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Binh Phuoc is a province in the South East , Vietna . Borders with Cambodia in the north and northwest, Binh Phuoc Province Dak Nong province boundaries adjacent to the northeast, bordering Dong Nai and Lam Dong in the east. Southern Tay Ninh and Binh Duong. Previous Binh Phuoc Binh Duong at the Song Be Province .

Binh Phuoc Vietnam Tours

Binh Phuoc Province

Area           6.857,3 km²

Population 0.9 million people

Density       130 people / km²
Ethnicity      Vietnamese, Xtieng, Khmer, Nung, Tay

Location Binh Phuoc in Vietnam

Binh Phuoc province

Binh Phuoc is a province in the South East, Vietnam. Borders with Cambodia in the north and northwest, Binh Phuoc Province Dak Nong province boundaries adjacent to the northeast, bordering Dong Nai and Lam Dong in the east. Southern Tay Ninh and Binh Duong. Previous Binh Phuoc Binh Duong at the Song Be Province .
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Binh Phuoc Tours Administrative Units
Binh Phuoc including 03 towns and 07 districts. Binh Phuoc has 111 communes, wards and townships:
Town of Dong Mango (province) 5 wards and three social
Thi Binh Long 4 wards and two communes
Town Phuoc Long 5 wards and 2
Bu Dang district 1 town and 15 communes
Bu Dop District 1 town and commune 6
Bu Gia Map District 18 communes
Chon Thanh District 1 town and commune 8
Dong Phu District 1 town and 10 communes
Hon Quan District 13 communes
Loc Ninh district 1 town and 15 communes
Binh Phuoc Vietnam Tours Attractions and binhphuoc Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam  tours in Binh Phuoc
Located in the transition area from the South Central region to the lower South West so the natural landscape, ecological environment of Binh Phuoc relatively diverse areas with beautiful natural landscapes, ecosystems be preserved .... forming areas likely to develop tourism especially eco-tourism.
Binh Phuoc's Featured tourist potential: Ho Lam stream: in the region of Dong Phu Thuan Phu commune , Binh Phuoc, Waterfall 4: Quan Loi area, Hon Quan district, Soc Lake Siem: Loi Hung, District Hon Quan, Bau Lach grassland: in the Dong Nai area , Bu Dang district, Region Ba Ra - Thac: in the area Thi Phuoc Long Binh Phuoc, Falls Dakmai: Phuoc Long in Town area, Falls Standing: Solidarity in communal areas, Bu Dang district, Elephant Waterfall: in the Dong Nai area , Bu Dang district, Pristine Tay Cat Tien: Dong Phu Bu Dang district and area, Midwife Dam: Dong Phu district in the region, Bu Gia Map National Park: in the communal area of ​​Bu Gia Map, Bu Gia Map district, May 38: in communal areas Minh Hung and Germany Lieu, Bu Dang district
Binh Phuoc's historical and cultural relic: relics related to the war against the French and American: Pursuant to the Military Commission Command forces liberated southern Vietnam: in Loc Ninh district area; Head of the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Viet Nam (The Priest): Loc Ninh district area, Military Airport Loc Ninh Loc Ninh district area; Total fuel depot VK98 (Loc Quang Loc Ninh district) and the fuel depot VK99 (Loc Hoa Loc Ninh district). Monuments grave 3000 people in the area An Loc, Binh Long Town . Historical Revolution in the Nui Ba Ra including prison Ba Ra t against France and the martyrs' cemetery period against the United States and: in Phuoc Long Town area, Place mark uprising Dong ethnic S'tieng: at Phu Rieng area, district Bu Gia Map, Soc Bom Bo: Bu Dang district area are relics went to the track on baseball after the bombing bo, Phu Rieng Red - It set up its Indochina Communist Party: Dong Phu district in the region., The other important monuments Binh Phuoc like: Big Soc Temple (Loc Khanh Loc Ninh), Dinh province chief Binh Long (Phu Duc, Binh Long Town), Souvenir Gardens Nguyen Thi Dinh (Son Giang Thi Phuoc Long). Deity Hung Long (town Chon, Chon Thanh district). An Khuong round (An Jiang, Hon Quan district). Round Loc Tan 2 (Loc Tan, Loc Ninh district). Fasteners blocked Tau O, Xom Field (Chon Thanh Minh Hung commune), National School of Optics (An Loc B): Phu Thinh Ward, Binh Long Town. Village of investigation Loc (Loc meditation, Loc Ninh district), Processing factory rubber sheet (Loc Ninh Rubber Company). Ancient French architecture complex (Loc Tan, Loc Ninh district). Bridge Daklung (Thac town, Phuoc Long district). Well water Loc Ninh (town of Loc Ninh, Loc Ninh district) ....Landing Village I (on the Dong Nai River)
Binh Phuoc's festival: Festivals rain: is the most important festival for the lives of ethnic S'Tieng. Ba Ra Temple Festival: is the festival of Remembrance of the political prisoners and martyrs who died here. Every year on 1 - 4/3 lunar calendar, numerous pilgrims travel in and out of the province on this pilgrimage to the memorial and for fortune and health. Happy New Rice Festival of M'Nong (new rice ceremony): is the largest festival of M'Nong, took place at the beginning of the harvest late July and early August on the lunar calendar. Holidays Chol Chnam Thmay: Lunar take place from March 13 to 15, is the traditional Tet festival of ethnic Khmer. Quoc Hung Vuong anniversary held on March 10 lunar year in Phu Rieng, Bu Gia Map District to traditional patriotic education, deeply grateful to the Hung Kings and the predecessors had nation building, moral education "drink water, remember the source of our nation''. Buffalo festival to celebrate the season. Festivities turn buffalo welcome new rice: This is the traditional festival of the people S'tieng longstanding takes place every year at the time of harvest is complete (from May 10 to 12). Also in Binh Phuoc, there are other festivals such as: Ceremony code, Buddha's Birthday (April full moon of the lunar calendar), Probably Mr. Mrs. or even called ceremony Dolta (new peers), Offering health Katina Ceremony (full moon in October), Probably the Buddha, Vu Lan ceremony signaling (July), Mass United Post
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To provide information to the press in the country for the purpose, the meaning, the content of tourism investment promotion conference Binh Phuoc Province and southeastern provinces in 11/2012 and directed to report media propaganda, promotion potential, opportunity, investment preferential policies for tourism development in Binh Phuoc Province and southeastern provinces. On 14/09/2012 at Saigon Exhibition and Fair Centre, including SECC, Tourism collaboration with the People's Committee of Binh Phuoc Province held a press conference to introduce Tourism Investment Promotion Conference in Binh Phuoc Province and other provinces, into the Southeast. Attending the press conference with Deputy General Director of VNAT Nguyen Quoc Hung, Nguyen Huy Phong - UV.BTV, provincial PCT.UBND; agency Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in the city; representative leaders of departments and agencies in the province; Central reporters of newspapers and Local attended and reported. At the press conference, Mr. Nguyen Quang Toan, Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, representatives of the organization raised about the potential advantages and opportunities to invest in tourism province. Binh Phuoc province in the Southeast, located in the southern key economic region, one of the fastest growing areas in the country and adjacent to the Central Highlands. Tourism resources in Binh Phuoc province is rich and diverse and valuable advantages for tourism development as primary forest ecosystems, extraction systems, lakes, historical-cultural relics historical revolution, the festival; basis, is to attract investment and tourism development in the future. Speaking at the press conference, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hung, Deputy General Director of the General Department of Tourism, said the provincial tourism resources of Binh Phuoc rich, diverse, valuable advantages for travel to the type of development history characteristics of Binh Phuoc, such as cultural tourism, eco-tourism ... however, over time, the mobilization of resources for investment in tourism development in Binh Phuoc difficult; investment weak compared to many places in the country, many tourist attractions investment has not been exploited in the right direction. Therefore the organization of tourism investment promotion workshop in Binh Phuoc is necessary to create an outstanding event attracted the attention of domestic and foreign investors to Binh Phuoc and the South East, while contributing to increased cooperation between Binh Phuoc province South East tourism development in the future.
Binh Phuoc is a mountainous province in the South East of seven districts (Dong Phu, Bu Dang, Chon Thanh, Hon Quan, Loc Ninh, Bu Dop and Bu Gia Map) and 03 town (Dong Mango, Binh Long and Phuoc Long ) with an area of ​​6872.06 km2 and natural population of 877,484. Binh Phuoc boundaries adjacent to the provinces: Lam Dong and Dong Nai Province in the east, Tay Ninh and Cambodia to the west, Binh Duong province (in the South), Cambodia and Dak Nong province (in the north). Geographical location, economic, Binh Phuoc is located in the southern key economic region, one of the most powerful economic development areas across the country and bordering the Central Highlands, one of the many areas unique traditional culture, and the border with Cambodia to the main gate 3 is Hoa Lu gate, gate Hoang Dieu, and Ta or gate; traffic Binh Phuoc is located on the route Ho Chi Minh, arterial route connecting the Central Highlands to the Mekong Delta region. These are favorable conditions for socio-economic development as well as tours connection with the market, the prominent tourist destinations of the region such as Da Lat, Ho Chi Minh City as well as Southeast Asia .... Tourism resources in Binh Phuoc province relative abundance, diversity and relative values ​​favorable for tourism development as primary forest ecosystems, extraction systems, lakes, historical and cultural , the revolutionary historical sites, festivals, cultural dimensions of ethnic minorities ... The qualified resource development areas, attractive tourist destination, especially different types of travelers Binh Phuoc own calendar as cultural tourism, eco-tourism ... Binh Phuoc have the strength of ecological tourism, historical tourism and the transition area, the intersection of Buddhist culture (Cambodia), the culture of Central Highlands ethnic and cultural mix on both domains State and the South East. Therefore, if you take advantage of tourism products Binh Phuoc will be more diverse. Binh Phuoc's forest resources are relatively well protected, but has not been exploited to serve the tourism infrastructure is weak. Tourism resources are distributed fairly concentrated, very convenient for the exploitation and use. Currently, the provincial planning into 4 clusters tourism:

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