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Binh Thuan Province's current boundaries include the area of the former two provinces: Binh Tuy Province (southern half) and Binh Thuan province (northern half). Before 1975, Binh Tuy Province of South East and southern central province of Binh Thuan. Therefore, the consolidated until the two former provinces of Binh Thuan province today poses the problem of Binh Thuan province in the South East or South Central.

Binh Thuan Vietnam Tours
Binh Thuan Province
Area           7836.9 km²

Population 1.2 million people

Density       150 people / km²
Ethnicity     Vietnamese, Cham, Chinese, Ra Glai, Coho

Location Binh Thuan in Vietnam
Binh Thuan Province
Binh Thuan Province's current boundaries include the area of the former two provinces: Binh Tuy Province (southern half) and Binh Thuan province (northern half). Before 1975, Binh Tuy Province of South East and southern central province of Binh Thuan. Therefore, the consolidated until the two former provinces of Binh Thuan province today poses the problem of Binh Thuan province in the South East or South Central.
Binh Thuan is the southernmost coastal province of Central Vietnam , with a coastline of 192 km from the nose dead armor Ca Na ( Ninh Thuan ) to alluvial Binh Chau ( Ba Ria-Vung Tau ). Ninh Thuan Province to the north, north-west border province of Lam Dong , Dong Nai Province to the west , the south-west province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau. Binh Thuan province of Phan Thiet city , 198 km from Ho Chi Minh City.
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Binh Thuan Tours Administrative Units
Binh Thuan has 127 communes, wards and townships. Currently, Binh Thuan has 10 administrative units including:
  • Phan Thiet : 14 wards and four communes
  • La Gi town : five wards and four communes
  • Tuy Phong district : 2 towns and 11 communes
  • Bac Binh district : 2 towns and 16 communes
  • Ham Thuan Bac District : 2 towns and 15 communes
  • Ham Thuan Nam district : 1 town and 12 villages
  • Tanh Linh : 1 town and 13 communes
  • Ham Tan : 2 towns and 8
  • Duc Linh district : 2 towns and 11 communes
  • Phu Quy Island : 3 social
Binh Thuan Vietnam Tours Attractions and binhthuan Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Binh Thuan
October 24, 1995 , tens of thousands of people, including scientists , national and international tourists flock to Ta Don (district Ham Thuan Bac), and Mui Ne - Phan Thiet to admire and study the phenomenon of total eclipse also realized there was much interesting scenery and abundant tourism potential. It is considered as milestones that Binh Thuan started called on Vietnam tourism map. Is a coastal province, year-round sunny climate, beautiful clean beaches, natural landscapes and romantic, convenient transportation, Binh Thuan is one of the major tourist centers of Vietnam. Binh Thuan has invested in the construction of a tourist resort and sports - mountain climbing - sailing - fishing - golf resort - treatment at ward Mui Ne (Phan Thiet), function Tan, Tuy Phong serve visitors. Currently, the city of Phan Thiet are two 18-hole golf courses: Novotel and Sealinks international stature; major hotels, many luxury resort , coastal systems motels ... ready to meet the demand for accommodation, entertainment of tourists and investors. Binh Thuan has many cultural and historical monuments, scenic attractions.
  • Binh Thuan Attractions: Lau Ong Hoang (Phan Thiet), Ocean Hill-Mui Ne (Phan Thiet), Mui Ke Ga (Ham Thuan Nam), Ta Cu Mountain (Ham Thuan Nam), White Lake (Bac Binh), Co Thach Pagoda (Tuy Phong), Linh Son Pagoda (Tuy Phong), Ho Ham Thuan-Da Mi (Ham Thuan Bac), Quao Ho Song (Ham Thuan Bac), Ocean Hill (Lagi), Seven-storey waterfall (Tanh Linh), Cao Cat Mountain (Phu Quy), Hon Painting (Phu Quy), Small beach (Phu Quy), Chaoyang Bay (Phu Quy)
  • Binh Thuan Historical and Culture: Duc Thanh School (Phan Thiet), Particular grave Nguyen Thong (Phan Thiet), Po Inu Sah (Phan Thiet), Van Thuy Tu (Phan Thiet), Dinh Duc Nghia village (Phan Thiet), Ke Ga Lighthouse (Ham Thuan Nam), Thay Thim Palace (Ham Tan), Linh Quang Pagoda, Phu Quy, An Thanh Van, Phu Quy, Thay Thim Palace Tourist Zone (Lagi Tan Hai)
Vietnam  Tours that include Binh Thuan
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Vietnam tours in Binh Thuan
Binh Thuan Tours withlocals
Binh Thuan in the South Central Coast region, the resource-rich province on the sea, forest, mineral, especially tourism development potential with many beautiful beaches, natural landscapes, romantic, majestic, wild ... combined with the cultural and historical monuments, unique architecture with many Binh Thuan National Highway 1A, the railway line north-south running through the length of the province, There is also Highway 28, 55 and 192 km long coastline has become the intersection, the gateway to economic and cultural exchanges between the provincial socio-South East, South Central Highlands and; Ho Chi Minh City 200 km. - Natural area: 7992 km2 Population: 1.2 million
Administrative units: the province has 10 administrative units: 01 cities, 01 towns and 08 districts with 127 communes, wards and townships . districts (07 districts): Spirit, Nature Spirit, Ham Tan, Ham Thuan Nam and Ham Thuan Bac and Bac Binh Tuy Phong district - the island (01): Phu Quy; - City: Phan Thiet; Town: Lagi; - Provincial capitals: City: Phan Thiet. Binh Thuan climate in the tropical monsoon area, sunshine, fresh air, cool, mild temperatures (average 270C), low rainfall and focus has created a favorable environment for the organization of tourism activities all year round. Binh Thuan plant and animal ecosystems rich in species of high value for tourists to visit, study. Many mineral water have significant traffic, high heat, has the potential for the organization of eco-tourism activities, resort, and treatment ... as: Vinh Hao Mineral Springs (Still), Stream hot belly at the foot of Ta Cu (Ham Thuan Nam), hot spring Phong Dien (Ham Thuan Nam), the water stream Dakai (Spirit). resources in tourism, marine tourism resources is more brilliant. With 192 km of coastline, there are many coastal islands, islets, bays; beach has beautiful scenery, wild beach with white sand, blue water, creating many popular excursions such as: Ca Na, Cu Lao Cau, Binh Thanh Ganh Son (Still), White Lake (Bac Binh), Doi Duong beach - Master Chief, that, Mui Ne - Hon Rom (Ho Phan Thiet), Cape Electricity - Khe Ga, Thuan You (Ham Thuan Nam), Ocean Hill, Hon Ba Tam Tan sector, Cam Binh (Lagi) ... which has some scenery attract many visitors such as: Sand Hill Bay (Mui Ne, Hoa Thang), Rom (Mui Ne), Suoi Tien (Ham Tien), Bai colored stones - Binh Thanh (Tuy Phong); together human resources in tourism, such as: Da Ong Dia, Lau Ong Hoang, population Cham Po Inu Sah, Duc Thanh (Phan Thiet), Co Thach Pagoda (Still), the temple of Ta Cu Mountain; folk festivals such as: the Fish Festival, festivals Nghinh He, Mid-Autumn Festival holiday Thay Thim Palace, festival Kate, Ramuwan (Cham) ... all natural tourism resources and the humanities, along with favorable climatic conditions have created favorable conditions for the organization of activities rich and diverse tourism all year round.
Addition, Binh Thuan province owns the most, the Vietnam Record Book Center - VIETKINGS was officially established 16 record Vietnam in Binh Thuan like: place Resort - Hotel is located along most ocean Vietnam; Mui Ne Sand Hill - Sand Hill to change the shape of the most natural of Vietnam; Ancient stone shaped jelly, most colors Vietnam; Festival Nghinh He Quan Thanh De Quan in Vietnam, Phan Thiet - Local brand first fish sauce in Vietnam, etc. Binh Thuan is preserved, preserved many historical, cultural care as part unique cultural values ​​of thousands of ethnic Vietnamese. eclipse event (10/1995) has awakened Binh Thuan's tourism potential. Since then, the province's tourism is developing rapidly and become a key economic sector in the province, has an important role in the socio-economic development of the locality; development of the tourism industry calendar motivate the development of other economic sectors contribute to improving the position of Binh Thuan province. Along with the construction and development of infrastructure routes and tourist attractions in the province, the province also deployed the restoration and embellishment of monuments of culture and history and improve the quality of cultural activities, traditional festivals to attract and keep visitors. With a tradition of hospitality, we look forward to welcoming guests domestic and foreign visitors to Binh Thuan as the ones in the family. Hope Binh Thuan tourism destination remain safe, friendly and Binh Thuan Tourism brand has always been the first choice of domestic and foreign tourists

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