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Hai Phong City is also known as red phoenix city, is the largest port city in the North ( Hai Phong ) and industry in the north of Vietnam is located in the northern coastal region . Hai Phong is the third largest city in Vietnam after Ho Chi Minh City and Capital Hanoi.

Hai Phong Vietnam Tours

Hai Phong Province

Area          1507.5 km²

Population 1.9 million people

Density      1220 people / km²

Ethnicity     Vietnamese , Chinese , Korean , Japanese

Location Hai Phong in Vietnam

Hai Phong Province

Hai Phong City is also known as red phoenix city, is the largest port city in the North ( Hai Phong ) and industry in the north of Vietnam is located in the northern coastal region . Hai Phong is the third largest city in Vietnam after Ho Chi Minh City and Capital Hanoi. Hai Phong is one of five cities directly under the Central Government , a grade one national center, with Da Nang and Can Tho .
Hai Phong is a coastal city north of Quang Ninh province , west of Hai Duong , Thai Binh province on the south , east of the Gulf of Tonkin in the Vietnam Sea and the island of Hainan - the Bach Long Vi island district about 70 km. City to Hanoi 102 km east northeast.
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Hai Phong Tours Administrative Units
Hai Phong is one of three cities first central Vietnam after 1975 along with the Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Hai Phong city, including 7 districts and six suburban districts and two island districts ; (228 communal units 70 wards, 10 towns and 148):
1 - Kinh Duong District
2 - Do Son District
3 - Hai An District
4 - Kien An District
5 - Hong Bang District
6 - Ngo Quyen District
7 - Le Chan District
8 - An Duong County
9 - An Lao District
10 - Bach Long Vi island district
11 - Cat Hai District
12 - Kien Thuy District
13 - Tien Lang District
14 - Vinh Bao District
15 - Thuy Nguyen District
Hai Phong Vietnam Tours Attractions and haiphong Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Hai Phong
Hai Phong is a major tourism center of Vietnam. Is a big city and the sea near the island, Hai Phong is an important link in the tourism and economic triangle Hai Phong - Hanoi, Quang Ninh. Hai Phong has many sights, resorts high quality, international-class 4-star resort and casino, golf courses Son, eco resort - pool and whirlpool water filters Asia's largest at Hon Dau, 2 Resort Price and Camela River, in the area of the inner city, hot spring resorts in Tien Lang, 2 resort Catba Island and Catba Resort and Spa in Cat Ba Island , artificial island Flamboyant (will officially went into operation in 2013), ... Foreign tourists, especially European tourists are interested in Cat Ba Island , a beautiful island with forest ecosystems , sea rich with the hotel, restaurant quality.
Vietnam Tours that include Hai Phong
Below are list of all of Vietnam Tours that include Hai Phong or haiphong. Recognized as leading Travel Company in Vietnam, we offer Luxury, Family, or All-inclusive travel specialized in many beautiful spots in Vietnam.
Vietnam tours  in Hai Phong
Hai Phong Tours withlocals
Today, due to the serious attention of the city and investors should Haiphong travel more and more prosperous. Tour products of Hai Phong increasingly diverse and attractive, with temples and monuments systems festive traditional cultural values, natural resources and cultural heritage ... That has contributed to enrich the tour tourism in the area. Son resort has recently opened the largest saltwater wave pool Asia in Hon Dau Resort , 5 star hotel construction sails Pullman in Flamboyant artificial island - a symbol of the future of Red phoenix city . Cat Ba is currently doing a good job of expanding tour, by boat on a bay boat, high speed boat and kayak pool , in addition to research and development of more diving tourism program at home to coral .. . Despite many positive results and is considered as an attractive destination, but in the judgment of the experts travel, tourism, Hai Phong is still not commensurate with the potential, inherent advantages. Hai Phong has not fully exploited the advantages of geography, natural and human. Travel the city has continued to have strong moves his worthy position in the center of Vietnam tourism. Hai Phong is chosen as the center of the National Tourism Year 2013 in the Red River Delta. The opening ceremony is scheduled for May 12, 2013 at the Opera House Square Hai Phong city.
Hai Phong Attractions:
Do Son beach resort : Son of the famous resort is located 120 km from Hanoi and Hai Phong city center 20 km. This is a small peninsula surrounded by mountains, spread to the sea with fine sandy beaches on the casuarina-lined beaches. Historically, the Son is the resting place of kings, colonial officials; known as "solid octagonal house" of Bao Dai - the last king of the Vietnamese dynasties. Today, the Son is an ideal destination for tourists in the summer, with good service quality and soft relative prices. Son is also known for the only casino in Vietnam, along with golf courses international standard system.
Cat Ba Island : Cat Ba is the largest island in the archipelago of 366 small islands, 70 km from the city of Hai Phong. Cat Ba is known for the stretch of blue sea on the smooth white sand beaches and mangrove ecosystems, tropical evergreen. To Cat Ba travelers can visit Lan Ha Bay , Central Page, Zhongshan, Phu Long, Cat Ba National Park or participate in swimming, kayaking , scuba diving and enjoy the famous seafood specialties . Especially in the virgin forests of Cat Ba langur species yellow head , very rare mammal in the world only in Cat Ba. Cat Ba Island has been recognized as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in Paris on 29/10/2004.
Hon Dau Island : Son is a small island located 1 km to the southeast. Charm of the wild than a definition is quiet a noisy Son distinct from the original giant ancient si . Flora intact all 3 floors with large roots bristling passion deep into the ground as the make more ancient island. Wild strokes, was as quiet as is punctuated with Nanhai Temple United along with more than a hundred years old lighthouse . For the people here, Hon Dau island is a sacred place to the point that they believe that no one can take away here anything whether it is a rock, or a tree leaf. Therefore, over hundreds of years, Mark Island remains the spectacular unspoiled definition.
Hai Phong Resort:
Hot springs resort Tien Lang: This hot spring resort is considered to be unique in North Delta. In recent years the amount of domestic and foreign tourists to this increase. It is also considered as one of the five most valuable hot mineral water in Vietnam.
Hon Dau Resort: Hon Dau Resort is located in the third district of Do Son beach resort, with a system of hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, swimming pools, water parks, amusement parks, golf courses, beaches natural and man-made with the natural open space, lakes and trees. Hon Dau resort was built with the purpose of eliminating seasonality in tourism and prejudices of Do Son beach in. Hon Dau Resort also be considered "Dalat miniature" resort in the sea and is the most northern.
Catba Sunrises and Catba Island Resort & Spa: This are 2 luxury resort located in Cat Ba, offering guests the services, facilities with high European standards. This place is attracting international tourists to the resort.
There are also a number of other resorts in the process of building as Price River Resort, Flamboyant artificial island (2013) and Cat Ba Amatina (2012).
Some typical hotel of Hai Phong Best Western Pearl River , Starfish International hotel , hotel Nam Cuong (formerly Tray Hotel ), Harbour View , Camela , Cat Ba Sunrise Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa . In Hai Phong are many projects to build new hotels with international standards. Which has two standard 5-star hotel being developed international: An in Flamboyant artificial island , Son and a storm on the island of Cat Ba Bay , located at the Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa. Haiphong tourism industry is expected to add between 5 to 7 international standard hotel in the city and on the tourist resort of Do Son, Cat Ba, Price River Resort and artificial islands to elevate du Flamboyant the city's history.

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