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Bac Lieu is a coastal province of the Mekong Delta , South Vietnam. Bac is young land, formed mainly by the deposition of silt in the estuary created. Most of the land area of the province is located at the altitude of around 1.2 m above sea level, the remaining sand dunes and flooded some low-lying areas throughout the year.

Baclieu Vietnam Tours

Bac Lieu Province

Area           2520.6 km²

Population  0.9 million people

Density        450 people / km²

Ethnicity      Vietnamese, Khmer, Chinese and Cham

Location Bac Lieu in Vietnam

Bac Lieu Province

Bac Lieu is a coastal province of the Mekong Delta , South Vietnam. Bac is young land, formed mainly by the deposition of silt in the estuary created. Most of the land area of the province is located at the altitude of around 1.2 m above sea level, the remaining sand dunes and flooded some low-lying areas throughout the year. Tend to lower the terrain gradually from northeast to southwest and lower inland areas near the coast. The province has many channels such as channel Quan Lo-Phung Hiep, edge channels Temple, Deputy Born channels, channel Rai. System of rivers and canals of Bac Lieu connected to the sea by door Ganh Hao, Door Mat and of the same. The country also has the sea of 40,000 km ². Sea Lieu has the potential to produce relatively large with 661 species of fish and 33 species of shrimp, allow fishing year 24-30 thousand tons of fish and about one thousand tons of shrimp.
Bac Lieu is a coastal province of the Mekong Delta , South Vietnam . Hau Giang Province to the north, the northeast border of Soc Trang province , northwestern borders of Kien Giang , Ca Mau west and south west , east and south sea with 56 km of coastline. The town is now Bac Lieu City , Ho Chi Minh City 280 km.
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Baclieu Tours Administrative Units
Currently, Bac Lieu has seven district-level administrative units, including the City Bac Lieu and 6 districts (with 63 communes, wards and townships) are:
City Bac Lieu, District Hong Dan, District Pacific, District Rai,District Phuoc Long, District Vinh Loi, District Vietnam East Sea.
Baclieu Vietnam Tours Attractions and Bac Lieu Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Bac Lieu
Marine resources and coastal ecosystem diversity, the province is focusing on eco-tourism development, combined with spiritual tourism. Tourism activities continue to grow; PPC specific planning and directing departments, local centralized deployment Resolution 02-NQ/TU of Committee on promoting tourism development; many tourism projects that have been ongoing investment policy and actively. Tourism revenues in 2011 reached 470 billion, up nearly 17%, with around 530 thousand visitors, up 18% compared to 2010 (of which there are about 17,000 international passengers). Some of the province's tourist attractions such as: Beach Home Mat, resort garden labels, Guanyin Buddha stations, Bac Lieu, the CPV musician Cao Van Floor ( City Lieu ). Tower of Vinh Hung ( Vinh Loi ). The same venom Victims ruins ( Rai ). Areas where the first establishment of the Party of Bac Lieu Province ( East Sea ) ...
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Very few places in the world where there is a natural bird sanctuary and wildlife, pristine just 3 km from the urban center in Bac Lieu. With an area of ​​320 ha, Bac Lieu bird sanctuary has more than 40 species with more than 60,000, including many species of birds such as: cork, white ibis, black ibis, arched poles, cauldron, Russia, lotus, herons Sumatra ... Bac Lieu bird sanctuary located on the tourist route of the province (bird - Garden label - Temple of Siam Ports -). In addition, there are many natural garden birds are scattered in the districts of East China Sea, Rai and Phuoc Long. Bird Golf system, Bac Lieu Bird Park has been the eco-tourist spots to attract domestic and foreign tourists.
Garden level Bac Lieu Province is located in the coastal town of Bac Lieu 6 km, garden labels Bac Lieu province with an area of ​​over 50 hectares, nearly 7 km long, from Nha Mat ward to Vinh Zedong. It has the original label hundreds of years old is really a garden attractive tourist model. Label to visit the resorts gardens, guests will enjoy a charming taste of the cluster labeled with delicious rustic dishes from seafood specialties, enjoy the fresh air from the sea breeze and also reward Southern traditional music amateurs. Bac Lieu mostly mangrove forests, biological yield and value protection, environmental protection, economic development. Forest land area of ​​about 5879 ha, of which 5509 ha of forest land. In order to protect the ecological environment, Bac Lieu is taking steps to restore the protection and development of forests and natural protected areas such as Bac Lieu bird sanctuary, garden Phuoc Long, garden Dong Hai ... Bac Lieu 56 km of coastline, accounting for 1.27% of the total coastline of the country. Every tide, the beach stretches of trees and visitors delight in the vast beach. Visitors can canoe wool spleen in protection forests, fishing, pour shrimp. Between forest green sauce, you'll forget about the worries, sorrow, breathe fresh air but not where.
Of clusters Mat, Nha Mat ward, Bac Lieu town. Currently, investment is being built with an area of ​​98.5 hectares. In the near future this place will become a marine eco-tourism associated with festive pilgrimage tourism system along with hotels and restaurants and amusement parks, diverse entertainment. The Guanyin Buddha Radio with an area of ​​almost 3 hectares located in Nha Mat resort, 11m high Buddha Ba (excluding the pedestal), built in 1973; Here are the matches for spiritual tourism pilgrim tourists all over the country. Every year, on March 21 to 23 lunar festival "Nanhai Guanyin" with the participation of Buddhists and people of other provinces to Virtual pilgrimage and worship.
Located at 31 Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 3, Bac Lieu town. The house is associated with anecdotes from famous Bac Lieu a time. The house was built in the French colonial period early twentieth century, the features of the house is built in the style of the West all materials are brought from France. It is now the restaurant - Bac Lieu hotel.

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