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Lam Dong is a province in the Central Highlands , Vietnam and is the only province in the Central Highlands has no international borders . Lam Dong Province is located on the highest plateau of the Central Highlands Lam Vien - Di Linh (1500 meters above the sea level).

Lam Dong Vietnam Tours

Lam Dong Province

Area           9764.8 km²

Population 1.2 million people

Density       120 people / km²

Ethnicity     Vietnamese , Ma, Nung, Coho

Location Lam Dong in Vietnam

Lam Dong Province

Lam Dong is a province in the Central Highlands , Vietnam and is the only province in the Central Highlands has no international borders . Lam Dong Province is located on the highest plateau of the Central Highlands Lam Vien - Di Linh (1500 meters above the sea level). Dak Lak Province to the north, Lam Dong and Dak Nong , east of Khanh Hoa and Ninh Thuan province , southern Binh Thuan province , west of Dong Nai and Binh Phuoc province .
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Lam Dong Tours Administrative Units
Lam Dong has 149 commune-level administrative units including 118 villages, 18 wards and 12 townships. Lam Dong has 2 provincial cities and 10 districts:
  • Dalat City (town): 12 wards and four communes
  • Bao Loc City : 6 wards and five communes
  • Bao Lam district 1 town and 13 communes, districts and townships Loc Thang
  • Cat Tien district 1 town and 11 communes, district capital is the town of Dong Nai
  • Di Linh district 1 town and 18 communes, district capital is the town of the town of Di Linh
  • Dam Rong district 8 communes (no town)
  • District town has Huoai 2 and 8 communes, districts and townships Ma Da Gui
  • Da Teh district 1 town and 10 communes, districts and townships Da Teh
  • Don Duong 2 towns and 8 villages, districts Thanh My
  • Lac Duong District 1 towns and 5, the district capital is the town of Luoyang
  • Lam Ha District 2 towns and 14 communes, districts and townships Dinh Van
  • Duc Trong district 1 town and 14 communes, districts and townships Lien Nghia
Lam Dong Vietnam Tours Attractions and lamdong Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Lam Dong
Lam Dong has many famous sights such as waterfalls in Duc Trong and natural sights in Dalat, Ho Than Tho , Ho Xuan Huong . However, in recent times, due to not properly care maintenance, landscape landscapes are destroyed. Day 10 of the 17 national scenic degradation, which has three waterfalls in Duc Trong district was ranked countries in Lam Dong have disappeared include: waterfall Gougah , waterfall Contact resistance and Bao Dai operators . The reason is that the investment units assigned to a lack of capacity and only worry ticketing business operators . Dinh Ba Quang, Head of Cultural Heritage (Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism) Lam Dong said: "As a rule, every year the units extracted from 3-5% of the business interest for the renovation, restore and organize cultural activities in ruins. Yet the fact through this check is not done so "
Vietnam Tours that include Lam Dong
Below are list of all of Vietnam Tours that include Lam Dong or lamdong. Recognized as leading Travel Company in Vietnam, we offer Luxury, Family, or All-inclusive travel specialized in many beautiful spots in Vietnam.
Vietnam tours in Lam Dong
Lam Dong Tours withlocals
Ho Chi Minh City by car along Highway 20 about 300km to Da Lat. The road takes visitors up gradually, slowly and touching Dalat in Prenn the front of tourists is untouched forest two or three leaves. Going into the city of Dalat, tourists will discover a "museum" of the waterfall, the lake, the valley of flowers and grass hill. If you take the 27 road from Phan Rang River opposite the Palace, after crossing the through the historic of ancient Champa water and dry fields throughout the year, we stand on the pass spectacular with majestic natural picture before his eyes. Da Lat city is more than 100 years old (discovered in 1893), is becoming one of the most attractive tourist sites for local and foreign tourists, an old resort town in our country. Dalat is famous for lakes, waterfalls and forests. The beautiful lake in Da Lat is Lake Xuan Huong, Than Tho, Da Thien Lake, Lake Van Kiep, Me Linh lake. The lake is located right in the city, poetic names such as romantic lakes, each lake associated with an ancient legend.
Visitors to Da Lat last visit, and enjoy the Dalat products include a variety of fruit trees: pink, plum, peach, butter; many unique traditional dishes and other souvenirs of the specific areas of Dalat. Beauty of Dalat also praised many and attracts tourists by the hundreds, thousands of flowers , exotic orchids, or produced on private land, or seeds from many places such as: France, UK, Netherlands, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Italy, ... roses, immortal, azalea, determined fireworks, flower ideas, flower tea mi, mi skin tissue, cherry apricot, white narcissus. First tourist hotel in Dalat is built from in 1907, which was a wooden house called Ho (Hôtel du Lac). Today, Dalat, tourists will feel a very poetic architecture, splendid private villa nestled in the trees or brilliant by covering a forest of flowers.
If you live far from where cheaper to travel by other means, you can choose to Train, or Automobile. Than going by road is quite far away, so maybe you should take a train, and secure that you have time to rest on the ship. Price vessels from outside of Hanoi in which about 300 thousand one ticket. About you that catches the car, the price is a bit cheaper, but as a journey, you may be tired, if not used to long distance by car. Before you go be sure to bring a number of related items for your trip such as cameras, music players, tourist maps Da Lat, snacks, and be sure to wear warm clothes, because in Dalat is very cold. In general, the travel, the main goal is to go out, stay, and play, so you do not be a perfectionist and worry for his journey. Take time to relax, enjoy the sense of fun and explore the landscape, natural environment where you go.

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