Ngoc Son Temple

Ngọc Son temple is a temple on the island of Hoan Kiem Lake, Ha Noi, built in the 19th century, is one of the most famous lake in Ha Noi

Initially called Ngoc Son Pagoda (玉山寺), the temple was called Ngoc Son temple for the worship only god Wenchang is the star sent home the scientific literature and church Tran Hung Dao, a hero of the Army original 13th century.

When King Ly Thai To moved his capital to Thang Long Ngoc Tuong is named the temple, to the life renamed Tran Ngoc Son. Here was erected a temple to worship the smiles heroic martyrs who sacrificed in the resistance against the Mongolian Highlands. Later he collapsed house long, up to the Le Huu Vinh (1735 - 1739), lord Trinh Thuy Giang Khanh and also covering up the mountain land on the east coast facing the mountain called Ngoc Son Dao Tai and Ngoc Boi. Later in life the Le Thuy Khanh also Chieu Thong was destroyed. A charity named Tin Trai, the same old people have established a temple called Ngoc Son Pagoda.
On the occasion of sole edit temple Quan Ngoc Son pagoda, all signed "sole military Ngoc Son Temple" was composed in 1843 wrote: "... Hope formerly known Ta Ho Hoan Kiem Lake is a land and landscapes Economy ancient period. The north lake, a large mound emerged about three of four nests, Legend is a fishing spot radio last time Le. Previously, he Tin Trai village of Nhi Khe Quan De temples here are four more open to change is called Ngoc Son temple ...".
Few years after the temple for a favor Now this charity as Tam Thanh Temple. The steeple was removed, rebuilt the power of time, the two suites side, put the military down to the Church Office and renamed Ngoc Son Temple. All signed by "Edit Wenchang temple", the "... present a new temple is completed, the front adjacent to the coast, as family Tran Ba, implying that it stands between the pillars wave culture. In described, The Huc bridge east, up Taiwan R. Again the mountains east of unique, built tower Pen, representing the cultural objects ... "
Tu Duc first eighteen years (1865), Nguyen Van Sieu standing Confucian repaired the temple. At each change covering more land and build stone embankment around, Tran Ba home building, a bridge from the north east coast to the bridge called The Huc.
Mountain Ngoc Boi old, Confucian, Nguyen Van Sieu built a stone tower, brush tops the summit tower, the tower itself had carved three words "Ta Thanh Thien" (write on blue sky), today commonly called the Tower Pen . Next door is a book called Dai R, is set on a Research ink stone peach half the duo vertically, with the team three frogs. Research has engraved on a smart about the use of the Research Review of ink philosophical aspects. People born after praising the "Best Phuong Dinh radio pen. Port from outside the walls into two sides, one side of the table dragon, a tiger inside a table, the table represents the noble named the test passed, makes the artist as try to go through e-education .
The Huc bridge name that is retained beautiful light of the sun. The Huc bridge leading to Ngoc Son Temple Gate, also known as Dac Nguyet Lau (floor is white) team with the collection tree, the trees in the middle of a thickset, like emergence from the water. Temple of connecting together two throne, the first temple to the North Church and Van Xuong Tran Hung Dao. Subjects placed on harem of about 1 meter high stone pedestal, the two sides have two stone stairs. Wenchang statue standing, holding a pen. Tran Ba south is home (home-sure waves implies pillar withstand the wave of unfair in contemporary culture). Home eight square roof, roof two floors with 8 column prop, four out of stone columns, four columns of wood.
Characters in the temple outside the church down to Van Quan, Lü Dong Tan, Quan Van Truong, Tran Hung Dao, also worship the Buddha A-di-da. This represents the original concept of education Tam smiles Vietnam.
Although the temple is a new architecture, but Ngoc Son Temple is a typical spatial and architectural artifacts. The combination of temples and lakes have formed an overall architecture Emperor - Human merge, creating the ancient beauty, harmony, posted to the temple and the lake, should suggest the feeling chan Republic between people and nature .

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