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Ca Mau Province in Vietnam 's southern coast , the northern border province of Kien Giang , Bac Lieu Province to the east and the South China Sea , southern Sea to the east and to the west by the Gulf of Thailand . Prior to 1975, called An Xuyen Province.

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Ca Mau Province

Area           5211 km²

Population  1.2 million people

Density       230 people / km²

Ethnicity      Vietnamese, Chinese, Tay, Khmer

Location Ca Mau in Vietnam

Ca Mau Province

Ca Mau Province in Vietnam 's southern coast , the northern border province of Kien Giang , Bac Lieu Province to the east and the South China Sea , southern Sea to the east and to the west by the Gulf of Thailand . Prior to 1975, called An Xuyen Province.
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 Ca Mau Tours Administrative Units
Ca Mau has nine district-level administrative units consisting of one city and 8 districts. Total number of towns , villages , wards : 99, of which 10 wards, 9 towns and 80 communes
  • Ca Mau City - is a grade II - As decided by the Prime Minister on 07 May 08, 2010
  • Dam Doi District (projected separation into town district and Dam Doi Vam Dam 2020)
  • Ngoc Hien district
  • The Water District
  • Tran Van Thoi district (the planned Song Doc Town and District Tran Van Thoi 2020)
  • U Minh district
  • Thoi Binh District (projected separation part Chau Thanh district Ca Mau City founded 2020)
  • In District Apartments
  • Phu Tan
Ca Mau Vietnam Tours Attractions and camau Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Ca Mau
Ca Mau National monuments: Dinh Tan Hung . Hong Anh Thu Quan . Special Yen Binh Hung (Nguyen Lac Hoa) .'s Historical Hon Da Bac + Hon {Khoi Nghia potatoes Hon Sweet}
Ca Mau Provincial Monuments: Steel Wire, Uncle Ho temple radiotherapy must, Uncle Ho Temple Park An, Uncle Ho temple town of Cai Nuoc
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Ca Mau Tours withlocals
To the tourist district of Ca Mau, tourists can visit the national landmark coordinates, watching the forest, watching the sea, admire that afternoon An on airspace ocean. Coming to Cape Ca Mau tourist, tourists the visit national landmark coordinates, watching the forest, watching the sea, admire that afternoon An on airspace ocean. Mui Ca Mau is the protruding piece of land at the southern end of the Vietnam Fatherland belonging Cape of neighbor, Dat Mui Commune, Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau city more than 100 miles. Dat Mui is mentioned as a sacred ground in the minds of the Vietnamese people and in life, who also once estimated. It has mangrove ecosystems are diverse and abundant. To the tourist district of Ca Mau, tourists can visit the national landmark coordinates, watching the forest, watching the sea, visit the forest village simulator resistance; capture icon at the foot of Ca Mau. Guests can admire the many interesting things when the sun sets, the tried-dimensional hidden on airspace ocean. left is the South China Sea, on the right is West, you are standing on the giant bow of the Organization national wave turn off. Resorts Mui Ca Mau is continued investment in building infrastructure for tourists. It is a geographical destinations, ecotourism attraction for tourists both domestic and international friends. Guests only takes about 2 hours by boat from Ca Mau City to Ca Mau.
Ca Mau Cape dear Located about 120km, here formed two resorts to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, it resorts Ly Thanh Long at Khai Long Beach and resorts Land nose. Huynh Khanh artist, author of many famous ancient outlook written about Mau said: "My colleagues and I planned creation camp stage Ca Mau - Bac Lieu has just ended in the last months, again have the opportunity to set up camp at Khai Long, by resorts Ly Thanh Long covered. Inspired by the beauty of nature and the people here, many campers have expressed their feelings about Khai Long Beach with songs amateur opera quality. This New Year, visitors to this tour will have the opportunity to enjoy all that the amateur traditional music programs. During that trip, I also wrote an article and have just finished recording a few days for New Year ... ". It is a song written about the land status of the Mining Long, as well as steps to change her life had been. Khai Long tourist attraction not only the lyrics, forum, or the beach scenery Khai Long, tourist Ly Thanh Long, but also intrigued by the culinary culture. Resorts Ly Thanh Long will take visitors back to the life of the fishermen liberal Cape Land ... with traditional dishes, mostly seafood specialties ... In contrast to Dat Mui (resorts Dat Mui) - famous, is the southernmost headland end of the country.
Here, visitors can admire the the same message forest scenery, watching the trees sauce pioneer days and nights encroaching our land cultivated for English extra long, extra wide. Standing on Advent clinical stage, larger eye towards the ocean with waves undulating waves inside the boat full of fish shrimp are gradually dock, the huts nestled in the forest at Dat Mui make a terrain forestry beings. Here, guests will visit the landmark coordinates national, sightseeing ship icon - "bow, Mui Ca Mau", enjoy the food at the resort Dat Mui, Thuy Ta Restaurant. .. Ta Huynh Vinh Truong, Head resorts Cape, said: "welcome spring here start from the 25th until January, so that the rest of the design is routed through the forest village ready to serve tourists ". Cuisine is served regularly at Thuy Ta restaurant, Dat Mui restaurant with a lot of seafood and are changed frequently. Besides the barbecue of the reclaimed open considered as dried disadvantage error, squid, shrimp, crab ... "Very," Dat Mui is the oyster, crab, three aspects of salt, wool snail ... appears regularly as delicious to enjoy. Ra visited the island near the shore That Silver Stone, Khanh Binh Tay commune, Tran Van Thoi District, where there are 3 islands located adjacent S-shaped and only 6.3 hectares of land 460 meters. Unique visitors do not have to go island by boat, which goes over a bridge several hundred meters out to sea linking the mainland and phrases Silver Stone.
Of course, the bridge over the years certainly reinforced before and architecture retains its natural character. This tourist attractions by the undulating hills on the waves around the cage always windy side. The hill is not very high but sufficient tire for those who like hiking, so that when the sea up to the top to look at the sky for delight. Here, on a clear day, we can see through the until Hon Banana and the neighboring island province of Kien Giang. Here, visitors can not help admiring Well Korea, Hand Korea - and the legendary stories about him and rescue fishermen fish in the sea and especially the Silver Stone trophy of the security sector in Vietnam specializing in project CM 12 ... Welcoming Spring of this year, Hon Da Bac also launched many amusement parks, the island has a restaurant, a fully equipped hotel is ready for visitors ... Sullivan between heart of the city If those who do not want to explore these sites as "constraints" on a journey, in the city of Ca Mau is also a very interesting spring destinations, which is the Cultural Park - where the bird sanctuary in the heart of famous cities around the country. Spring, flocks of white storks gather for shelter, they are racing nesting on the branches of trees, this is a masterpiece of nature, you are sure to bring a camera.
Trinh Ngoc India, Acting Director Cultural Park said, "Run for the Pig Festival travel season this year, we have renovated the landscape, the environment, investment projects, items in 2005 - 2006 almost 2 billion, to serve the people happy Tet spring. We are currently doing a report on leaders held a festival "Culture Highlands in the heart of the city" including special festivals such as Feast buffalo, gongs ... if permitted by the provincial People's Committee and the Department of Culture, then this would be one of the most attractive in the Lunar New Year festival this year. In addition, we have invited a number of music groups, opera stage ready for the Lunar New Year. An indispensable to the people of Ca Mau is the southern Vietnamese traditional music. The program is held every night, of course, visitors can also bring your singing lyrics "released" with visitors. In addition, tourists can "promotion" to the happy New Year here in the form of picking the first buds, beating clay pot, dance bags ... gifts and many other popular games. Place Mau associated with sea, islands, mangrove forests, mangrove forests, paddy fields, shrimp ... have created the impression for those who once. This spring, visitors come here to enjoy the scenery, the sky and feel the friendly young man's land of the strip of land shaped like the letter S. Every spring, Ca Mau new season "harvest" from the supplies that blessed man.

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