sea to the east; western Kham Muon province of Laos to the Truong Son is the natural border.
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Quang Binh Tours Administrative Units
In addition, the administrative center of the province is the city of Dong Hoi , Quang Binh has 6 districts with a total of 159 communes, wards and towns (including the wards of the city of Dong Hoi).
  • Dong Hoi city , consists of 12 wards and four communes
  • Minh Hoa town , including four wards and 10 villages
  • Tuyen Hoa , consists of 1 town (Hoa Vinh) and 9 communes
  • Quang Trach , consists of 1 town (two) and 10 communes
  • Bo Trach , includes 1 town, Phu Hoa commune and 8
  • Le Thuy , includes 1 town (Paint) and 13 far
  • Quang Ninh , including 1 town (Two Separate) and 10 communes
Quang Binh Vietnam Tours Attractions and quangbinh Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Quang Binh
Quang Binh strip as a monumental painting, mountains, sea with beautiful natural landscapes, famous sights: Horizontal Pass, Ly Hoa Pass, Nhat Le Beach , breaking Black Sea, Sky Gate ... and National Park Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park was recognized as a World Natural Heritage are also recognized as the national tourism Vietnam. Quang Binh has a long strip of beautiful beach with white sand, blue sea, but due to traffic planning unclear and not well should not promote the potential.
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Quang Binh Goverment tell about Tours
How to nearly 300 kilometers north of Danang, Quang Binh is the intersection of the convergence of multiple streams of culture, and fierce fighting in two wars today's defense should also save a lot of historical relics history and culture of different ages. Phong Nha - Ke Bang in Quang Binh specific trait of the North Central area, as many local people resident abundant cultural traditions, cultural and art treasures of folk diversity. With a coastline of 116.04 km, Quang Binh completely solid basis to develop the form of vacation, one of the main branch, bringing revenue of the tourism industry. Quang Binh is a land blessed with exotic landscapes, which must include the National Park Phong Nha - Ke Bang has been recognized by UNESCO sites in the world natural heritage in the July / 2003. 13,000 Phong Nha Cave has a length of 14 beautiful cave by the river groundwater dissolves limestone formed as Top Ron, Top Up, Top Arch ... the cave has a height of 10 to 40 meters, right at the entrance of the cave has many beautiful stalactites hang down, as deep inside, natural scenery increasingly fanciful, go on the boat and have lights . This is an advantage for tourism development to explore, adventure - a new tourism trends in the world and in the country today. Ice dance in Historical - cultural, Hoang Phuc Temple, Quang Binh Quan, Luy Dao Duy Tu, Thanh Dong Hoi, Showers Sen, Member Dynasty citadel of the Trinh-Nguyen, more famous as one in five Canh Duong, Cha Lo, Heaven Gate, Xuan Son, Long Dai, Ho Chi Minh, etc. Quang Binh is a land of cultural objects, cultural relics Bau Tro, drums tributaries same time with the Dong Son culture. Many celebrities senior wide, tall and famous past and present military in many areas, such as socio-cultural Duong Van An, Nguyen Huu Canh, Ham Ninh Nguyen, Huang Yan, Vo Nguyen Giap ...
Quang Binh is located in the area of ​​biodiversity of northern Truong Son with the diverse flora and fauna, with many rare and precious species unique. If sustainable development is this characteristic, we can fully establish the form of eco-tourism in this place. Vietnamese rare anywhere in the country focused many advantages of tourism in Quang Binh. Only in the area on 8.065km2, Quang Binh geographical contains three types, ranging from forests, hills, plains to coastal dunes. Each type contains great value, the convergence of the potential for tourism development in the future. Quang Binh is endowed with both the forest, sea, river and landscape. Coast has many beautiful beaches, rocky mountains to the sea system to create a lot of ports, beaches and exciting leisure attractions such as Nhat Le, Quang Phu, Vung Chua - Dao Nest, beach dancing , ... facilitate the development of tourism and resort. Many historical and cultural scenic wear Horizontal, Ly Hoa, Ho Chi Minh legendary road; especially World Heritage National Park Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park with hundreds of caves, Phong Nha Cave, Tien Son, Heaven, The ... with mystery, in which the Son Doong cave is the largest in the world. With 116 km of coastline, Quang Binh is the appropriate place to build the hotel, Resort. Many high quality hotels have been built, such as: Saigon - Quang Binh, Sun Spa Resort ... is an attractive destination for international tourists from all over the country and many parts of the world.
Towards the western Truong Son mountain range with the ethnic minority villages of ethnic: Van Kieu Ma Coong, A Rem, Ruc ... store the value of culture, ancient, preserved the traditions characterized as pristine treasure of cultural discovery. System of mountain terrain with mountains, hills, sand dunes, Quang Binh ... thus making it more attractive to investors in the tourism sector. Nowhere on the country charm visitors in this with massive epic treasure, ancient myths and outdoor adventure activities. Bang hot spring flows at a temperature of 1050C, stretches of white sand untouched, the earnest Son River flows between the thousands of Truong Son ... all the potential to become a golden opportunity for those who want to explore and join hands with us to build the beautiful land of Quang Binh. With terrain including plain, forest, rivers and lakes, islands, nature and preference given to Quang Binh harmonious diversity of the natural landscape. Moreover located transit system important traffic routes through Vietnam as: railway North-South, National Highway 1A, Ho Chi Minh City with two branches east and west run through the length of the province; 20 and Highway 12 connected to the Lao PDR ... Quang Binh has and promising many advantages, potential to develop sustainable tourism diverse potential to "awaken" is ancient land, associated Bau Tro culture dating back around 4000 years ago, to now Quang Binh preserved many historical sites such as Quang Binh Quan, the first teacher, fortresses Trinh - Nguyen and many famous historical sites in two wars against France and the United States as one in five, Canh Duong, Cha Lo, Heaven Gate, Long Dai, 20 Decision win and especially the East and West of the Ho Chi Minh City branch history.
Quang Binh is crossroads, convergence of multiple streams of material and non-material culture of the North Central region thus retain its own unique culture, expressed through festivals such as: traditional pool cover ; March full moon festival (districts Minh Hoa), the festival of Dam in MaCoong (Bo Trach district); sing the hut and asked rob (Minh Hoa district) ... and smooth folk songs such as: dating drilling Le Thuy Kieu song Quang Kim, singing "sim" of the Bru-Van Kieu ... With the Nhat Le River in the heart of the city; bamboo, coconut; surrounding the canal; beaches Nhat Le, Quang extensive Bao Ninh, jumped ... clear water, fine sand and hot spas Province - the only mineral water in Vietnam has a boiling point of in hole injection up to 105 degrees C. .. All are potential energy waiting to be "awakened." However, the most prominent tourist potential of Quang Binh is the Phong Nha - Ke Bang, the name has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with many outstanding criteria system of geology, geomorphology was formed over 400 million years, contained within the more than 300 large and small caves leading value. Along with the magic cave system, river Trooc, Chay river regional Son Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park with blue water flowing between the forested mountains create beautiful poetic picture wearing charm. Resonance all these factors are favorable conditions for deployment of Quang Binh tourism organizations various types of tourism, catering to many different objects tourists.

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