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Nam Dinh is a large province with more than two million people located in the south of the northern plains . As planned in 2008, Nam Dinh province in the northern coastal region . Nam Dinh is adjacent to the Thai Binh province in northern Ninh Binh province in the south, Ha Nam province in the northwest, adjacent to the sea ( Gulf of Tonkin ) in the east. 

Nam Dinh Vietnam Tours

Nam Dinh Province

Area           6357 km²

Population 0.6 million people

Density       100 people / km²

Ethnicity      Vietnamese , Hmong , Tay , Dao , Thai

Location Nam Dinh in Vietnam

Nam Dinh Province

Nam Dinh is a large province with more than two million people located in the south of the northern plains . As planned in 2008, Nam Dinh province in the northern coastal region . Nam Dinh is adjacent to the Thai Binh province in northern Ninh Binh province in the south, Ha Nam province in the northwest, adjacent to the sea ( Gulf of Tonkin ) in the east.
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Nam Dinh Tours Administrative Units
Nam Dinh has 230 commune-level administrative units including 195 villages, 20 wards and 15 towns. Nam Dinh including 1 city and 09 districts :
  • Nam Dinh City : 20 wards and five communes with 25 thousand people
  • Communication Cards : 2 towns and 20 communes
  • Hai Hau : 3 towns and 32 communes
  • My Loc : 1 town and 10 communes
  • Nam Truc : 1 town and 19 communes
  • Nghia Hung : 3 towns and 22 communes
  • Truc Ninh : 2 towns and 19 communes
  • Vu Ban : 1 town and 17 communes
  • Xuan Truong : 1 town and 19 communes
  • Y Yen : 1 town and 31 communes
Nam Dinh Vietnam Tours Attractions and namdinh Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Nam Dinh
Nam Dinh province coastal plain south Red River Delta, Hanoi 90 km. Nam Dinh natural conditions of economic and social factors favorable resources to develop the tourism industry with fast speed and stable. There is rail transport systems, roads and waterways connected to the local regions in the country in which the trans-Vietnam railway and highway 10 runs through. In addition the Red River linking the capital Hanoi and Nam Dinh provinces south of the northern delta river tours have untapped potential to contribute to diversify the type of product as well as tourism.
Vietnam Tours that include Nam Dinh
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Vietnam tours in Nam Dinh
Nam Dinh Goverment tell about Tours
Diverse tourism resources include rich natural tourism resources and tourism resources humanities ability to organize the different types of cultural tourism, eco-tourism development are the two priorities in strategy for tourism development in the country. In Nam Dinh province has 1,655 historical and cultural monuments, relics of which 268 have been ranked with 74 national ranking relics and 194 provincial ranking relics. Many valuable relics of history, culture and architecture associated with traditional rituals imbued with national appeal, attract domestic and international tourists such as: cell populations area of ​​cultural Tran, covered, perhaps, Temple A. Acts of Compassion, the CPV General Secretary Truong Chinh ... Nam Dinh has more than 70 villages with traditional industries and products. Many famous villages in the country are well known as inlaid wood carving village La Xuyen, lacquer Cat Dang, Tong Xa bronze casting, rattan Vinh Hao, silk, silk quality, ornamental plants because of Khe ... As one of the sites formed the cradle of civilization rice Red River, Nam Dinh known to the intangible cultural forms has its own characteristics, associated with working life of the communities here. Nam Dinh, tourists can not enjoy old tunes row, charming sweet tune written. Guests can visit the the water puppet ward, see the artists performing at the floating house between the village pond in the shadow of the most ancient trees or visitors see the the Nghia Hung coastal residents, Hai Hau performing the repertoire on couples parade as high as four meters. Then repertoire playing chess underwater lights, schools and associations, duck, cooked the rice to take the tests, pool brush ... are folk games of the residents that their father's life from ancient times until now always associated with water.
Nam Dinh province has 72 km of coastline with beaches was exploited, building attractive sea resorts such as Washington Long (Hai Hau district), Quat Lam (Giao Thuy district). Especially wetlands of the Red River empties into the sea close to the mangrove ecosystem, stop of the migratory birds are the first international Ramsar of Vietnam and Southeast Asia (1989), to the beginning of 2003 has been the Prime Minister decide recognized as of Xuan Thuy National Park. In 2005, UNESCO awarded recognition of biosphere reserves and inter-provincial Red River Delta. This is eco-tourism tourist attraction in the country, international scientists, students. Plains, fertile villages, customs and practices of cultural specific trait of the wet rice civilization of the Red River proper type of travel "candidate country". Guests can comfortably leaning back to rest on roofing tiles transverse bridge over the river was built a few centuries ago in the style of "upper lower maintenance on the home, the river bottom is" watching untouched rice paddies, enjoy the village banyan tree, the ancient home roof and listen to the church bells humming after accumulated bamboo village. To Nam Dinh, tourists to the cultural cuisine featuring dishes, specialties made famous brand "Nam Dinh" Pho Nam Dinh, cakes book channel village, her spine Thi, Sweets communication Siu Chau, mattress Giao Thuy, eight oval rice Xuan Dai .. Nam Dinh Tourism also many interesting things waiting for you to discover ....

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