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Kon Tum is a province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam . In the language of Ba Na , Kon is village, Tum the lake, and Kon Tum mean Lake Village, by ancient region had a large lake. Kon Tum is located in the north central highlands, the northern border province of Quang Nam , the south provinces of Gia Lai , Quang Ngai Province to the east

Kon Tum Vietnam Tours

Kon Tum Province

Area           6299 km²

Population 1.7 million people
Density        270 people / km²

Ethnicity      Vietnamese , Chinese , Khmer

Location Kon Tum in Vietnam

Kon Tum province

Kon Tum is a province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam . In the language of Ba Na , Kon is village, Tum the lake, and Kon Tum mean Lake Village, by ancient region had a large lake. Kon Tum is located in the north central highlands, the northern border province of Quang Nam , the south provinces of Gia Lai , Quang Ngai Province to the east , west is 142 km long border Attapeu , Lao People's Democratic Republic and 95 km with Ratanakiri , Cambodia .
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Kon Tum Tours Administrative Units
Province of Kon Tum is now the city of Kon Tum Quy Nhon, 215 miles west of Ho Chi Minh city 600 kilometers bac. The province has nine district-level administrative units, with 96 communes, wards and towns, including:
Kon Tum City
Dak Glei
Dak Ha district
Dak To district
Kon Plong district
Kon Ray district
Ngoc Hoi district
Sa Thay District
Tu Mo Rong district
Kon Tum Vietnam Tours Attractions and kontum Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Kon Tum
In the tourist map of Vietnam in recent years, Kon Tum known as an attractive new destination visitors by a variety of natural landscapes appears intact wild places, famous monuments hours went into the history of the heroic struggle of the nation. The attraction of Kon Tum created by many cultural values ​​tangible and intangible wealth of ethnic identity of indigenous peoples. And above all the hearts of people here: honest, open and friendly with customers afar. On the other hand Kon Tum province is located on the east-west highway corridor in South East Asia, which enable communication with other countries in the region, so the tourism potential is huge.
Vietnam Tours that include Kon Tum
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 Vietnam tours in Kon Tum

Kon Tum Goverment tell about Tours
Realized the huge tourism potential of the province, the People's Committee of Kon Tum evaluation and approval of tourism development projects, specifically the most recent Decision 664 dated 07.07.2008 of the overall project Kon Tum provincial tourism development in the period 2008 - 2015, to 2020. Tourism in Kon Tum has detailed program for community cultural tourism program along the Dak Bla River cruise on the river, turning villages along the river is an ideal stopover for travelers explore Kon Tum by canoe. Besides, the project has been approved by the government is implementing is: "Detailed planning eco-tourism, culture, recreation Mang Den". When the project is put into operation to attract large number of tourists from across Highway 24 Delta. In addition, tourism planning Kon Tum has many other tourist attractions such as: Dak Uy - Dak Ha, ancient battlefields, cultural tours, eco-Ya Bird or Dak Ro Wa ...
With the potential for natural conditions and characteristics imbued with culture and humanities, Kon Tum have a lot of tourism and development opportunities. In recent years, the tourism industry has made great efforts invested, upgraded, interested in developing new models to attract tourists. Tourism Kon Tum has overcome difficulties and challenges, gradually overcoming the limitations and mobilize internal resources and take advantage of a number of external investment to enhance operational capacity and gradually achieve the achievements important, to create a new face for the industry, creating momentum for sustainable tourism development and potential par with local conditions. To Kon Tum, in addition to the domestic audience also international visitors are mostly visitors from France, Germany, Japan, USA, Canada and countries in Southeast Asia. They come in a variety of other purposes such as: Visiting, entertainment, cultural studies, sociology, visit relatives, pilgrimage, business travel ...
Travel Kon Tum in the past have grown significantly. However, tourism development Kon Tum not commensurate with the potential for nature tourism and the tourism potential of the humanities, especially not properly exploit the potential of nature tourism. The existence of tourism activities Kon Tum: Length of stay of visitors at Kon Tum low, an average of from 1.5 to 2 days; revenue structure: accommodation and catering sales account for more than 65 %, transport 3%. Thus, the costs for accommodation and meals high proportion of total visitor spending. Meanwhile, the transport mostly due to other business firms undertake; tourism business environment is showing signs of lack of sustainable elements of unfair competition. What matters is the price not commensurate with the quality of the hotel. Handicraft quality is not high, rich, do not have a sense of long-term seizure. The reason it did not encourage visitors to increase spending.
That due to the following reasons: The attractions of Kon Tum almost operators based on the availability of natural conditions, the lack of investment in tourism product generator perfect, so the quality of the production products is not high; tourism master plan for Kon Tum no collaboration in tourism planning of the Central Highlands. The tourism product was monotonous, duplication, not create tourism products specific to Kon Tum; policies to attract foreign investment in local tourism is not to promote the local economy, in strong national and international participation; propaganda, promotion, tourism promotion is limited; travel business activities of the local tour operators is weak. Tourists to Kon Tum largely exploited domestic tourists, international tour for the connection from the major cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang; Competition among business enterprises travel unhealthy. Therefore the quality of service does not meet the expectations of tourists ...
From the operation and the backlog in the, Kon Tum tourism industry need to focus to diversify the types of tourism, investment exploit cultural forms; tourism, eco-tourism, foundations to cultural tourism as a basis for the development of other types of tourism. Kon Tum has also advocated maximize the potential available in the social capital is essential, including foreign capital with the participation of all economic sectors in the country and abroad. State investment only does the category of major infrastructure works outside the resort, built inside made by the investor. Goal-oriented and development of the tourism industry Kon Tum has been proposed is to continuously improve the quality and develop a variety of products to create attractive, attract more domestic and foreign tourists. Doing so is Kon Tum takes tourism developed rapidly, becoming an important economic sector, contributing to other economic sectors, create jobs, to meet the growing needs of people sightseeing, tourism; same time contribute to improving the socio-economic effects, in order to re-invest, develop tourism Kon Tum in the direction of modernization and civilization.

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