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Ben Tre is a province in the Mekong Delta area , adjacent to the Vietnam East Sea, has a coastline of 60 km. Ben Tre province is flat terrain, dotted with sand dunes (typically in An Thuan Thanh Phu district has a dune although sea to about 15-20 km) interspersed with farms, no large trees, four surface water surrounded with many canals and rivers.

Ben Tre Vietnam Tours

Ben Tre Province

Area           2321.6 km²

Population 1.4 million people

Density        590 people / km²

Ethnicity      Vietnamese, Khmer, Chinese and Tay

Location Ben Tre in Vietnam

Ben Tre province

Ben Tre is a province in the Mekong Delta area, adjacent to the Vietnam East Sea, has a coastline of 60 km. Ben Tre province is flat terrain, dotted with sand dunes (typically in An Thuan Thanh Phu district has a dune although sea to about 15-20 km) interspersed with farms, no large trees, four surface water surrounded with many canals and rivers. Four tributaries Tien Giang My Tho, Ba Lai , Ham Luong and Co Chien River River Ben Tre land divided in turn into islet An Hoa (Binh Dai district and a part of Chau Thanh district), islet Security (including part Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre city, Giong Trom District, Ba Tri) and islet Minh (including Cho Lach District, Mo Cay Bac, Mo Cay Nam, Thanh Phu). Two Ham Luong River and Ba Lai flows through the province and the two estuaries same name. My Tho River divided the northern boundary with the province of Tien Giang and poured out the door. Co Chien River boundary with the province of Vinh Long , Tra Vinh and then flows out two Chien door and Cung Hau . Other rivers are the Ben Tre River and canals Bang same, economic Thom, economic Xinxiang, of Tien Thuy, Cau May ditches, canals Luong ... Coast Ben Tre province about 60 kilometers . Small offshore islands like defect, and they ...
Ben Tre is a province in the Mekong Delta area , adjacent to the Vietnam East Sea, has a coastline of 60 km. To the north it borders Tien Giang province, west and south-west of Vinh Long, southern Tra Vinh armor. Ben Tre City Ho Chi Minh City 85 km.
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Ben Tre Tours Administrative Units
Ben Tre has nine district- level administrative units, including: Ben Tre City 10 ward (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, Phu Tan, Phu Khuong) and 6 (Shandong, Binh Phu, Phu My Hung, My Thanh An, Phu Nhuan, Nhon Thanh), Ba Tri district 1 town and 23 communes, established in Do Chieu previous town in 2020, Binh Dai district 1 town and 19 communes, established towns Binh Dai before 2020, Chau Thanh district 1 town and 22 communes, Cho Lach District 1 town and 10 communes, Giong Trom District 1 town and 21 communes, Mo Cay Bac Commune 13, Mo Cay Nam district 1 town and 16 communes, founded the town of Dong Khoi before 2020, Thanh Phu district 1 town and 17 communes. Ben Tre has 164 communes, wards and townships
Ben Tre Vietnam Tours Attractions and Ben Tre Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Ben Tre
Ben Tre has favorable conditions for tourism development , by definition there are still kept pristine garden, keep the environment fresh green coconut groves, vast orchards. Some tourist destinations are:
  • Con Phung (Con Ong Dao Dua) Tan Thach Commune, Chau Thanh district, is located on an island floating between Tien , with the remains of lead based with unique architecture. On Con Phung there are villages with coconut and honey products .
  •  Screws (Con Hung Phong) Hung commune, Giong Trom , coconut gardens and orchards.
  • Con Tien , Tien Long commune, Chau Thanh district, is a beautiful sandy beach. On May 5 of the lunar calendar every year, this area attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists to visit tourist province . Some people call this the " Vung Tau 2 ". Present This place has been invested into the catfish farming and left black wings.
  •  Vam Ho bird sanctuary , belonging to two My Hoa and Tan Xuan Commune, Ba Tri district , is home to nearly 500,000 storks and night herons and other wild game birds with palm forests and rich vegetation including guava trees , coconut , peas , soursop , coconut water , mangroves , bud out , date , box syrup , sea vegetable ...
  •  The orchards Cai Mon , Vinh Thanh Commune, Cho Lach
  •  Chengde beaches of Binh Dai
  •  There are also river cruises and beach as beach clam , Ba Tri District.
Bentre monuments: In Ben Tre are also many Buddhist monuments or graves of famous people. The famous temple in Ben Tre is the temple of the Sun , Vien Minh Tuyen Linh Pagoda . The Sun Temple is Zen meditation Long- century building 18 hamlets 8, Quoi Son commune, Chau Thanh and renovated in 1805, 1884, 1947 and 1992. Tuyen Linh Pagoda was built in 1861 in Tan Quoi Village East B, Minh Duc Commune, Mo Cay district , and renovated and expanded in 1924 , 1941 , 1983 . Vien Minh Pagoda is located at 156 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street , Ben Tre town, with the current architecture was built from 1951 to 1959 . The celebrities have grave is Vo Truong Toan Nguyen Dinh Chieu and Phan Thanh Gian female Minister Nguyen Thi Dinh , and healed Nguyen Ngoc Thang . The tomb of the famous scientist Truong Vinh Ky , first in Ben Tre (Cai Mon - Vinh Thanh, Cho Lach District , Ben Tre province), has been exhumed to Cho Quan, under Ho Chi Minh .
Bentre Festivals: Coconut Coconut Festival is a festival held in Ben Tre province. The festival was organized through the third period in the 2009, 2010 and 2012. The first two were held with the local scale, while 2012 is organized on a national scale. Coconut Festival 2012 brings more meaning for the purpose of expanding the market for coconut products , production technology exchange, coconut processing, encourage and support the coconut farmers, trade and tourism promotion, branding Ben Tre coconut products at home and abroad. There are two major festivals in Ben Tre is the home Phu Le and Festivals nghinh He. Phu Le Dinh Phu Khuong Hamlet, Phu Le, Ba Tri district, Ben Tre province, Thanh Hoang church Bon Landscape. Phu Le annual family festival takes place two times: Ky Yen ceremony on the 18th, March 19th lunar month to pray for rain and wind, Air and Bong Bridge ceremony on November 9, November 10 lunar seasonal demand for better weather. Festival procession excellent spirit, sacrifice Thanh Hoang, who had publicly emergency help growing population. Night opera and musical amateurs. Festival nghinh He is the popular festival of the coastal village of Vietnam, including Ben Tre. Every year on the 16th of / 6 lunar calendar in the home temples or shrines of the communes in Binh Dai District , Ba Tri District , opened the festival. During the festival all fishing vessels of focus to anchor ceremonies, entertainment and dining.
Vietnam Tours that include Ben Tre
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Vietnam tour  in Ben Tre
Ben Tre Tours with locals
As we all know, the current demand for sightseeing, guests enjoy the very diverse and abundant. It can be said that traveling is to explore, to experience, to make friends, to relax and to enjoy all that nature, and money, give. Besides the type of eco-tourism, trips, resources, ... the need to travel to supplement the knowledge of culture, history, spirituality and folk beliefs through different types of monuments has been increasingly attractive to tourists. This is a potential tourist attractions, promising to exploit and promote the match with its inherent strengths.
For Ben Tre, a new land, but has long been known as one of the traditional land of rich cultural revolution, is a land of "the spiritual masterpiece". So, Ben Tre has abundant relics system, a variety of forms, contains many valuable cultural objects, and also reflects the intangible cultural traditions, customs, religious religious beliefs and characteristics ... of Ben Tre coconut land. Currently, Ben Tre 22 ranked monuments, including 14 monuments recognized national and 08 provincial-level relics. There are monuments, Ben Tre system, pagodas, temples, ancient houses, beer, statues, temples fallen, ... very rich and diverse architectural style building. Over the years the type of system also has attracted visitors from everywhere, contributing greatly to the development of tourism province. Monuments, it is known as the traces of the past remains in the ground or on the ground. Each significant monuments of culture - history and meets the conditions to be recognized in the order: Monuments provincial, national monuments, and special national monuments.
Historical - cultural: These are buildings, sites and relics, antiques and national treasures of works, place of historical, cultural and scientific. Monuments must be one of the criteria such as: construction, places associated with typical historical events in the process of building and defending the country. The relics of this kind, Ben Tre Ben Tre Historical Dong Khoi (Dinh Thuy Commune, Mo Cay Nam); Historic Tuyen Linh Pagoda (Minh Duc Commune, Mo Cay Nam district); Monuments locations Mr. Nguyen Van Cung and skin junction tree pair (Tan Xuan Commune, Ba Tri District); Mobile Military bases Committee Saigon - Gia Dinh (Tan Phu Tay, Mo Cay Bac); First Monument to receive universal Air North - South (Thanh Phong, Thanh Phu); Monuments his house Nguyen Van Trac (Hung Le, Giong Trom); relic evidence of the massacre of 286 innocent people conducted by the French 1947 (Phong year, Giong Trom); Monuments Dinh Tan Hung and grave Huynh Van Thieu (Chau Hung, District Binh Dai); Monuments Dinh Tan Ngai (Thanh Ngai, Mo Cay Bac); Mobile of the massacre of 129 innocent people of the United States - Wei (Tan Thanh West, Mo Cay district North); relic battle at the intersection of Thanh Tan (Binh Dai Thanh Phuoc commune); Monuments Dinh Snakes ( Dinh Thuy Commune, Mo Cay Nam); House Museums, Ben Tre (Ward 3, Ben Tre) ...
Besides the buildings, places associated with the life career of national heroes, famous people of the country. The typical monuments existing in Ben Tre: Monuments and Grave memorial Nguyen Dinh Chieu (An Duc Commune, Ba Tri); grave monuments and temples healed Nguyen Ngoc Thang (U.S. Thanh, Giong Trom); Monuments Tomb teachers Vo Truong Toan (Bao Thanh Commune, Ba Tri); mine Phan Thanh Gian - the first doctorate of provincial record year (Bao Thanh Commune, Ba Tri district); Temple poet Phan Van Tri (Thanh Phu East, Giong Trom); Zone souvenir Christian soldiers Phan Ngoc Tong (in An Hiep Commune, Ba Tri); shrines and tombs Le Quang (Tan Chief), (U.S. Thanh, Ba Tri district); beer Truong Vinh Ky (Vinh Thanh, Cho Lach); woman Memorial Minister Nguyen Thi Dinh (Luong Hoa Commune, Giong Trom); Temple Lieutenant General Dong Van Cong (Tan Hao, Giong Trom). Of architectural monuments: These are architectural works of art, the overall architecture typical value in the development stage architecture of the nation. Populations of the art buildings or single buildings with typical values ​​of architecture, art history of one or more stages. This type of monument of Ben Tre exists. The ruins of this type include: architectural monuments in accordance Feast (Phu, Ba Tri district); architectural monuments family Binh Hoa (Binh Hoa commune, Giong Trom); architectural monuments Art Tan Thach family (Tan Thach Commune, Chau Thanh); ancient monuments Huynh Phu (Perfume Integrity) and tomb (Dai Dien, Thanh Phu); family Phu Tu and ancient Bach Mai (Phu My Hung, TP. Ben Tre); Architecture Art resorts Con Phung, also known as the Coconut Director Nguyen Thanh Nam (Tan Thach Commune, Chau Thanh district) ...
Over the years, Ben Tre has focused on raising awareness of the community, of the society in dealing with the natural environment and social environment; always the elements clean, green, beautiful, civilized , courteous, safe and hospitable to the top, to connect form the tour, traveling to the typical monuments; link to visit the ruins with the tour, tourism, holiday nursing, and a picnic on the source.

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