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Hai Duong Province is located in the Red River Delta , the northern key economic region , Vietnam . Is the administrative center of the province of Hai Duong city is the capital, Hanoi 57 km east of Hai Phong city 45 km to the west .

Hai Duong Vietnam Tours

Hai Duong Province

Area          1650.2 km²

Population 1.7 million people

Density       1040 people / km²

Ethnicity      Vietnamese

Location Hai Duong in Vietnam

Hai Duong Province

Hai Duong Province is located in the Red River Delta , the northern key economic region , Vietnam . Is the administrative center of the province of Hai Duong city is the capital, Hanoi 57 km east of Hai Phong city 45 km to the west . Bac Ninh Province to the north west , the north border of Bac Giang province , the Quang Ninh Province to the northeast , east of Hai Phong City , and Province to the south Pacific west of Hung Yen province . As planned in 2007, Hai Duong is located in the capital region as an industrial center
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Hai Duong Tours Administrative Units
Hai Duong, including 01 cities , 01 towns and 10 districts :
  • Hai Duong city 15 wards and 6 communes
  • Chi Linh town 8 wards, 12 communes
  • Nam Sach 1 district towns, 18 communes
  • Kinh Mon District 3 towns, 22 communes
  • Kim Thanh District 1 town and 20 communes
  • Thanh Ha district 1 town, 24 communes
  • Cam Giang District 2 towns, 17 communes
  • Binh Giang district 1 town and 17 communes
  • Gia Loc district 1 town, 22 communes
  • Tu Ky district 1 town and 26 communes
  • Ninh Giang district 1 town and 27 communes
  • Thanh Mien District 1 towns, 18 communes
Hai Duong Vietnam Tours Attractions and haiduong Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Hai Duong
Hai Duong is one of the land "address spiritual masterpiece", in the cultural and spiritual culture of the country. With these advantages, Hai Duong has an important position in the northern tourism and the country. Revenue from tourism rose steadily each year. In 2005, 300 billion, 637 billion in 2009, an annual average growth rate of 24.5%. No model can do mass form to apply for the business, even countries with the professional travel technology must constantly renew the product and its mode of operation. So, with the cooperation of Hai Duong tourist healthy will help with appropriate solutions to achieve efficiency in the near future. Positive projects and solutions are being promoted with the synergy of all levels, sectors, localities, along with conservation, restore landscapes, cultural heritage is also very important Hai Duong tourist center to help develop sustainable, effective cooperation and link arms.
Hai Duong Travel strives to Kunshan relic - Kiep Silver (Chi Linh town) recognized by the Government as one of 20 national tourist and is spiritual tourism center - the resort area. Favorable policies and incentives will continue to be adjusted, added to increase the scale and efficiency of investment cooperation. Hai Duong entered the new century, the 21st century with the new position and strength of which tourism is a promising face.
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Vietnam tours in Hai Duong
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Vision Travel Hai Duong. Hai Duong tourist constantly striving to improve the quality, diversification of products, links to tourism development activities important economic sectors of the province. It is obvious that Hai Duong has abundant potential for development of tourism: Culture and spiritual, ecological, picnic resort. In recent years, Department MOCST and local investment in the province gathered to conserve and restore the natural heritage inherent in all aspects: building infrastructure, technical ... create preconditions for the organization of business travel. Hai Duong tourist constantly striving to improve the quality, diversification of products, links to tourism development activities important economic sectors of the province.
On investment in tourism infrastructure, basic Hai Duong province to build roads to the parks, tourist attractions such as: Con Son - Kiep Bac (Town of Chi Linh), An Phu - Dear Owner (Business license) , Chi Lang stork Island South (Mien), traditional villages such as Chu Dau ceramics (South Books), Leather shoes Tam Lin (Gia Loc), wood engraving East Communications (Cam Giang), comprised Jewelry ( Binh Giang) ... The convenient transportation routes for the movement of travelers. Since 2004, Hai Duong province has approved the master plan for tourism development in Hai Duong 2020. Including detailed planning three resorts: the spiritual eco-tourism An Phu - Dear owner, Kinh Mon district; Eco-tourism Island Co - Chi Lang Nam, Thanh Mien district; Chi Linh Star Golf Chi Linh district. Ongoing implementation of the Plan: resorts Kunshan - Kiep Bac, Chi Linh town; ecological tourist area along the river, Thanh Ha; Island ecotourism Ngoc, west Hai Duong; Hohai eco-tourism, east of Hai Duong. The resorts also have to continue to implement the detailed planning by the master plan has been approved as: eco-tourism Ben Bath (Chi Linh town); park - Lake Bach Dang Street, Hai Ocean.
Master Plan for tourism development in Hai Duong 2020, Vision 2030 is suitable planning of socio-economic development of the province, as well as in accordance with the master plan for tourism development in Vietnam. Tourism has brought Con Son - Kiep Bac on the list of one of the 20 national tourism master plan for the project Con Son - Kiep Silver was approved by the Government on 18.6.2010, this is Hai Duong great advantage to develop tourism. To date, the system tourist accommodation establishments Hai Duong is developing both in quantity and quality. In 2005, the province of Hai Duong has 68 tourist accommodation establishments including: 6 standard hotel 1 star, 2 star standard hotel 5, 57 hotels, motels minimum standards. No 3-star, 4 star, international standard rooms are too low. Now the province has had 107 tourist accommodation establishments in which: 1 standard 4 star hotel, 1 standard 3 star hotel, 2 star standard hotel 6, 7 1-star hotel, with 450 international standard rooms, 92 tourist accommodation facilities meet minimum standards.
Quality system of accommodation establishments have been built and developed by the development trend of the country and world, constantly improve their competitiveness, towards integration. Quality of service is increasingly focused, most are interested in upgrading facilities, improving technical facilities, equipment innovation, diversification and services especially in training, fostering skill labor force. In recent years, technology tourist accommodation business and labor quality in the tourist accommodation establishments Hai Duong has come a long way, mold Hai Ocean participated welcome and service to the success of Sports on will Seagame 22, 2003, the International Golf 2005, the Pen cak-silat, 2009 ..., contributing to its position of Hai Duong tourist and create momentum for the accommodation establishments to restore, improve equipment and training of human resources. However, the number of international standard hotel occupancy rate low, most of the tourist accommodation facilities meet minimum standards, small scale, lack of professionalism, so no small influence on the quality of service. Hai Duong is located in a central position between Hanoi and Hai Phong port city, this is convenient, it is also difficult to travel Hai Duong, if not there are attractive tourism products, the possibility storage is very low, the very things that made it difficult to predict the number of tourists, so it is difficult to have an accurate forecast of development of tourism accommodation establishments.
With the current advantages and disadvantages, Hai Duong province focusing on the points, resorts capable of fully exploiting and easy to exploit as: area city of Hai Duong, Con Son - Kiep Silver ( Chi Linh town), caves, ruins, Kinh Mon district, landscape garden, River Huong Thanh Ha, Dao Thanh Mien in investment priorities for criteria gravity, attracting Construction investment objectives. Hai Duong province now has three recreation, parks in Hai Duong city and the town of Red Star - Chi Linh. In the coming years, Hai Duong will prioritize the development of the play area in the garden area of ​​Thanh Ha, Chi Lang stork Island South (Mien), Ben Bath area (Chi Ling), developing country tourism Excursions , ecological garden, visiting the villages and tourist hiking excursions ... Hai Duong sports strength of 17 sports: table tennis, shooting, athletics, swimming ... has the sport has been successfully hosted many major national and international, along with golf star Chi Ling has contributed to the development of Hai Duong sports tourism products alongside products specific tourist. Thus aligning the spiritual cultural forms of tourism, village, eco-tourism resort with sports detective is distinctive look, unique tour of Hai Duong.
If good deployment schemes, scientific tourism Hai Duong, and construction partners, exploitation of tourism resources, certainly in the near future, Hai Duong will be tourist center of weekend tourists Hanoi - Haiphong and neighboring provinces. Alignment with the business activities business travel services throughout the country, as well as countries in the region, to meet the majority of the travel needs of the people in the province, as well as to meet the needs welcoming tourists to Hai Duong. Labor force in the industry, although not yet fully equipped and uniform depth professional knowledge, but the annual budget of the central and local, Department MOCST focus open more training, improve management professional, and practice team work in the tourism business units. From 2005 to 2010 the business opened 15 training rooms, desk, bar, reception, kitchen, labor management team in the industry for a total of more than 500 participants. To date, the province has 177 units and individuals engaged in business travel services, including: 107 organizations and individual business accommodation establishments, 14 units of business travel, 16 Pick up business units stop, 20 business units operating restaurants serving tourists, 20 units of tourist transport business with more than 800 vehicles.

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