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Binh Dinh is a coastal province of South Central Vietnam . Administrative center of the province is the port city of Quy Nhon is the capital Hanoi and 1,065 km north of Ho Chi Minh City 649 km to the south. Provincial territory stretches 110 km north-south, narrow with an average width of 55 km (housed in a narrow 50 km, width 60 km).

Binh Dinh Vietnam Tours

Binh Dinh Province

Area            6024.4 km²

Population   1.5 million people
Density         250 people / km²

Ethnicity        Vietnamese, Cham, Ba Na, Hre

Location Binh Dinh in Vietnam

Binh Dinh Province

Binh Dinh is a coastal province of South Central Vietnam . Administrative center of the province is the port city of Quy Nhon is the capital Hanoi and 1,065 km north of Ho Chi Minh City 649 km to the south. Provincial territory stretches 110 km north-south, narrow with an average width of 55 km (housed in a narrow 50 km, width 60 km). North of Quang Ngai province with general boundary 63 km (northernmost point with coordinates: 14 ° 42'10 North, 108 ° 55'4 East). Phu Yen Province to the south of the common boundary of 50 km (the southernmost point with coordinates: 13 ° 39'10 North, East 108o54'00 ). Bordering the provinces of Gia Lai has a common boundary 130 km (west, with coordinates: 14 ° 27 'North, 108 ° 27' East). The East Vietnam Sea with a coastline of 134 km, is the easternmost point Nhon Chau ( Cu Lao blue ) in the city of Qui Nhon (coordinates: 13 ° 36'33 N, 109 ° 21 'East). Binh Dinh is considered one of the maritime gateway to the Central Highlands and southern Laos .
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Binh Dinh Tours Administrative Units
Binh Dinh including 1 cities, 1 town and 9 District:
  • An Nhon Town 5 wards and 10 communes
  • An Lao district 1 town and commune 9
  • Hoai An District 1 town and 14 communes
  • Hoai Nhon District 2 towns and 15 communes
  • Phu Cat district 1 town and 17 communes
  • Phu My 2 towns and 17 communes
  • Tuy Phuoc District 2 towns and 11 communes
  • Tay Son district 1 town and 14 communes
  • Van Canh District 1 towns and 6
  • Vinh Thanh District 1 towns and 8
Binh Dinh Vietnam Tours Attractions and binhdinh Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Binh Dinh
In addition to the specialty of forestry, soil, aquatic general of the Central Coast, Binh Dinh famous: wine skins ( An Nhon ), brackish water and sour fish (Gi - Lady Cat ), roll coconut water ( Tam Quan ), vermicelli tsunami and asked cakes , spring rolls for the district, barbed leaves little cake. Today in Hoai Nhon district also has special local tuna fish called "Bo Gu".
Binh Dinh's Monuments: Ganh Rang, Dashing, Quy Hoa Beach, Nui Ba, Nhon Ly-Cat Tien Beach, Thi Nai Lagoon, Phuong Mai Peninsula, The hot spring Van, A Mountain Lake, Cu Lao Green (Nhon Chau Island), Dragon Flavor, Thi Nai Bridge
Binh Dinh's Landscapes: Emperor, Members Thi Nai, Binh Lam Thap, Banh tower, Canh Tien tower, Twin Towers, Tower Capital, Duong Long Towers, Tower Phu Loc, Long Khanh Pagoda, Long Son Pagoda, Temple Tower, Swallow Son Pagoda, Linh Phong pagoda, Cave Temple, Cathedral Quy Nhon, Dao Duy Tu Temple, Lang Mai Xuan Thuong, Temple Tang Bat Ho - Hoai An, Relic Chi Van Duc - An Tin, Hoai An
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Binh Dinh Tours withlocals
Binh Dinh province in the South Central Coast of Vietnam, north of Quang Ngai province, south of Phu Yen, Gia Lai Province to the west, the East China Sea. Binh Dinh geographical location, favorable natural conditions for socio-economic development. This land famous martial rich natural landscape and cultural history - a land of rich potential for tourism development. Binh Dinh is a land with a rich history and ancient culture. It also kept a lot of cultural objects and intangible precious, very valuable. Binh Dinh has served as the former capital of the ancient kingdom of Champa, currently owns, conservation Ban Thap Cham system consists of 7 clusters, 14 buildings with unique architecture, mysterious. Binh Dinh is also the product of a movement Tay Son peasant uprising (XVIII century), the home of the national hero Quang Trung Nguyen Hue, is nurturing the talents of many of the country's great cultural Dao Duy Tu Dao Tan, Xuan Dieu, Che Lan Vien Binh Dinh Han Mac Tu ... up to 234 historical and cultural relics, of which more than 60 monuments are ranked at national and provincial level. Quang Trung Museum, along with a series of monuments of the Tay Son movement is attractive addresses researchers and international tourists. Binh Dinh, tourists will also know a famous martial spirit, is the basis of martial arts performances and virtuosity represented drum Chen Xishan (12 in) elegant, refined only in domain this land.
Binh Dinh diverse terrain including mountains, rivers, lakes and nearly 150,000 ha of natural forest to create a colorful picture natural landscape with many wonderful natural as: Ham Ho landscapes, lakes Mount A, Nui Ba ... These are ideal conditions to Binh Dinh Province to develop eco-tourism, mountain, resort ... Binh Dinh has 134 km of coastline stretching to the east of the province, with nearly half of the district, the city adjacent to the sea, is blessed with numerous attractions and beautiful beaches, with many islands, beaches, large and small ... You can list dozens of scenic spots, beautiful beaches with strong development potential forms of tourism variable as: Quy Nhon, Ghenh that, Quy Hoa, Long Beach, Phuong Mai Peninsula, Thi Nai Lagoon, Green Isle , Hai Jiang, Nhon Ly, Eo Wind, Phu Hau Trung Luong Vinh Hoi, Tan Thanh Mui Dragon - Tan Phung, Lo, Hoai Huong, Tam Quan Bac ... Most of the beaches are relatively flat, sandy White, blue sea, filled with sunshine and beautiful scenery. The most beautiful beaches distribution in the region Quy Nhon and vicinity, very convenient for the planning and construction of the clusters, marine tours focused, uninterrupted. Destination located in the heart of the city. Poetic peaceful Quy Nhon is Phuong Mai Peninsula of Thi Nai Bridge. The longest bridge over the sea in Vietnam, linking Nhon Hoi Economic Zone, 8 km from the city center toward the northeast. An area of ​​about 300ha, Phuong Mai Mountain, where ecosystem conservation is relatively rich with a variety of rare plants and animals. Mountain Phuong Mai Thi Nai Lagoon. This is an ecological population is rich and beautiful, bring material and spiritual values ​​for common people. A new type of tourist attraction and attracts tourists is the beach sand hill slide Nhon Ly, Phuong Mai peninsula. Coming here, tourists conquer a height of 100m, on a journey to conquer you'll find sandy vastness of the world, the beauty of its pristine charm, the sand is transformed daily, hourly by wind of thousands of sea coast of the island, bohemian and adventure carried throughout the day and night.
With such great potential for tourism, tourism in Binh Dinh has taken the long-term solutions for tourism development, the 10-year period (2010 - 2020); including the village planning solutions system: wooden handicraft, hard hats, wine skins, make noodles tsunami .. to tourism. On the other hand, the province has decided to prioritize operators expand the traditional tourism market, tourism, culture, history, tourism ... PPC has also investment plans, repair, upgrade some of the major monuments such as: Quang Trung Museum expansion of national management, the provincial reconstruction synthetic Museum, build a Bao Museum of Cham ... Nhon Hoi Economic Zone of 12,000 hectares, to date, has attracted about 40 trillion of investment from domestic and foreign enterprises. In addition, the Binh Dinh has and will invest six industrial development. To attract investors, Binh Dinh more attractive preferential policies. At the same time, the tourism industry has often coordinate and provide information and data on the mass media to widely introduce tourism potential, projects, policies and local tourism development to the east tourists, business investors and foreign tourists. To date, there are many investors registered to invest in tourism as: Vingroup project Hai Giang Resort (marine eco-tourism), the American company (Binh Dinh) project up 18 hectare resort at Trung Luong Sea Cat Tien - Phu Cat, Tan Phu Thinh (Ho Chi Minh) project planning luxury travel seasons Bay (Four Seasons Bay Resort) in areas Tan Thanh Vinh Hoi (Cat Hai - Phu Cat) with an area of ​​about 146 ha ...
Currently, Binh Dinh Province has a policy to create incentives particularly attractive to investors in the domestic and international tourism. In addition, transport systems relatively favorable, uninterrupted, including road, rail, air and sea especially. Quy Nhon port is one of the country's largest seaport, able to accommodate large cruise ships. Last time, Quy Nhon port has welcomed many cruise ships, bringing thousands of international visitors to the shore to visit the ruins, famous scenic spots in the province. The construction of a new airport terminal, increasing the frequency of flights and launched direct flights Hanoi - Quy Nhon, installing lighting night flights, has brought significant efficiency for operations tourism in the province. Binh Dinh will continue to maintain the organization of cultural events and tourism such as: Festival of the Tay Son - Binh Dinh, traditional martial International Festival, Festival Lam Binh Dinh ... to create brand tourist attractions lead, bringing specificity to leave a strong impression in the tourists. Binh Dinh tourism industry is currently focused on building specific tourist product line and promote the value of marine tourism resources, human resources, promote the development of cultural tourism in association with, based on the cultural elements to build tourism products, focusing on high-end hotel market, focusing on the type of MICE tourism, spiritual tourism, promotion organization promoting critical tamde image building Binh Dinh tourism destination and foreign tourists.

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