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Cao Bang is a province located in north-east Vietnam. To the west by the province of Tuyen Quang and Ha Giang , southern borders Bac Kan and Lang Son . North and east borders the prefecture-level Baise and Chongzuo of Guangxi ( China ). 

Cao Bang Vietnam Tours

Cao Bang Province

Area             6.690,7 km²

Population    0.5 million people

Density           80 people / km²

Ethnicity         Vietnamese, Tay, Nung, Hmong, Dao, San Chay

Location Cao Bang in Vietnam

  Cao Bang province

Cao Bang is a province located in north-east Vietnam. To the west by the province of Tuyen Quang and Ha Giang , southern borders Bac Kan and Lang Son . North and east borders the prefecture-level Baise and Chongzuo of Guangxi ( China ). The province has two major rivers, the Gam River in the west and the glaciers in the central and east, there are also a number of other rivers such as the Quay Son River , North River Vong , the Nho Que River , River Power , Neo river or rivers Constitution .
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Cao Bang Tours Administrative Units
Cao Bang has six wards 14 towns and 179 villages. Cao Bang include 1 town and 12 districts:
Cao Bang Town 6 wards and five communes (Decision 926/QD-BXD)
Bao Lac District 1 town and 16 communes (ND: 183/2007/ND-CP)
Bao Lam district 1 town and 13 communes
Ha Lang district 1 town and 13 communes
Ha Quang district 1 town 18 communes
Hoa An district 1 town and 20 communes
Nguyen Binh District 2 town and 18 communes
Phuc Hoa District 2 and 7 communes Town
Quang Uyen district 1 town and 16 communes
Thach An District 1 town and 15 communes
Agricultural District 1 town and 10 communes
Tra Linh district 1 town and commune 9
Chongqing district 1 town and 19 communes
Cao Bang Vietnam Tours Attractions and caobang Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam  tours in Cao Bang
Located in the northern North Vietnam, where the ends of the Fatherland, Cao Bang is blessed the rich tourism potential.
Cao Bang Landmarks: Cao Bang mountain, forest, rivers, streams, majestic stretches, vast, unspoiled nature so much focus primary. Ban Gioc Falls area is a beautiful landscape. Waterfall on the river Quay Son, Yuxi commune, district of Chongqing. CLOSE Nguom Clams (cave), Dam Thuy Commune, District Chongqing is the world of natural stone including thousands of different shapes , are the as rice dunes, yellow dunes, dune silver, elephants, dragons, tigers, clouds, trees, flowers, birds, etc. Also have to mention the mountain Thang Hen Lake in Tra Linh district.
Cao Bang Cultural Tourism: Cao Bang is a land with a long revolutionary tradition, the place of origin of the Vietnamese revolution. Represented as relics revolutionary history Pac Bo , Truong Ha commune, Ha Quang district . Where President Ho Chi Minh City has set foot in the country, to live and work, the Vietnamese revolutionary leader for national independence from 1941 to 1945. Kim Dong Relic built including his grave Kim Dong and magnificent monument at the foot of the Rocky Mountains high massive stone monuments Kim Dong with clothes baked and hand raising courier pigeons, before monument of 14 stone steps and 14 blue tall paved garden. It has a large yard, the annual Children's teens and Cao Bang Province, the country often gathered at this camp, have fun singing. The historic Forest Tran Hung Dao , where the establishment of Vietnam Propaganda Liberation Army, the forerunner of the People's Army of Vietnam
Vietnam Tours that include Cao Bang
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Vietnam tours  in Cao Bang
Cao Bang Goverment tell about Tours
With 332 km of the border and Ta Lung gate, Tra Linh, Soc Giang along the border, in Cao Bang is promoting the potential advantages to the development of trade and tourism. As business enterprises in many areas, local notice has great potential to develop eco-cultural tourism, over the years, the Investment and Development Joint Stock Company has planned Fragrances and mining well potential of natural resources, landscapes of the province, contributing to economic development, local cultural society.
From business oriented investment based on potential mining operations force locally, Tran Thi Thom, Director boldly offer several plans to suit the provincial People's Committee for consideration and approval. Places have been the company decided to invest Thang Hen Lake, Quoc Toan (Tra Linh). The Town Lake area about 30 km, the lake has a width of about 100 - 300 meters, a length of about 500 - 1000 m, depending on the water level in a year. It is charming painted marine landscape with green trees reaching over cliffs reflected down to the blue water, winding and bumpy valley heart reefs, natural lake as a water tank by the underground river flows.
Big water season, the water overflows into the valleys linked into a chain of more than 36 large and small lakes. Investors understand the process step by step, 2002, the Company continued to manage registration and protection of 420 ha SUF Thang Hen Lake area. To create landscape and environment clean and beautiful, airy, company relocation and resettlement compensation for 16 households in 2 villages Valley Apples, list out of the area, at the same time, coordination with forces function propagation and protection of forests managed by the Company. As land is blessed in natural conditions, such as: topography, climate and abundant water resources, the company has planted 4 hectares of fillings, later to develop into the famous local specialty plants , creating the fresh air, cool, beautiful natural scenery.
Order to exploit the tourism potential, in 2007, the company invested to build, renovate and landscapes at a cost of about 35 billion. Link hills economic development of forest tourism investment in infrastructure, such as: upgrade path to the resort with a length of over 5 meters; system built on stilts, communal houses bold ethnic service dining, living, entertainment; campus construction embankments, playgrounds, benches and planted flowers. Currently, the resort can accommodate 500 people dining and 20 rooms for 150 guests. Tourists to visit to enjoy culinary culture imbued with local people, such as: corn soup, corn alcohol, chickens, pigs collectives Na. Planning, investment in infrastructure, building systems, restaurants, entertainment services quality; seriously enhance coordination propaganda, promoting scenic, are the main important factor for tourism Thang Hen faster progress on the path of integration.
In recent years, Thang Hen lake resort has welcomed tens of thousands of visitors in and out of the planet to visit. Since early 2011, more than 30,000 people visit Thang Hen Lake Resort. Thang Hen is now famous for eco-tourism and is one of the attractive tourist destinations of Cao Bang. Tourists come here to enjoy the untouched green forest, fishing boating on the lake, combining relaxation and picnic explorer 9 stone at the resort. In particular, the States that has a length of 2 km with large stone blocks as want pristine picture looks like, wonders will make riveting. Here, tourists mingle with nature and experience to learn the customs and practices, the culture of the people; human interaction with the rich hospitality, enjoy the tune then, the question sli, the always captivating. resorts Thang Hen Investment Corporation and Fragrances Development has created jobs for more than 30 local workers with average income of 3 million VND / person / month.
Besides the results achieved in the field of business travel, the company attaches great importance to human development, building enterprise culture and interested in doing good social work, charity issued by local authorities ; every year, the Company contributed the funds support more than 50 million. Together the development of Cao Bang travel, eco-tourism, Thang Hen lake with diverse tourism potential, rich gave tourist businesses have many choices for mining, construction and promotion of tourism products. Development of tourism activities not only profitable for businesses but also to promote the growth of various economic sectors, help reduce poverty, create jobs for rural labor, and environmental protection the ecosystem; contribute to preserving and promoting the traditional cultural values ​​of the nation.

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