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Ha Giang is located in the far north of Vietnam, this province has many high rock mountains and rivers. Cao Bang Province to the east , on the west by the province of Yen Bai and Lao Cai , south of Tuyen Quang . North, Ha Giang border European Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Van Son Yunnan province and local market Baise Guangxi Province of the People's Republic of China .

Ha Giang Vietnam Tours
Ha Giang Province

Area     15494.9 km²

Population       1.3 million people
Density 90 people / km²
Ethnicity          Vietnamese , Gia-rai , Ba Na , Xo Dang , Gie-Trieng
Location Ha Giang in Vietnam

Ha Giang province

Ha Giang is located in the far north of Vietnam, this province has many high rock mountains and rivers. Cao Bang Province to the east , on the west by the province of Yen Bai and Lao Cai , south of Tuyen Quang . North, Ha Giang border European Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Van Son Yunnan province and local market Baise Guangxi Province of the People's Republic of China .
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Ha Giang Tours Administrative Units
Ha Giang province with 196 communal units including 5 wards, 13 towns and 178 villages. Ha Giang includes 1 city and 10 districts:
Ha Giang 5 wards and three social
Bac Me District 1 town and 12 villages
Bac Quang district 2 towns and 21 communes
District Dong Van 2 towns and 17 communes
Hoang Su Phi district 1 town and 24 communes
Meo Vac district 1 town and 17 communes
Quan Ba district 1 town and 12 villages
District Quang Binh 1 town and 14 communes
Vi Xuyen 2 towns and 22 communes
Xin Man District 1 town and 18 communes
Yen Minh district 1 town and 17 communes
Ha Giang Vietnam Tours Attractions and hagiang Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Ha Giang
 Derived from the geographical conditions, the high mountains there are many natural as well as artificial landscapes, Ha Giang has rich tourism potential. It is the primitive forests with rich plant and animal systems, many rapids waterfall, streams, lakes like Lake is a famous scenic. Lake is considered as a mountain city of Pleiku eyes. Many mountains Heaven Gate MangYang, the top of Ha Giang. Artificial landscape rubber forests, hills and tea, coffee vast. Associated with forest roads, telephones lines excursions by boat on the river, elephant riding through the forest, trekking ... Besides the appeal of natural grandeur, in Gia Lai also has a long culture imbued with mountains of ethnic minorities, mainly Jarai and banah can present by Rong architecture, floor , the grave, through traditional rituals, clothing and instruments ...
Vietnam Tours that include Ha Giang
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Vietnam tours in Ha Giang
 Ha Giang Goverment tell about Tours
Potential, rich tourism resources, especially eco-tourism potential of natural, human, historical sites, cultural heritage, Ha Giang tourism over the years has changed significantly positive, effective exploitation of tourism potential of local characteristics, economic and social comprehensive development, people's living standards have been gradually improving, the poverty sustainable poverty reduction, security is maintained ... the province's infrastructure investment continue to be built and completed, enabling the exploitation of tourism potential and tourism development.
Determine the development of tourism and services as a key area, as soon as Resolution No. 01 of the Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee of Ha Giang tourism development 2006 - 2015 make, PPC has a program of action No. 35 implementing comprehensive master plan for tourism development, focused on exploiting the strengths and potential of each district and grassroots levels. After five years of implementation, the development of tourism in the province has achieved encouraging results. Tourism network development work on the current tour the province has two business units active in international travel have exploited some significant tourism market, mainly in the country. In 2010 alone, the number of tourists to the province reached 301,334 visitors (of which domestic tourists increased by 6.76 times, international arrivals increased by 1.5 times). By 2011 the estimated number of visitors is 329 937 thousand. It is significant that although the infrastructure for tourism is still difficult, but with the efforts of the agencies and districts, cities, tourist accommodation facilities are also improving the quality and quantity.
According to 2010 statistics, the total number of accommodation establishments in the province standard is 100 establishments with 1,340 rooms including: two 2-star hotel; 9 1-star hotel; 89 home stay tourism. The accommodation facilities are facilities, security equipment, a number of accommodation facilities and full-scale international tourists conditions to meet the needs of tourists stay at the facility, other domestic and foreign tourist satisfaction. Along with the budget from the National Action Plan on tourism of central period 2006 - 2010, Ha Giang has invested 5 sea to promote tourism in the province in a number of gateway and key areas of tourism in the area in Quan Ba, Dong Van, Meo Vac ... with a total capital of 550 million. Along with that, until now, a number of investment projects in the tourism sector has been basically completed and put into operation relatively effective, needs to visit the travel of pilgrims as: Mobile Zone architectural Wang, Dong Van Ancient Town; South Indian eco-tourism (Bac) ... In addition, other projects still continue to call perfect: eco tourism project Resort Guangyuan; Tien Waterfall - Wind Gap; were Chinese Year of the Tiger (Xin Man) ...
The protection of the environment associated with the economic development and tourism years has been the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism taken seriously and effectively. Tourism has close cooperation between the relevant authorities, the district organization, guidance, implementation, operation regulations for construction sites, tourist attractions, especially with this kind of tourism Status. Tourism industry in collaboration with the Center for promotion of tourism promotion in order to strengthen the promotion of various forms to promote the image of Ha Giang with friends at home and abroad, in order to attract more customers tourism to our province. Especially recently, through the International Tea Festival in Thai Nguyen, Ha Giang had a chance to take a closer with international friends on tourism and products, their cultural characteristics. Ha Giang province also extends to strengthen tourism cooperation and development between the provinces, which focuses on two groups was 6 North (Cao Bang, Bac Kan, Lang Son, Thai Nguyen, Tuyen Quang and Ha Giang) and extended group of eight northwestern provinces.
Stage 5-year implementation roadmap to 2015 for tourism development in the province of Ha Giang has opened up a new perspective, with the leadership of the province's attention, the efforts to overcome difficulties of relevant agencies, especially the executive committee, the government and people in key tourist ... will bring high efficiency, tourism industry actually became a "smokeless "strategic importance in socio-economic development of the province, contributing to poverty alleviation for the people, gradually developing economic stability and sustainability. The province of Ha Giang has many interesting tourist attractions such as: The Tuyen Quang hydropower reservoir in northern Me, Stretch Bac Me, State Historic Park United, Lung Cu flag tower, Dong Van Plateau, Village tourism community Panhau (Hoang Su Phi) ... there are abundant consumer goods, especially goods brocade of ethnic Mong Lung Tam Commune (Ba) and the unique traditional costumes of ethnic Dao, Co Lao, Pa Then, Po Y. .. has attracted tourists, foreign preferred to buy souvenirs. Ha Giang, tourists also enjoy dishes imbued with the highlands, learn about the unique customs and habits of ethnic minorities bearing the local features such as the festival season demand, excellent level ...
System hotels, motels always responsive to the needs of tourists. A few years ago, Ha Giang has focused on exploiting the tourism potential to additional sources of income for the local budget. With tourism development services network is quite diverse, the province-wide: 106 accommodation establishments, including hotels, motels and guest houses with a total of nearly 1,417 rooms, of which there are over 10 guests standard 1-star, 2-star hotel 3 standard; 250 restaurants with the ability to serve thousands of customers. In 2010, revenue from tourism services in the province reached 308.9 billion; tourist arrivals to Ha Giang reached 301,334 visitors, up 20.6%, including from China to cross the border Thanh Thuy is 44,108 international visitors and guests from other markets is 3922 unique visitors, up 11% compared to 2009. In the first five months of 2011, tourist arrivals in Ha Giang increased with 82,045 visitors, of which domestic tourists increased dramatically over the same period last year due to Dong Van Plateau has attracted large number of visitors , explore; tourists from China to cross the border Thanh Thuy is 5334, the rest are international customers from Germany, UK, France, Japan ... Revenue from services and tourism in the first quarter of 2011 is estimated at 83.7 billion, an increase over the same period last year.
Can confirm, revenues from tourism and services in the province in recent years have contributed significantly to the province's capital budget is tight. However, there are still many untapped tourism potential of all, if fully exploited this potential will surely bring many times more revenue than the current. But the difficulty of the current provincial system is the lack of investment in tourism infrastructure, including road systems to the social, tourist difficult. The small-scale tourism, retail and construction progress slow, some stretches, postponed due to lack of capital; business systems business travel and tourism staff who know just lack the both weak and not meet the needs of tourists visiting the resort. Identified tourism development as one of the strategic tasks of the province in the coming years, especially as Ha Giang has been recognized by UNESCO Dong Van Plateau Global Geopark, the province has investment policy to build complete tours, routes, tourism clusters in the province associated with a number of your province and your country to China to serve as a basis for calling for the construction of infrastructure systems Travel stories. The focus on brand building, tourism products typical of Ha Giang as: eco-tourism, adventure tourism, tourism Highland, tourism and community tourism; directions simultaneously effective conservation and exploitation of the intangible resources of the province in order to attract domestic and foreign tourists to Ha Giang.
With ways of thinking, new approaches and current investment direction, hoping that in the not too distant future, Ha Giang tourism industry will be oriented to efficiently exploit the tourism potential is still open, with the goal of creating a lot of jobs for workers as well as increase revenue for local budgets.

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