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Can Tho is a city centrally located on the right bank of the Hau River , the Mekong Delta region . This is one of five cities directly under the Central Government of Vietnam . June 24, 2009, Can Tho city official Prime Minister's decision to recognize the grade 1 's Vietnam .

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Can Tho Central cities

Area          1389.6 km²

Population 1.2 million people

Density       860 people / km²

Ethnicity     Vietnamese , Chinese , Cham and Khmer

Location Can Tho in Vietnam

Can Tho Central cities

Can Tho is a city centrally located on the right bank of the Hau River , the Mekong Delta region . This is one of five cities directly under the Central Government of Vietnam . June 24, 2009, Can Tho city official Prime Minister's decision to recognize the grade 1 's Vietnam . Can Tho is a city situated on the right bank of the Hau River . Urban area is 53 km ². Tho City has a total land area of 1389.59 km ² and a population of about 1,209,192, the density of the population as of 2011 is 870 people per km2, is the city east 4th people in Vietnam. Can Tho is the largest and most modern city of the Mekong River Basin.
Can Tho City has the following point: North Pole is Thoi Thuan Ward , Thot Not district . West Pole is Vinh Thanh Thanh Loi commune . A South Pole is the Truong Xuan Thoi Lai District . The easternmost is Tan Phu Ward , District Cai Rang
Can Tho city has intercity lines: Highway 91 and Nguyen Van Linh (91B) from Can Tho to An Giang. Highway 80 from Can Tho to Kien Giang. Highway 1A, Can Tho from the Mekong Delta province of Soc Trang , Bac Lieu , Ca Mau. Southern Hau river routes linking Can Tho, Hau Giang, Soc Trang and Bac Lieu.
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Can Tho Tours Administrative Units
Total number of towns , villages , wards : 85, of which 5 towns, 44 wards and 36 (from the time issued Decree No. 12/ND-CP). Can Tho is divided into nine administrative units including 5 counties and 4 districts:
  • Ninh Kieu District 13 Ward
  • District Binh Thuy 8 Ward
  • Cai Rang District 7 Ward
  • O Mon District 7 Ward
  • Thot Not District 9 Ward
  • Phong Dien District 1 towns and 6
  • Red Flag 1 district towns and 9
  • Thoi Lai District 1 town and 12 villages
  • Vinh Thanh District 2 towns and 9
Can Tho Vietnam Tours Attractions and cantho Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Can Tho
The tour in Can Tho tourism mainly on water and fruit orchards . In addition to geographical features is an important transportation hub between the provinces in the Mekong Delta, Ho Chi Minh City. Can Tho is like "Urban River". System intertwined rivers, orchards, vast, vast fields. The isles like: New Loc, I paint, alcohol Jiang, I Au ... floating on the river and most unique effort to develop water tourism. First, visitors to the Ninh Kieu park with many kinds of plants, flowers lasting from Vam Cai Khe to the home cage for the recently restored. Ninh Kieu wharf where interference between Can Tho and Hau River. After floating on the river meanders, boats crowded boat, tourists visit Cai Rang floating market - the market traded in the river a daily characteristic features of Southern culture. Dawn, hundreds of boats into the market on a river. Market for all kinds of garden products are hung on a pole in front of the boat plug- called "fat plants". Buyers only need to look at "fat tree" boat immediately sell them something.
In addition to sightseeing, buying green products, tourists have opportunities to talk to the called "civilians lake". Throughout the year, they get water as companions. Next, visitors crept under the canal in island green in the city. Tho also Jiang , alcohol Europe ... After a relaxing day along the river, guests staying at the restaurant, "star rating": Ninh Kieu 2, Golf, International, Victoria ... The famous tourist destination in Can Tho:
  • Tho Bridge
  • Nam Nha Pagoda
  • Binh Thuy Temple
  • Ninh Kieu wharf
  • Floating market Cai Rang and Phong Dien floating market
  • Park brokers (NOT Q.Thot)
  • Resorts Con Khuong (overseas Q.Ninh)
  • My Khanh fruit garden, Phong Dien Tay
  • Travel on the river by boat , speedboat, boat party ...
  • Tho Dinh Binh Thuy Orchid Garden and Bang Lang stork garden
  • Tho Cathedral, Long Quang Pagoda
  • Mine historical lock means , open to voters
  • Relic victory Tam Vu
  • Village Flower Thoi Nhut
  • Village knitting Straw Thom nets
  • Village laminated Thoi Long ...
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Data consolidation tourism activities from 2006 to 2012: Accommodation activities: from 543,650 tourists stayed in 2006 increased to 972,450 passengers in 2011, up 79% in five years, the average growth rate during this period was 13% / year; including international 2006 was 121 221 in 2011 is 170,325, an increase of 41% compared to 2006, the average growth rate during this period is 10%. Tourism revenue Tho city has also increased rapidly; 271 billion in 2006 to 761 billion in 2011; increased more than 2.8-fold in just 5 years. Employing more than 2,010 people in 2006, to 2011 employees in the tourism business increased to 2851
Currently, area city. Can Tho has 09 tourist parks, active recreation: Currently, area city. Can Tho has 09 tourist parks, active recreation;, with 04 points garden residence (includes: My Khanh village DL, the DL Thuy Tien, Garden DL Professor Yang, Gia Trang Quan) with 63 rooms.
Up to 10/2012 with 26 tour operators active Up to 10/2012 with 26 tour operators are active, including 13 tour operators of Can Tho (03 units of international travel); travel company has 08 branches (05 travel units international); 04 transport units, 01 travel agents.

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