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Lao Cai province is a mountainous border of northern midland and mountainous areas of Vietnam , bordering the North West and North East . The northern Lao Cai border with China , on the west by the province of Lai Chau , Ha Giang Province to the east , south of Yen Bai province .

Lao Cai Vietnam Tours

Lao Cai Province

Area           6357 km²

Population  0.6 million people

Density       100 people / km²

Ethnicity     Vietnamese , Hmong , Tay , Dao , Thai

Location Lao Cai in Vietnam

Lao Cai Province

Lao Cai province is a mountainous border of northern midland and mountainous areas of Vietnam , bordering the North West and North East . The northern Lao Cai border with China , on the west by the province of Lai Chau , Ha Giang Province to the east , south of Yen Bai province .
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Lao Cai Tours Administrative Units
Lao Cai province has 164 communal units include 12 wards, 9 towns and 143 villages. Lao Cai city including one run and eight districts:
  • City Lao Cai 12 wards and 5 communes
  • Bao Thang District 3 towns and 12 communes
  • Bao Yen district 1 town and 17 communes
  • Bat Xat district 1 town and 22 communes
  • Bac Ha district 1 town and 20 communes
  • Muong Khuong district 1 town and 15 communes
  • Sa Pa District 1 town and 17 communes
  • Si Ma Cai district 13 communes
  • Van Ban District 1 town and 22 communes
Lao Cai Vietnam Tours Attractions and laocai Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Lao Cai
With 25 ethnic groups living together, Lao Cai became a land rich in cultural, historical traditions, cultural heritage. In which the Vietnamese majority, there quite early and particularly high proportion of the movement in 1960 by colonists and officials from the city of Hai Phong Phu Tho , Thai Binh , Ha Nam . ... Among other ethnic groups outnumber the Hmong , Tay , Dao , teachers , ... U.S. accounted for a significant proportion. Abundance on the life of the nation has created a of Lao Cai own identity. The provinces of Phu Tho , Yen Bai , Lao Cai jointly exploiting Tourism is the main source of this strength and has attracted the attention of visitors.
Vietnam Tours that include Lao Cai
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Vietnam tours  in Lao Cai
Lao Cai Tours withlocals
LaoCai developing high mountainous Lao Cai should retain diverse environmental landscape and clean. It will be important to create an ideal tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Sa Pa tourism resort - is one of 21 national tourism of Vietnam . Sa Pa lies at an average altitude of 1,200 m - 1,800 m, year-round cool climate, rocky landscape with trees, waterfalls, and is home to many traditional cultural activities of minority ethnic as upland fair , Sapa market situation . Hoang Lien Son mountain range with the top of Fansipan - Vietnam 's roof - and the Hoang Lien Nature Reserve attract more scientists and tourists. Lao Cai has many historical sites, natural caves and agro-ecological zones of Bac Ha specialties such as plums , temperate vegetables, your herbs, salmon, sturgeon ... Lao Cai international border gate pair (Vietnam) - Hekou of Yunnan ( China ) separated by Nam Thi river is also an interesting tourist destination.
The ethnic Lao Cai has created, keeping hundreds of historical and cultural relics. Notably the ruins of ancient carved stone, with engraved maps, letters, dating way today for thousands of years in Muong Hoa Valley (Sapa). Church ruins he Hoang Saturday a minister of border protection Hau Le worshiped as the "Spirit of China", Thuong temple ruins - National the abstinence Tran Hung Dao church was built from the Le Trung Hung dating Chinh Hoa (1680-1705), Pho Rang victory monument ... Lao Cai has a special magic cave system become beautiful landscapes, attracting tourists like Thuy Tien (Bat Xat), Ta Phoi (Orange Line), a leader- Central Parking (Bac Ha), Xuan Quang (Bao Thang) .. Separate costumes are 34 types of colors, different materials. New Lao Cai preliminary survey nearly 100 dances, meet 10 families with 11 branches of different instruments. In particular, festive treasure Lao Cai very special colors. Abundant type of festival. There is a chance for the season, in association with the cult of the sun-god, the god of water, fertility, and protection. Meaningful opportunity to educate traditional history against foreign aggression, promote the ancient Vietnamese cultural identity. Scale festivals as diverse, community-scale development of villages; opportunities scale regions (buckets Cao Pha Long Muong Khuong, Portland Forest Assembly Giay in Ta Van, Sa Pa .. .) but the scale of the province as Spring Festival Temple Hoang Bao Ha Bay in ... festive period also spans all four seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. In particular, unlike the delta provinces, summer in the upland villages of Lao Cai is also the season of festivals. This feature is very convenient for the development of cultural tourism.

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