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Below are list of all of Vietnam Tour Packages that include Dak Lak or daklak. Recognized as leading Travel Company in Vietnam, we offer Luxury, Family, or All-inclusive travel specialized in many beautiful spots in Vietnam.

Dak Lak Vietnam Tours

Dak Lak Province

Area          13.139 km
Population 1.7 million people

Density       130 people / km²

Ethnicity      Vietnamese, Ede , M'Nong , Nung , Tay , Thai , Dao

Location Dak Lak in Vietnam

Dak Dak Lak province

Dak Lak , Dak Lak Darlac or ( M'Nong : Dak = water; Lak = lake) is a province located in the central Highlands , the north Gia Lai , south Lam Dong , Dak Nong southwest border , east of Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa , on the west by the Kingdom of Cambodia with 70 km long border. Province of Dak Lak Buon Ma Thuot city , is 1,410 km from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City 350 km.
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Dak Lak Tours Administrative Units
Statistics on June 30, 2004, Dak Lak province has a total of 165 administrative units including 139 villages, 13 wards and 13 towns. On March 23, 2005 (Decree No. 40/2005/ND-CP) establish new five communes. On May 16, 2006 (Decree No. 47/2006/ND-CP) establish new five communes. On August 27, 2007 (Decree 137/2007/ND-CP) established an additional 5 new social and divided Krong Ana District 2. On December 23, 2008 (Decree 07/ND-CP) leave one town, 3 communes; established 7 wards and Krong Buk district divided into two. Administrative units of Dak Lak province:
City (1): Buon Ma Thuot
Town (1): Buon Ho
District (13): Buon Don ·Cu Kuin ·Cu M'gar ·Ea H'leo ·Ea Kar ·Ea Sup ·Krong Ana ·Krong Bong ·Krong Buk ·Krong Nang ·Krong Pak ·Lak ·M'Drak
Dak Lak Vietnam Tours Attractions and daklak Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam  tours in Dak Lak
 Dak Lak is a mountainous province has many beautiful landscapes such as: Ho Lak Lak; waterfall Krong Kmar - Krong Bong; Dray Sap , Dray Nu falls Gia Long - Krong Ana; extraction Thuy Tien - Krong Nang; Dray K'nao - M'Drak ... Visitors to Dak Lak if derived from Buon Ma Thuot can choose the direction to get to the point of notable tourist Dak Lak as follows:
Buon Ma Thuot City: Buon Ma Thuot original Ede language, means "the or village of Ama Arts", it comes from the name of wholesale A magic - the name of a wealthy chief and most powerful region, which was called art. to and from this form of the surrounding villages, the city developed into Buon Ma Thuot today. Even in Buon Ma Thuot city can go places the center of a radius of no more than 2 km: Dinh Us Delivery , Chua Sac Khai Doan , the exiled Buon Ma Thuot , Vietnam Ethnic Museum in Dak Lak cultural village Ako Đhông , Ko nia trees in the cultural center of campus just six Board Self love ... Enjoy the flavor of coffee Ban Me in the Highland style address like Trung Nguyen Coffee Village , Coffee Po potatoes, Coffee Rose Valley, Bell Coffee, Cafe Van ...
Buon Don District - Ea Suop: Take the provincial road 1tham trend notably: wholesale water terminals in braces, trafficking is not correct, the scene Trohbu Park ; Tourist Ban Don ( seven branch operators , Yok Don National Park Suspension Bridge Resort , Lake Duc Minh , the floor , open the king of elephants ) and Thap Cham Yang Prong - Easoup ...
District Lak - Krong Bong: Go in the direction of Highway 27 to Da Lat will have notable attractions such as: Lak Lake , Waterfall Krong Kmar - Krong Bong, Cave Dak Tour ...
Krong Ana district: Go in the direction of highway 14 in Ho Chi Minh City will see remarkable sights such as: cluster extraction Virgin - Dray Sap Waterfall Gia Long ...
Vietnam Tours that include Dak Lak
Below are list of all of Vietnam Tour Packages that include Dak Lak or daklak. Recognized as leading Travel Company in Vietnam, we offer Luxury, Family, or All-inclusive travel specialized in many beautiful spots in Vietnam.
Vietnam tours  in Dak Lak
 Dak Lak Goverment tell about Tours
Modern life somewhat affect the customs, practices and identities of ethnic minorities, more wood is not as easy to make as long ago so the roof, one of the unique culture originality of the Highlands gradually absent from the village ...
Ami A in Tour trafficking, Hoa Phu, Ho Chi Minh City. Buon Ma Thuot is very proud of his long home, because with AMI are valuable assets of his ancestors. Was made ​​in 1970, the house is about 40 meters long, the thatch was replaced by the old roof, but now also is where grew up and followed several generations in the family, so it's like a flesh of AMI. Ami said, that people make the building, leaving a long, sad. Because it is not just the rain, sun, but also the traditional culture of the people. Ami A, keeping the term is to keep the spirit of the nation because that is where they grew up. But when the children grow up, houses are getting cramped, living more pressing needs, like connection extra long but where wood now available; separate households own the land is only enough left for me to do level 4 as the Kinh house, and though there is enough land, it is hard to do long by very expensive. That is also the reason why the long house on disappearing in the village. Commercial Tuor, 91 households, only about 10 long houses, but most are made ​​from the previous release. In trade almost no house is refreshed. Only those who are earnest and see it as part of his living body as Ami A new determination to keep. He Y indent, wholesale trade growth Tuor said: "The family are also many descendants, modern life has so many people want to build concrete house, bedroom, dining room, bathroom in the house for this . There are trading around 10 long houses, I tried her campaign to retain. Because it is the merchant's face! "
While the concrete movement is doing for longer in danger of disappearing, in Ako Dhong trafficking, Ho. Buon Ma Thuot, long sticky still there next to the Thai roof, flat roof. Old village Ama H'rin said: "It is not easy anything away from what has become the flesh and blood of their people. Long House is his flesh and blood. Only retain the term, the traditional culture of the new nation not been eroded. Has a new term, Kpan chairs, gongs, jars, and they are also shown to be in the house long. Long the space is not only a living space of the family but also the cultural space of the ritual. " Long House, with the fire, Kpan chair, the Drum H'go, the gong, the jar will be a production tourism products tourism hit if you know keep treasure. Ako Dhong so that has become one of the indispensable destination for tourists coming to Buon Ma Thuot is affordable by the attractiveness of the long house. And the idea to preserve the unique architecture characterized Highlands of indigenous people, eco tourism company Thanh Ha has a 100m long home to just do a showcase of cultural products of the Central Highlands: gong, drums, t'rung, Ding In, Dinh Puot, the weaving, but also the interesting accommodation for travelers. It has become a unique tourism products to attract tourists to visit the Highlands.
Provincial People's Committee held a seminar on tourism development in Dak Lak. Conference was attended by representatives of Provincial Tourism Association, the Department, relevant agencies, representatives of the People's Committees of districts, towns and cities along the enterprises operating in the tourism sector in the province. Ms. Mai Festival the Nie Kdăm, Vice Chairman presided over the meeting. Report at the conference said the total revenue of the tourism industry in the 2006-2010 period reached 747.44 billion, the average growth rate of 19.17% / year, welcoming over 1.2 million visitors, international visitors accounting for 8.6% of the, use coefficients chamber, reaching 60%. In 2011, the province received 310 thousand visitors, international visitors accounted for 8.7%, a turnover of 235 billion. Last time, the regional affiliate is promoting with links to more than 60 major tourists across three regions, the development of road tours from Buon Ma Thuot city to the provinces of Laos, Cambodia and Thailand have been exploited, thereby contributing to the growth of the provincial tourism industry. The training of human resources of interest in order to gradually standardize staff, employees, thereby further enhancing the quality of service, accommodation establishments increased system, investment funds establishments residence in the period 2006 - 2010 to reach 256.12 billion. Total capital investment in infrastructure construction, infrastructure investment of the tourism industry and the integration of new investment in rural development from 2006 to 2010 to reach more than 424 billion ...
Conference Krong Na Buon Don has also conducted to discuss the key issues of tourism development in Dak Lak as: Investment in infrastructure to tourism development; advantages and difficulties in attracting investment in tourism development; management and environmental protection for sustainable tourism development; national security, public order and safety opportunity to develop tourism; preservation, conservation and sustainable management of elephant populations Dak Lak ... Speaking conclusion recommend Mai Hoan Nie Kdăm for that: in time to the need to further promote cultural values ​​of the ethnic groups in the province and promote the strengths of the province's potential to serve the tourism development; promoting social work, attract businesses involved in tourism activities, upgrading infrastructure, diversification of tourism products to attract customers; interested in promoting fostering the development of human resources for the tourism industry in order to further improve service quality, to promote the promotion, strengthening coordination among state management agencies and enterprises; increase strengthen links with the provinces in the Central Highlands to build tourist routes inter-provincial and inter-regional.

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