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Gia Lai is a mountainous province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam . Kon Tum Province to the north , the south side of Dak Lak province , west of Cambodia with 90 km of national borders, the eastern border province of Quang Ngai , Binh Dinh and Phu Yen .

Gia Lai Vietnam Tours

Gia Lai Province

Area          15494.9 km²

Population  1.3 million people

Density        90 people / km²

Ethnicity       Vietnamese , Gia-rai , Ba Na , Xo Dang , Gie-Trieng

Location Gia Lai in Vietnam

Gia Lai Province

Gia Lai is a mountainous province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam . Kon Tum Province to the north , the south side of Dak Lak province , west of Cambodia with 90 km of national borders, the eastern border province of Quang Ngai , Binh Dinh and Phu Yen .
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Gia Lai Tours Administrative Units
Gia Lai province has 224 communal units include the 22 wards, 13 towns and 177 communes. Gia Lai province including one cities, 2 towns and 14 districts:
  • City of Pleiku 14 wards and nine social
  • Town of An Khe 6 wards and five communes
  • Ayun Pa town , formerly known as Cheo Reo four wards and four communes
  • Chu Pah district , Phu Hoa district is one town and 14 communes
  • Chu Prong district 1 town and 19 communes
  • Chu Se district , district: Chu Se 1 town and 14 communes
  • Dak Doa district , Dak Doa district is one town and 16 communes
  • Dak Po district , district of Dak commune po 8 communes
  • German district , the district is the owner of Company 1 towns and 9 communes
  • Ia Grai district 1 town and 12 villages
  • Ia Pa District 1 towns and 9 communes
  • Districts K'Bang 1 town and 13 communes
  • Kong Chro district 1 town and 13 communes
  • Krong Pa district is Phu Tuc one town and 13 communes
  • Mang Yang district district is Kon Don 1 town and 11 communes
  • Phu Thien one town and 10 communes
  • Chu Puh district , newly separated from Chu Se.1 district towns and 8 communes
Gia Lai Vietnam Tours Attractions and gialai Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Gia Lai
Derived from the geographical conditions, the high mountains there are many natural as well as artificial landscapes, Gia Lai has rich tourism potential. It is the primitive forests with rich plant and animal systems, many rapids waterfall, streams, lakes like Lake is a famous scenic. Lake is considered as a mountain city of Pleiku eyes. Many mountains Heaven Gate MangYang, the top of Ham Rong. Artificial landscape rubber forests, hills and tea, coffee vast. Associated with forest roads, telephones lines excursions by boat on the river, elephant riding through the forest, trekking ... Besides the appeal of natural grandeur, in Gia Lai also has a long culture imbued with mountains of ethnic minorities, mainly Jarai and banah can present by Rong architecture, floor , the grave, through traditional rituals, clothing and instruments ...
In addition, Gia Lai has a long history is reflected in the cultural historical as Tay Son upper direction, monuments of heroes base cloth Tay Son Nguyen Hue; hometown hero Shield ; sites Pleime, Che ring ... Tourist spots in the city are not many, outside entertainment area lakes Duc An, stadiums and theaters, and lots of cafes. There are many waterfalls around the city such as: waterfall Dakthoa, Phu Cuong waterfall, waterfall hole, nine-story waterfall, ...
Vietnam Tours that include Gia Lai
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Vietnam tours in Gia Lai
Gia Lai Tours withlocals
In the coming years this will be the way tourism development strategy Gia Lai. Gia Lai is the source of many rivers down the coast and Cambodia as Ba, Se San River and other streams. Hilly terrain, many falls Gia Lai has brought so many wonderful natural scenery especially the waterfalls as: Phu Cuong waterfall, waterfall hole, waterfall Nine Floor, Yama-Yang operators Vibration ... along deep blue lakes: Ayun Ha lake Ialy and vast mountain lake, calm. This is the ideal tourist destination of the cross. Especially natural gift for Gia Lai two forest KonKaKinh areas and KonJaRang and hill Dakpo, this is a valuable resource to help balance the ecosystem and attractions favorite type of ecotourism , studied the flora and fauna of the tropics. Tourists come to Gia Lai to be involved of Ialy hydro-a work of national stature, ranked second after power Hoa Binh hydropower plant and is shown phenomenal hands and minds of the West Nguyen won the natural power to change the lives of indigenous people, brings a new look to Gia Lai. Gia Lai also known as the ancient land, archaeological Lake is a testament to the formation of long-term settlement of the natives on the majestic highlands. Through the ups and downs of the history of, Gia Lai land still keep their traditional culture characteristic diversity reflected in polytheism (Fill Stamp), the matriarchy of the natives ...
Gialai introduces the guests with traditional villages such as: weaving village, wicker village (Village Play More, Play Small-town Kong Chro). Visitors would be amazed at the ingenuity, patience complaints of women Bahnar when launching a product hidden talent and beauty of the human soul. A woman weaving on the porch floor sketch a picture of peaceful living, casual and cozy. However, to get a complete brocade panels it will take a month. Each brocade panels range from 200 thousand to 500 thousand dollars. Song village is on the verge of disappearance. Conservation of traditional cultural values, both for tourism is to be done now. Joint Stock Company Travel Services Gia Lai has opened wide tour, introducing products eco-cultural tourism to visitors, but still not commensurate with the potential of the "sediment" culture. Kong Chro want to travel, what you need is not money that is a carefree soul, bare anxiety. Or at least, a trip along this area will also be washed away many attempts, jealous of the present life, to be happy to live in any meaningful way.
Space the Central Highlands gong culture was recognized by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage of humanity, the Central Highlands gong beyond national boundaries, from which the world experienced a cultural space gong stick people of the Central Highlands entire life cycle from ear blowing ceremony for the new baby born to Feast maturity and end code. Also in new celebrations rice, buffalo .. also indispensable gong gongs, within sinuses, jars of wine, firelight flickering between the mountains of thousand. Besides gongs in the spirit of indigenous culture, the Bahnar also epic treasure map massive. These are a magnificent epic, romantic-inspired labor in fighting and in everyday life. Been discovered since the 1980s but since then has not stopped epic treasure is added through the collection process: say, Brau Beer ... It's the pride of the Bahnar and an opportunity to learn , the study of cultural enthusiasts, the tradition of this nation. Epic Bahnar still many interesting mysteries waiting for tourists to explore. Arrive Gia Lai tourists can explore the festival with costumes decorated with colorful mysticism, folk dances with music Echoes of the rods of each ethnic instruments such as: prison and, lithophone ..., visiting the communal house, the tomb area with many statues of people, animals, rituals also very wild, primitive . Gia Lai has a glorious revolutionary tradition, the Tay Son Thuong direct, on the basis of King Quang Trung, resistance Stor village hometown hero hiding, many ancient battlefield sites of Gia Lai as: Plei Me, Cheo Reo , Ja Drang went into history.
Currently types of ecotourism combined with cultural understanding and being exploited as efficient: sightseeing, learn culture ethnic Bahnar, Jrai (sleeping village, gong culture, festivals), visiting battle sites, picnic, explore the beauty of the sights and learn about the Football Academy Hoang Anh Gia Lai ... enjoy specialty rice, barbecue, wine indigenous people. Walking around looking to buy local items as gifts for loved ones, such as: coffee, honey, dried bamboo shoots, pepper, Brocade, crafts ... Land of Gia Lai hero, gentle hospitable people always greet welcome visitors from all over want to explore, love and respect for the sunny highlands Wind. Gialai not only be referred to as an ideal tourist destination full invites discover ... Only about 2 kilometers from the district center, Ia Vibration operators as a dot out in the vast space, majestic. Over thousands of years, the time has carved in the rock's strange shape as installation art. Rough stones such as laterite, there are blade polished smooth as velvet. But most impressive is the feeling when faced with a height of over 30 meters of waterfall. Facing the fierce grandeur of white waterfalls launched, suggest a period of immense wisdom brought together in the human heart. Weaving in the village of Big Listen township Kong Chro district Kong Chro. Picture: HN Unlike the operators Ia Vibration, Coast to stream JAU (Wait Long), you have a sense of fun. But the same is blessed with pristine beauty, spectacular, and streams JAU Coast has a very peaceful feel ... It also kept the giant footprints, legend of two brothers Rok and clay.
The footprints were woven into the beautiful legendary area of ​​brotherhood. Drop this young soul in the place of water, heard the sound of water, of stone, of the expectations from the mountain, river ... soul will find peace wake up, pat ... Everyone was surprised and excited by the architecture of the floor is quite dense, curiosity in the minds, want to learn, explore;, or simply to pedestrians wandering find a peaceful flow of life. Annual, Gialai catch a lot of visitors, especially foreign visitors through the region. For years, the district focused type of ecotourism operators, especially the southwest, from the district center type Ia Pa District, town of Ayun Pa. This route goes through Yang Trung, the former investment to build a traditional-style floor to serve travelers stop. It is flawed if it comes to the tourism potential of the area not to mention the cultural festival. It regularly organizes festivals traditional buffalo, cattle, rice celebrate new season ... on the occasion of the Year, at the communal house in each village. Travel on this land into the holiday season, not only to satisfy the senses, curiosity, enjoy but also to worship the deep culture Highland hidden in sinus rhythm charming, colorful sound in spiritual identity of the gongs ...

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