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Nghe An province has the largest area of Vietnam in the North Central region . Thanh Hoa Province to the north , the south border of Ha Tinh province , Laos to the west , the East Vietnam Sea . Administrative center of the province is the city of Vinh , Hanoi capital city 291 km away to the south.

Nghe An Vietnam Tours

Nghe An Province

Area          16,487 km²

Population 3.2 million people

Density       180 people / km²

Ethnicity      Vietnamese , Khmer , Thai , Turkish , Hmong

Location Nghe An in Vietnam

Nghe An Province

Nghe An province has the largest area of Vietnam in the North Central region . Thanh Hoa Province to the north , the south border of Ha Tinh province , Laos to the west , the East Vietnam Sea . Administrative center of the province is the city of Vinh , Hanoi capital city 291 km away to the south.
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Nghe An Tours Administrative Units
Nghe An including 1 cities, 2 towns and 17 districts:. Nghe An has 479 commune-level administrative units including 462 communes and 17 towns.
  • Vinh City 25 wards and communes
  • Cua Lo Town 7 wards
  • Taihe Town ward 4 and 6 communes
  • District England Son 1 town and 20 communes
  • Con Cuong District 1 town and 12 villages
  • Dien Chau district 1 town and 38 communes
  • Do Luong district 1 town and 32 communes
  • Hung Nguyen district 1 town and 22 communesv
  • Quy Chau district 1 town and 11 communes
  • Ky Son district 1 town and 20 communes
  • Nam Dan district 1 town and 23 communes
  • Nghi Loc District 1 town and 28 communes
  • Nghia Dan district 1 town and 24 communes
  • Que Phong District 1 town and 13 communes
  • Quy Hop district 1 town and 20 communes
  • Quynh Luu District 2 towns and 41 communes
  • Tan Ky district 1 town and 21 communes
  • Thanh Chuong District 1 town and 39 communes
  • Tuong Duong District 1 town and 17 communes
  • Yen Thanh district 1 town and 38 communes
Nghe An Vietnam Tours Attractions and nghean Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam  tours in Nghe An
Cua Lo Beach is the resort; Area Travel Guides demonstrations, Dien Chau district - a pristine beach and romantic; Ho Chi Minh relic, relic to the intensity. In 2008, tourism resort Brigade was put into operation. Nghe An is the country of the traditional festival takes place on the river as the Fish Festival, mussel Communion, Canoe ...
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Vietnam tours in Nghe An
Nghe An Tours withlocals
Festival to revive the historical period was upgraded to legendary, epic rich, charming humanity as Cuong Temple Festival, the festival village Van Loc, Sen. Mountain festivals like Hang hammer, petrol Khan festivals, new home celebration, holiday drink wine. Nghe An preserved many cultural and historical monuments, landscapes, traditional cultural festivals - which are favorable factors for tourism development Nghe An. Cruise, Nghe An has 82 km of coastline with many beautiful beaches attract international tourists as Cua Lo beach, Cua Hoi; Nghi Thiet, Bai Lu ( Nghi Loc ), Quynh Table, Quynh Phuong Quynh means ( Quynh Luu ), Forum (Forum Asia). And Nghe An advantageous development of cultural tourism. Currently Nghe An has over one thousand historical and cultural monuments, including the 200 historical and cultural monuments are ranked, especially Kim Lien relic, the home of Ho Chi Minh City , the annual catch of approximately approximately 2 million people and tourists visiting researchers. Kim Lien historical, Vinh city center 12 km to the southwest, is the memorial monument in Ho Chi Minh in Kim Lien commune, Nam Dan district . It is associated with childhood HCM and preserved memories of the boy's childhood Nguyen Sinh Cung, traces and family memorabilia. Sen village, home to the Ho Chi Minh's name is Kim Lien (Golden Lotus). The village has many lotus lake drop over the side of the road the village. Ho Chi Minh's house lived my youth up of bamboo and wood 5 spaces, thatch. In home appliances like the peasant family: child-resistant wood side, the crown of thorns, the altar ... House was built in 1901 by the effort and the money contributed by the villagers to donate Nguyen Sinh Sac , father of Ho Chi Minh when he parked city by bringing honor to the village.
Sen village 2 km away is the village temple (name is Hoang Tru) - Ho Chi Minh's childhood home - and where his voice is born, mother parenting in childhood. Resorts Vinh City is located in the convenient transportation, the National Highway 1A and the railway line north-south running through, Vinh airport is located not far from the city center. Vinh City is an important transportation hub between the North and the South. Traveling along National Highway 1A is increasing, the number of tourists to the Nghe An also increasing. Vinh city has long attracted visitors by a resort complex with characteristics typical of a Nghe urban. Vinh city, visitors can participate in many types of tourism: tourism research, eco-tourism resort. Vinh city 120 km southwest of Pu Mat National Park under the Con Cuong district, located on the eastern slopes of the Truong Son mountain range, along the Vietnam-Laos border. It has a number of rare species of animals and plants need to be strict protection such as: copy, poetry still, hung niệc and a number of plant species such as po mu, laid back, back two years ... It has been included in the UNESCO list of World Biosphere Reserve , called Biosphere Reserve in western Nghe An . Currently, many organizations protecting the world's environment as well as in the country, are the projects for the conservation and development of Pu Mat National Park, nature conservation Pu create an attractive eco-tourism . Resorts Cua Lo is attractive cruise destination with fine white sand beach stretching nearly 10 km, the Hon Ngu, Hon Mat, Lanzhou Island e dotted coastal hamlet as a breaking of the picture wearing. All Cua Lo has created a powerful attraction for tourists from everywhere.
Nghe An is home to many delicious dishes, famous specialty: Vinh eel soup, rice, and most Chapter, General Nam Dan commune committed Doai ... is the attractive tourist product of international and domestic tourists. With much of the landscapes, monuments systems, rich culture, unique content, a variety of types, Nghe An is the promised land, is the address of tourist attractions for with visitors. With diverse natural conditions and rich terrain, Nghe An has several advantages for tourism development. Western Nghe An tourist areas associated with the Pu Mat Nature Reserve, Pu, or the natural landscapes such as waterfalls Sao Va, slot operators Attached ... East Nghe An is a series of beaches stretching from the Quynh Phuong Quynh Luu to Forum Members - Dien Chau, of the Constitution - Nghi Loc and more famous Cua Lo beach. Some newly formed resorts, high quality and a lot of travelers known as Bai Lu resort (ear Nghi Yen - Nghi Loc District) or sea resorts Forum Members (Dien Chau district) continues development and prestige. In the minds of the people throughout the country, Nam Dan is the "geographical spiritual masterpiece" - the cradle of the patriotic movement, the home of Mai Thuc Loan, Phan Boi Chau, President Ho Chi Minh and the land a long history. In South Dan most of the relics in the district sights are attached to the names of their predecessors have made great contributions in the history of national construction and defense of the nation as: Ben Sa; Temple, Tomb of King Mai; souvenirs Phan Boi Chau; marks of Six Year; mine La coating voluntary Cards; Mount Chung ... and especially Uncle country - Kim Lien relic where President Ho Chi Minh's childhood reappear through the memorial monument to him. All heritage has somewhat been the life of President Ho Chi Minh - the national liberation hero, celebrity culture and the world, the elite of the country's most corrupt country and Vietnam .
Vinh city attracts tourists by a tourist complex with characteristics typical of an urban origin as Art: Ho Chi Minh Square; forest mountain Decision, forest fires Tram Chim Hung; Union Museum write-Nghe Tinh, Museum of Military Region 4, Nghe An Integrated Museum; Nguyen Tat Thanh Park, Central Park, tourist entertainment area Cua Nam; There is also a tourist area adjacent to destinations such as: Dai martyrs Soviet-Nghe Tinh (Thai Lao), CPV General Secretary Le Hong Phong; Hong Son Temple; Need Spirit; Temple King Quang Trung; Temple and tombs Huang Ten Red mountain and river Lam ... Source: Basic data on the investment environment in Nghe An

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