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Hau Giang is a province in the Mekong Delta , Ho Chi Minh City 240 km to the southwest. The provincial capital is the city of Vi Thanh . Northern border city of Can Tho ; in Soc Trang Province to the south ; east of the Hau Giang and Vinh Long Province ; west of Kien Giang and Bac Lieu province . Vi Thanh City Can Tho City about 60 km. The terrain is quite flat.

Hau Giang Vietnam Tours

Hau Giang Province

Area         1608 km²

Population 0.8 million people

Density      470 people / km²

Ethnicity     Vietnamese , Chinese , Cham and Khmer

Location Hau Giang in Vietnam

Hau Giang Province

Hau Giang is a province in the Mekong Delta , Ho Chi Minh City 240 km to the southwest. The provincial capital is the city of Vi Thanh . Northern border city of Can Tho ; in Soc Trang Province to the south ; east of the Hau Giang and Vinh Long Province ; west of Kien Giang and Bac Lieu province . Vi Thanh City Can Tho City about 60 km. The terrain is quite flat.
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Hau Giang Tours Administrative Units
Hau Giang has seven administrative units, including one city, one town and five districts. With 74 commune-level administrative units, including eight wards, 12 towns and 54 communes:
  • Vi Thanh City , the provincial capital.
  • Nga Bay District Town , renamed from Tan Hiep
  • Chau Thanh District
  • Chau Thanh District
  • Long My District
  • Phung Hiep District
  • Vi Thuy district
Hau Giang Vietnam Tours Attractions and haugiang Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Hau Giang
Can Tho City and Hau Giang Province is located in the heart of the Mekong Delta , between a network of rivers, canals interlaced: Hau, Cai, Quan Lo Phung Hiep canal channel, Xa No canal. With these advantages, Hai Duong has an important position in the river tourism and the country.
  • Relic based Committee (Phuong Binh, Phung Hiep).
  • Floating market Nga Bay.
  • Uncle Ho Temple (Conscience - Long My).
  • Relic victory Tam Vu (Chau Thanh A).
  • Victory 75 enemy battalion in 1973 (Permanently social, Long My)
  • The Vi Thanh dense-Hoa Luu.
  • Lung Ngoc Hoang natural reserve (Phung Hiep).
Vietnam Tours that include Hau Giang
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Vietnam tours  in Hau Giang
Hau Giang Tours withlocals
On 30/9/2012, Hau Giang and Ho Chi Minh City tourism organizations signing tourism development period from 2012 to 2015. In the current trend, strengthening the link between tourism development is the necessary measures, especially for current Hau Giang Province, a local more looking to travel but do not have the first from rational exploitation. Meanwhile, the local Ho Chi Minh City is located at the trongtrong tourist map of the country. With the geographical distance between the Hau Giang and Ho Chi Minh City is quite close to each other, strengthening the connection, strengthen the links between the two localities will open up many opportunities and facilitate the development, diversification of tourism products, construction Completely inter-regional travel routes, improve competitiveness, to present and promote common to both domestic and international markets ... With its position as one of the economic centers of the country's culture ..., Ho Chi Minh City is considered as the center of tourism in the south, is the focal point for road, rail, do not go to the provinces, cities throughout the country and many International flights. HCMC has the advantage of this type of MICE tourism (conferences, seminars, reward, exhibitions, etc.), tourism, culture and history, tourism, festivals and cultural events, etc.; many areas in field of promotion, tourism promotion, there are many conditions in the training and retraining of tourism human resources ...
Meanwhile, local Hau Giang is a relatively new on the national tourism map, with many looking to develop cultural-historical tourism, travel garden, tourism, traditional villages ... but more embarrassing exploitation of tourism products with specific characteristics, a source of stability and quality of service did not meet the increasing demand of tourists due to the local tourism industry workers have not been trained the skills necessary to serve tourists. Content of the cooperation between tourism Hau Giang and Ho Chi Minh City for the 2011-2016 period, which is the sharing of information on the situation of tourism development, calling for investment cooperation, promote cooperation, cooperation on tourism product development and training and retraining of human resources ... For effective cooperation, the two sides need to strengthen state management, quality management, operations management of tourism enterprises to create a good image of destination; create links between storage businesses, transportation, entertainment, the hotel is very necessary. Building links will help tourism businesses have to cut your budget, by preferential service rates as the attractiveness of higher tuor. Can say, enhancing tourism development linked to Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the locality in general, huuong to current needed Hau Giang. Linking tourism development, in addition to the benefits mentioned above, has also created more competition between the parties concerned, in order to attract investment, attract local tourists each. It is important to develop tourism market mechanisms.
In addition to the tourist destinations famous for its floating market Nga Bay, Uncle Ho Temple, Relic Pursuant to the Committee of Can Tho, WA Fire Zone Luu - The Bar ... Hau Giang has two notable eco-tourism: eco play Tay and Wetlands Nature Preserve Lung Ngoc Hoang. Tay Do amusement park, located next to Highway 61 in Tan Binh Phung Hiep, in operation since 2001. There are houses built with quite modern architecture, including: restaurants, halls, popular adjacent motels, motel style communal house ... in open space. Follow the path going into the cement you have to pass the "My Thuan suspension bridge" to begin to penetrate "cultural garden". Bridge across the lake, the water dam Hovers boat. Lake line with the "maze" winding waterway that leads through the cool shade of a tree-lined shores: strawberry, coconut, toads, mangosteen, durian ... season also. Going further, you will come to the entire label garden cherry. Under the shade of the fruit trees, you can drop soul to the right wing dream hammock hanging out with the cool breeze. If interested, you can ride alone or parallel code, filtering stakes horses hooves sad, sexy, visiting the places captive bear, bears, dogs, bears, weasels, python, crab with pheasant, public momentum ... Tay Do play quite convenient for visitors to Can Tho city by bus or town Vi Thanh activities throughout the day.
But ecotourism literally Hau Giang right to Wetlands Nature Preserve Lung Ngoc Hoang Phung Hiep District. Lung Ngoc Hoang nearly 300,000 acres, from the Hau River West to make U Minh (Kien Giang), wetlands are highly important for the environment, "green lung" of the Delta region Mekong River. Lung Ngoc Hoang is still a large area, wilderness, it was immense countries with undiminished Trap, contrition, dense sedge and reeds. Go play in the region Lung Ngoc Hoang, tourists can use the rowing boat or sit on the principle that the economic ditch watching the tree-lined shores, the pineapple blossoming purple rim purchase offers. On forest biological, you will see the great indigo body near a hug, high-rise straight up into the sky, feet soaking in water. With many rare advantages, Lung Ngoc Hoang been late Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet of particular interest. He has directed the rehabilitation and balance the ecosystem in order to create attractive tourism environment for people to have a place to rest and recreation; environmental researchers biodiversity management to include, use of natural resources towards sustainable development.

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