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Phu Yen is a coastal province of South Central Vietnam coast. east, Binh Dinh Province to the north , south Khanh Hoa , west of Dak Lak and Gia Lai , the East Vietnam Sea . Phu Yen is located in central Vietnam, Hanoi 1,160 km to the north, Ho Chi Minh City 561 km south along National Highway 1A.

Phu Yen Vietnam Tours

Phu Yen Province

Area          5045.3 km²

Population 0.9 million people

Density      180 people / km²

Ethnicity     Vietnamese , Chinese, Cham , Ede , Ba Na

Location Phu Yen in Vietnam

Phu Yen Province

Phu Yen is a coastal province of South Central Vietnam coast. east, Binh Dinh Province to the north , south Khanh Hoa , west of Dak Lak and Gia Lai , the East Vietnam Sea . Phu Yen is located in central Vietnam, Hanoi 1,160 km to the north, Ho Chi Minh City 561 km south along National Highway 1A.
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Phu Yen Tours Administrative Units
Phu Yen Province have 112 communal units include the 16 wards, 6 towns and 90 communes. Phu Yen including one provincial capital city, 1 town and 7 districts:
  • Tuy Hoa city , consists of 12 wards and four communes
  • Song Cau town , including four wards and 10 villages
  • Dong Hoa , consists of 1 town (Hoa Vinh) and 9 communes
  • Dong Xuan , consists of 1 town (two) and 10 communes
  • Phu Hoa , includes 1 town, Phu Hoa commune and 8
  • Son Hoa , includes 1 town (Paint) and 13 far
  • Song Hinh , including 1 town (Two Separate) and 10 communes
  • Tuy An , consists of 1 town (Chi Thanh) and 15 communes
  • Tay Hoa , including 11 communes
Phu Yen Vietnam Tours Attractions and phuyen Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Phu Yen
Phu Yen located on the east slopes of the Annamite Mountains and hills account for 70% of natural land . Strong sloping from west to east, the narrow plain and divided up, there are two big cuts from the Truong Son Cu Mong Pass wing and Ca Pass wings . Nearly 200 km long coastline with many mountains jutting into the sea forming bays , lagoons has the advantage of tourism development , water transportation, fishing and aquaculture seafood exports.
Vietnam Tours that include Phu Yen
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Vietnam tours in Phu Yen
Phu Yen Tours withlocals
Tourism industry is one of the increasingly important position in the process of Phu Yen. Despite a low starting point, but so far you travel Phu Yen has risen to become one of the key economic sectors of the province. Phu Yen has been given for a system landscape is quite diverse, complete with mountains, plateaus, deltas, rivers, lakes, lagoons, bays, islands ... . Outstanding Features of the natural landscape here is very romantic, majestic and unique ... Some typical landscapes can tell: MD Ganh , O Loan Lagoon , Da Bia Mountain , Xuan Dai Bay , Mon-nose post , national historic sites such as the Romans , and mountains - the Da River . . etc. Tourism infrastructure of Phu Yen has recently been investing heavily. Wide range of hotels, motels, resorts, eco-entertainment-high building standards recently not only contribute to change the face of the city of Tuy Hoa stimulus but also leverage this service sector growth more. Phu Yen is one hotels 5 stars (CenDeluxe), three 4-star hotel (Kaya, Saigon-Phu Yen, Long Beach), and many other hotels such as Lotus, Union Hotel .... Recreation facilities, resorts, Amusement-Thuan Thao ecological zones Sao Viet Resort, Tram beach hideaway .... Beautiful, natural, convenient transportation, gentle people .... all factors that will help Phu Yen will soon become one of the most attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists
Phu Yen is blessed with many famous scenic spots with bays, lagoons, lakes adjacent to Highway of dreaming disturbing beauty how poets visitors as: Xuan Dai Bay, Cu Mong Dam, Dam O Loan, Vung Lam, ... National Highway 1A from north to south, Cu Mong Pass to Phu Yen, visitors can see the Cu Mong lagoon. Cu Mong lagoon water surface quietly, delicious seafood specialties, around Dam has many historical and cultural. Visitors come to the Song Cau town, where there are beautiful beaches to amazing as Nom beach, post Hug yards that, hereby from Nham, hereby hundred, .... River Bridge is also known by the tourists fresh seafood dishes: grouper, snapper, crab, lobster, shrimp, scallops, oysters, snails, dance, ... Tuy An district, from tourists Bridge Pass not surprised from seeing smeared on O Loan lagoon, this place is also famous for delicious oysters, specialty is hard to find. Moreover O Loan has one of the traditional festivals boat race on holidays. The southern gateway to the city of Tuy Hoa, travelers can see the imposing Mount Swallow, where there are ruins of Thap Cham is many centuries old. From Tuy Hoa city 30 kilometers south of Pass Both tourists will come. Here is where ecotourism and ideal sport climbing. Da Bia mountain 706m high near the foot of the pass.
From Da Bia mountain you can see the panorama deltaic plains of Phu Yen, watching the coast of Phu Yen to the waist, bays, islands without getting bored eyes. Not far from here is the resort and Vung Ro relics with amazing scenery, where the deep-water seaport, which served as the rallying point of the train is not in the American war. From about 30 minutes on Cano visitors able to nose Electric, the easternmost point on land in Vietnam, where the lighthouse was built in 1890. To the tourist beach in Phu Yen if you're not one to admire and climb Da Dia Rock CD is indeed a disadvantage. It is a wonder that nowhere in Vietnam. Northwest of Phu Yen, located on the territory of Dong Xuan district visitors can enjoy swimming Phu Xuan and the hot springs Triêm Germany and tea. It offers sightseeing activities, entertainment, hot water bath. Highway 25 from the city of Tuy Hoa mountainous western tourists will to nature conservation Krong - Son of Son Hoa district. According to the National Highway 29 from Ho Chi Minh City. Tuy Hoa Song Hinh, visitors will come to Lake Song Hinh Hydropower and ecotourism sites in Song Hinh district where many interesting tourist travel in those days on Phu Yen land your visitors. Phu Yen has a culture filled with tradition inherited and constantly develop and enrich the spiritual life of 31 diverse ethnic groups in the province. Nearly three millennia our ancestors invented the musical instrument relatively complete sounds and tunes, it is a man and a pair of horn stone Tuy An, this is the second musical instruments dating nearly 1000 years BC. Many ancient bronze drums discovered in Phu Yen in recent years.
Many monuments History - Revolution - Culture and Attractions in Phu Yen as: where the Party set up its first in Phu Yen; Spring Hall, Uncle Ho's church. Ngan Son Massacre - Chi; victory road in, Train No the Vung Ro; tombs and temples Le Thanh Phuong Luong Van Chanh; Mui Dien, tower hit; dress at the Loan; burden of MD, Temple white State recognized and ranked as the historical-revolutionary cultural and national landscapes. Phu Yen has more holidays, traditions imbued with national culture. Many cultural activities have become indispensable as the traditional: festival Luong Van Chanh, Festival Le Thanh Phuong, Nguyen Tieu breath, Boat O Loan Lagoon, River Boat Temple, Spring flowers, music Spring Festival etc. Tourism development potential of Phu Yen is very diverse. Ability to develop tourism operators: Northeast region marine tourism development, resort combined with sightseeing. In the EastMalefavorable conditions to develop sports tourism, high-end entertainment combined with eco-tourism and sightseeing. In the western area is nature conservation Krong Trai, may be the development of eco-tourism associated with travel to visit ethnic villages, hydropower, irrigation, ..

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