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Lai Chau is one of the North West Frontier Province of Vietnam , north of the People's Republic of China , to the west and southwest borders of Dien Bien province , east of Lao Cai province , southeastern border province of Yen Bai , and Son La Province to the south .

Lai Chau Vietnam Tours

Lai Chau Province

Area             9060 km²

Population  0.4 million people

Density        40 people / km²
Ethnicity      Vietnamese , Thai , Hmong , Dao , Giay

Location Lai Chau in Vietnam

Lai Chau Province

Lai Chau is one of the North West Frontier Province of Vietnam , north of the People's Republic of China , to the west and southwest borders of Dien Bien province , east of Lao Cai province , southeastern border province of Yen Bai , and Son La Province to the south .
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Lai Chau Tours Administrative Units
Lai Chau province 103 communal units include 3 wards, 8 towns and 92 communes. Lai Chau province's population is 370,135 people, ranked No. 62/63 provinces and cities nationwide, Bac Kan province. Lai Chau is one town and six districts:
  • Lai Chau town three wards and two social communes
  • Muong Te 2 towns and 17 communes
  • Phong Tho district 1 town and 17 communes
  • Sin Ho district 1 town and 24 communes
  • Tam Duong district 1 town and 13 communes
  • Than Uyen District (formerly Lao Cai province ) 1 town and 11 communes
  • Tan Uyen District (separated from Than Uyen district ) 1 towns and 9
Lai Chau Vietnam Tours Attractions and laichau Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Lai Chau
Lai Chau has 20 ethnic groups, each ethnic group has its own definition of traditional cultural life. Upland fair is expressed very clearly the specific culture.
  • Lai Chau Cultural Tourism: Palace Deo Van Long Le Loi - Sin Ho , the compound of the Thai king puppet in the French war. Become a historic mansion, education, ethnic pride, evidence for the downfall who bow to slavery and is the place to visit to learn the characteristic architecture, the Thai cultural identity. Beer Le Loi: carved cliff on the northern bank of the Black River, now part of Le Loi - Sin Ho district. Archaeological sites of the ancient Vietnamese civilization as heritages coffee, Nam Tun in Phong Tho ;'ve found tools of the Stone Age; copper tools of the Dong Son culture of Hung Vuong era.
  • Lai Chau Natural Landscape: Lai Chau has many high plateau over 1,500 meters, clouds, fog covered the four seasons, fresh air, cool year round including: Sin Ho plateau , Lake Thau , the island of San ... Lai Chau has many high peaks, river rapids, such as: Fansipan peak (3.143m), the range of Pu Sam Cap (above 1700 m), river , river Nam Na , river Nam Mu ... Hot springs, mineral water are natural produce donated to Lai Chau, rock Oh, Korea (Sin Ho); Tien Son in Binh Lu Tam Duong, waterfall Code Love (Tam Duong TT), hot springs Gold Bundle (Phong Tho); East hot springs Na, Na Don (Tam Duong); spas (Than Uyen); ... and other large hydropower. Pu Dao: One minor Mongolia 887 people in Lai Chau was a client travel firms England elected as one of the most attractive destinations in Southeast Asia . [1] Social Pu Dao (in Mongolia means "the highest point") in Sin Ho district, a town Muong Lay 13 miles.
Vietnam Tours that include Lai Chau
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Vietnam tours in Lai Chau
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natural tourism resources: natural area spread, varied topography created for Lai Chau rich natural tourism potential, attractive basis for the development of various types of eco-tourism, recreation, resort treatment, travel and adventure ... The mountains that run along the northwest-southeast, there are over 1,700 m high mountain in Fansipan area, Pu Sam cables, Ta General ... as the top high Pu Ta Total 2.109m, Pu Sa Leng appropriate 3.096m high with adventure tourism. Mountains, hills and slopes alternating deep and narrow valleys, creating many high plateau over 1,000 m cool fresh air as the plateau: Sin Ho, Ho Thau, directs suited to tourism , convalescent; Rivers, streams are more waterfall ngềnh, such as traffic flow Da, Nam Na, Nam Mu rivers ... Many lakes are created, as: Huoi Square, nature (Than Uyen), Nam Hang (Muong Te) Dong Pao, Chu and (Tam Duong) ... The cave as: Huong Son, Tien Son, Tien Son powertrain the PuSamCap (Lai Chau town), customers visited Palace, Tun (Phong Tho ), Mr. Tien (Sin Ho), cave bats Hua Bum (Muong Te), Top Cover Bundle (Than Uyen) ..., waterfall Code Love (Tam Road) in addition to beautiful landscapes, many caves are cultural relics history of the province.
Along the Da River with slate roof, pristine national vicious cast by the towering mountain peaks, beautiful landscape really romantic river landscape with tourists on the boat. There are many hot springs, mineral water for for medical tourism, such as: Muong So, Gold Bundle (Native), Na unit, Binh, Na East, Then Sin (Tam Road), Gold Bo, Muong Khoa (Than Uyen), Pac Ma (Muong Te ) ... Tourism Resources of documents: including historical and cultural monuments, the history of revolution, the traditional craft villages, the intangible cultural values, such as: The Monument Surf Muong Kim is where the Party set up its first predecessor of today Lai Chau Provincial Party; Ban Na Around, Sam Mountain later, wearing a mask Than Uyen district guerrilla bases, spend time against France; rumors boots, home French colonial prison in Muong Te district - detention, imprisonment revolutionary activists (such as late lawyer Nguyen Huu Tho), temples Nang Han, NA resistance in Phong Tho; beer Le Loi ( beer Co Hoai Lai), Thai king mansion puppet Deo Van Long River upstream Da Le Loi, Sin Ho ...'s tourist humanist values.
Till now, there were two monuments are classified national class beer Le Loi (Sin Ho) and Tien Son (Three Road), 4 relics provincial ranking: mansion Deo Van Long, Stone Mountain O (Sin Ho), a temple to weld, the cave Tham Create (Phong Tho). Lai Chau is the land preserved relics evidence of the ancient Vietnamese civilization in many caves. Scientists have found tools of Paleolithic, Stone Age between, the new map has annually approved, Tun (Phong Tho) ... Recent surveys and excavations have also found many artifacts at areas along the river. The archaeological system in Lai Chau have historical and cultural value and attracts tourists to visit, learn and research. traditional festival specialties mainly as: Han She festival, ceremony Assembly Pang Kin Then, maybe he Khuong (South Coast Jiang Communications), the United Committee of the Thai people, the new rice festival of La Hu, Gau Tao festival of the Hmong, Muong Xen Festival, Cam Muong people Laos, Lap festival President of the Dao, Bun Festival VOC years of Lu, Fisheries Festival of Resistance; together version of ceremony, the new rice ceremony of the La Hu, associations from Reform, type tool, firing crossbows, throwing ...
Sing the village in the wedding of the Tay, Thai Blow Pi love singing, dancing Dao sword, fanned dance, dance stall of Thais, Lu, sing and dance praise of the former Hmong. There are also art online offerings (Pu)'s unique paper ... The food, beverage specialties such as: Muong Te honey, alcohol NGOs Sung, rice, Long Cable (spring fish marinated tomatoes ) Grill dots in Thai PIA. The traditional crafts thrive, such as: bamboo and rattan in Sin Ho and Muong Te; east in Tam Duong; weaving in Lai Chau town, Than Uyen and Tam Duong Phong Tho, forged, silver Tam Duong, Sin Ho, Muong Te ... The unique products of the northwestern mountains with its own secret designs, creating unforgettable impression in the tourists. Lai Chau is a mountainous province is made ​​up of mountain ranges running along the northwest-southeast should make this area more interesting caves, there are many hot springs, waterfalls hidden in the forests vast potential to attract visitors to explore the wild life and adventure tourism. Lai Chau charming natural scenery, rich tourism potential. There is also the village people with many traditions are still intact as Sin Ho . The landscape of a stream Muong Lai, Tien Son cave ... In addition, Lai Chau has such beautiful landscapes Yun Quang Ngai and The displacement takes up on the plateau Mao Xao Phing , as well as a mountainous tourist center will be exploited and expanded later.

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