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Ha Nam is a province located in the Red River Delta of Vietnam . North adjacent to Hanoi , the eastern border with Hung Yen and Thai Binh , Ninh Binh Province to the south , Nam Dinh Province to the east and to the west by the province of Hoa Binh . During construction planning, the department of the Hanoi.

Ha Nam Vietnam Tours

Ha Nam Province

Area             823.1 km²

Population   0.8 million people

Density         960 people / km²

Ethnicity       Vietnamese , Tay , Muong , Chinese

Location Ha Nam in Vietnam

Ha Nam Province

Ha Nam is a province located in the Red River Delta of Vietnam . North adjacent to Hanoi , the eastern border with Hung Yen and Thai Binh , Ninh Binh Province to the south , Nam Dinh Province to the east and to the west by the province of Hoa Binh . During construction planning, the department of the Hanoi
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Ha Nam Tours Administrative Units
Ha Nam including 1 city is Phu Ly and 5 districts.
  • Duy Tien District
  • Kim Bang District
  • Ly Nhan District
  • Thanh Liem District
  • Binh Luc District
Ha Nam Vietnam Tours Attractions and hanam Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Ha Nam
Ecotourism: Ha Nam has many attractive eco-tourism as: Truc Temple Resort church hero Ly Thuong Kiet and Ngu Dong Thi Son is a mountain in the cave interlocked City Government of 7 km. Planned resort Tam Chuc Kim Bang district with nearly 2000 hectares with nine functional areas. Lake water surface area of about 600 hectares, surrounding area and eco-tourism is 600 ha. Building, hotel, golf course, tennis, water park, water weights. It Huong Pagoda 7 km, 60 km away from Hanoi , Nam Dinh 40 km, Ninh Binh 45 km, Hung Yen 40 km is a stop for tourists many provinces, holiday resorts and entertainment on the last holiday week of the cross, is attracting investment. - Long Doi Son Temple in Doi Son commune, Duy Tien district , Ha Nam province. Monuments Long Doi Son are ranked from 1992. Every year restoration and embellishment to keep forever. - Tourist center in Phu Ly city : Built two sides line river and adjacent estuaries Chau; 3 star hotel, 11 floors, resorts hydroelectric station for visitors to Huong pagoda, Ngu Dong Son, Ba Danh pagoda, Hang Luon.
This was also the location boating along the Pearl River, Current River water scene non Phu Ly. - Tran Thuong Temple, in Ly Nhan , national church abstinence Hung Dao Dai Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan . Built in 1783; area of 1.4 ha.
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Vietnam tours in Ha Nam
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Ha nam Nature tourism:
Temple Long Doi Son is located on the mountain Doi Son Duy Tien district Doi Son commune, Phu Ly about 8 km to the north. Doi Pagoda was built in 1054 and renovated in 1118-1121. This ancient temple has many exquisite architectural art and culture, bearing the imprint of different periods of history. Every year on 21/3 lunar Doi Son Pagoda festival. With its advantageous geographical location, beautiful natural scenery, this place would be an attractive tourist destination.
Lanh Giang temple is located near the banks of the Red River Moc Nam commune, Duy Tien district, next to Highway 38 for Yen command. Temple refrigerating Jiang also called Jiang spirit, the temple is located on the campus of 3,000 m 2 , where no mountains, but the vast blue of the fruit. Temple overlooking east river Nhi Ha (Red River), four seasons vast country life. Adjacent to our office Changjiang on the river bank is the temple You Comfortable accessories. Trinity Temple University United the Hung - Due - United wakes and church Princess Tien Dung, one of the Four Vietnamese immortal. Each year, two public festival in June and August on the lunar calendar. States Assembly in June took place from 18 to 25, public meeting in August was held on the 20th lunar month. We very crowded cross from the place including Hanoi, Hung Yen to the ceremony and visit to our office. If the Red River in Hanoi tour is extended, it will be one of the religious tourist destination capable of attracting high.
Tran Thuong Temple of Humane Tran Thuong village, Ly Nhan. Legend has it that this place is the repository of the wage ceiling and the scene of fierce fighting in the war against the Highlands of the 13th century. National Shrine the Abstinences Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan. Temple started construction in 1783 with bold architecture traditional. The annual festival is held from May 1 to August 20 (lunar calendar) with silver lifetime Temple Festival (Hai Duong), Bao Loc Temple Festival (Nam Dinh) to commemorate the national hero Tran Hung Dao . Currently the ruins are ongoing investment projects planning to build a cultural tourist destination on the Red River tour beliefs.
Que Son : Also known as An aging, mountain Nguyet Hang in An Lao village in Binh Lu where legend temple was built in the Ly, the place where the Dong Son bronze drum Hego, at the same time is a landscape located waterfront Ninh.
Ngoc Lu : As one of the communes in Binh Luc District, where French first discovered called Ngoc Lu bronze drum.
Eight scenes painted : Eight mountain generals (Kim Table) was the place Lord Trinh Sam to set out with and is famous for with 8 beautiful princess in Text Walls (Yunnan, China), such as: Tien Ong Temple Church of the Great South royal elements Uranus Bodhisattva, in relic Bat landscape scenes painted in Tuong Linh, Kim Bang district, Ha Nam. Tien Ong Temple was built in the reign of King Tran Nhan Tong, located halfway up the mountain generals, about 200m high elephant-like prostrate. Every full moon day in June every year, the people in this festival very solemn, pilgrims in many places to attend ...
Truc village rights Son Thi Son commune, Kim Bang district. Temple great General Ly Thuong Kiet tribute to troops who stay here when he led his troops conquered Champa more than 900 years ago. Annual open house from 1/1 - 1/2 of the lunar calendar. This is a typical festival, in addition to the ceremony, the very rich are held, also dance the rights Son - a famous folk songs of Henan.
Ba Danh pagoda Shoe Xa village, Ngoc Son commune, Kim Bang district. Temple is located along the banks of the river, near the mountain Ngoc, unique architecture and many precious relics full of folk art. This is a beautiful ancient temples, deep serious, with landscapes "painted water beings" pure, sacred solitude. Her guest, Jade Mountain is located in the tourist population Ngu Dong Thi Son .
Ha nam Typical cultural tourism: Truc Temple and Ngu Dong Son Thi Son commune, Kim Bang district, Phu Ly 8 km. Located next to Highway 21 on the tourist route Ly Huong Pagoda. This is a beautiful caves include 5 interlocked cave into suites complete with entrance from the outside more than a hundred meters deep in the engine blocks are different, creating hundreds of shimmering magic that imagination humans as the lion, eagle, elect breast milk, Tang business to get ... exists in the raw Quyen Son of cultural relics.
Ngu Dong Son associated with temple ruins Truc national hero Ly Thuong Kiet Street Church where he was a victory festival at the foot of the mountain, where the vast bamboo forest with Temple Festival Truc song's rights Son.
Dong Thuy (Luon cave) : From Hong Phu Phu Ly town across the bridge, along Highway 21, 11 kilometers, turn left 500m to the cave. Water has a length of nearly 400 meters deep in the mountains. It is eco-tourism attractions have been planned for various travel services such as climbing, rest and recreation.
Tam Chuc lake belongs to Ba Sao Kim Bang district, Phu Ly town about 12km on the National Highway 21A adjacent to the Hoa Binh and Ha Tay, resorts Huong Son mountain road about 3 km. The total area of tourism is 1042 ha, of which the lake covers an area of 720ha, Tam Chuc lake area planning is underway building construction projects in infrastructure, creating eco tourism weekend including travel products: Travel on the lake, tourism, mountain tourism, sports and entertainment.
Phuc Long active in the Temple Mount area Chau village of Kien Khe (also known as mountain prejudice). Temple Mount is one of the tandem mountain village in the region of Chau Son La Mat village of Kien Khe. Temple Mount is the center, just above the Cave Temple, a temple shrine in the north area. In harmony with the mountain scenery, right next to the home and temple village Chau, forming a relic landscape attractive for visitors from near and far.
Tourist group belonging to the Integrity of Kem Trong , Tien Pagoda , cleared his throat , temple vases . Over ice cream, must have tourists will remember the poems of Ho Xuan Huong and Tutoring area Trinh in the tourist ... The scale is small but with many beautiful sights are within a narrow walk easy, this is the potential for tourism development if the investment embellishment.

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