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Bac Giang is a province in the Northeast Vietnam, located in the northern midland and mountainous. Bac Giang adjacent to many provinces , north of Lang Son , Quang Ninh east , to the west by the southern Thai Nguyen and Hanoi, Bac Ninh and Hai Duong armor . Bac Giang province is the city , the center of the capital, Hanoi 51 km.

Bacgiang Vietnam Tours
Bac Giang Province
Area          3822.7 km²
Population 1.6 million people
Density       410 people / km²
Ethnicity     Vietnamese, Nung ,San Chay ,Chinese ,Tay

Location Bac Giang in Vietnam

Bac Giang Province

Bac Giang is a province in the Northeast Vietnam, located in the northern midland and mountainous. Bac Giang adjacent to many provinces , north of Lang Son , Quang Ninh east , to the west by the southern Thai Nguyen and Hanoi, Bac Ninh and Hai Duong armor . Bac Giang province is the city , the center of the capital, Hanoi 51 km.
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Bac Giang midland terrain and the transition zone between the northern mountains and the Red River Delta in the south. Although the majority of the province's natural area is mountainous terrain, but generally not to be divided more. Northern area is mountainous. Bac Giang is sandwiched between two mountains bow and the same opening as the staring, wide in the northeast, clustered in the southwest (in the center of the province), the: Trieu wings and bow Bac Son , the eastern provinces have low hilly terrain is a valley between two mountains. The East and the southern province of Dong Trieu bow is famous for Yen Tu mountain , average height of 300-900 meters above sea level, where the highest peak is 1,068 m; northwest North Bow Mountains food spread on to Yen district , the average height of 300-500 m, mainly round and sloping hills to the southeast. In the mountains northeast of Quang Ninh provinces bordering forest area Khe Ro 7153 hectares with abundant flora and fauna , including 236 species of trees , 255 species of medicinal plants, 37 species of mammals , 73 species of birds and 18 species of reptiles.
In Bac Giang 374 miles of rivers and streams , in which three major rivers Luc Nam , Trade and Cau . Luc Nam river flowing through karst should clear blue water all year round. Trade River originates from two areas with different topography and geology should double water line: cloudy, inside. In addition to rivers, Bac Giang has many lakes , including Lake Mold Cam Son and Spirit. Lake Cam Son in Lang Son Province to the area , 30 km long and where most 7 km wide and 200m narrowest spot. Cam Son Lake has an area of 2,600 ha of water surface, in the rainy season can be up to 3,000 ha. Mold Spirit Lake has a surface area of 240 ha and the lake has five islands covered by pine forest hills 20 years old. One can walk on the lake Mold Spirit by pedal boat or motor boat, just along the San Chi , Cao Lan , Nung native singing casserole wear , and enjoy the unique local products such as nuts , honey and wine geckos
Bacgiang Tours Administrative Units
Bac Giang has 10 district-level administrative units, including 1 and 9 city districts, 229 communes, wards and towns: Bac Giang city, Yen The, Tan Yen, Luc Ngan, Hiep Hoa, Lang Giang, Son Dong, Luc Nam, Viet Yen, Yen Dung
Bacgiang Vietnam Tours Attractions and Bac giang Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in Bac Giang
Bac Giang has a number of attractions such as:
  • Relic Yen uprising request for recognition as national monuments special
  • Vinh Nghiem Pagoda in the village of Duc La Tri Yen Yen Dung district
  • The Department of Tien Son Pagoda Viet Yen district
  • Tho Ha village in Van Ha Viet Yen district
  • ATK2 - Safety reserve area of the Central Party Committee and the North
  • Hoang Hoa Tham Museum and Traditional down in Yen The district
  • Mausoleum of Hiep Hoa Dinh Huong in
  • Relic Suoi Mo and Suoi Mo Temple Luc Nam
  • Citadel Xuong Giang
  • Forest Khe Ro Son Dong district
  • Cam Son Lake and Resort Mold Spirit Luc Ngan
  • Multicast trees over 1,000 years old in Tien Lu, Lang Giang district , multicast tree to 8 people hugging.
  • Multicast tree Dinh Duong Lam Tan Yen
Vietnam Tours that include Bacgiang
Below are list of all of Vietnam Tours that include bacgiang or Bac Giang. Recognized as leading Travel Company in Vietnam, we offer Luxury, Family, or All-inclusive travel specialized in many beautiful spots in Vietnam.
Vietnam tours in Bac Giang
Bacgiang Goverment tell about Tours
At Van Village
The name Van village has become famous brand Van Village galaxy, where special wine not only people love to spend but Mr. West also very happy. Van Village is a specialty wine indispensable to the Tet festival, or as gifts. Wine is delicious cooked with rice grown in the village fields Van Xa, Van Ha Viet Yen district, plus traditional yeast by the rare herbs and wine ingenious art of Van village. Hereditary, Van village wine brands 'his money' well known across the country and abroad. From a centuries axis of special flavor of the wine villages of Van are always many tourists choose to buy a gift to a Kinh Bac area. Van Ha you will enjoy specialty wine village of Van, really feel'' say "not only by the soft drink each, aromatic concentration that tourists" drunk "in the folk songs of them smoother loving of the joint his sister inside the north bank of the river bridge. Drink and sing their traditional culture of the village of Van. When lifting the cup invites another glass of wine from the village games again and discreetly by singing the folk songs of their question to show our sincere invitation alcohol, there is also the cultural characteristics of human Kinh Bac area .
Luc Ngan litchi
Be blessed, garden hills Luc Ngan strength of fruit trees and is home to the biggest lychee cultivation in the country. Son rocks here are consistent with lychee tree should be nurtured lush, dark green, round canopy as the raspberry. In particular, the beam of litchi fruit red ripe berries, bark thin stretch, very small particles, filled with sweet pulp, with luscious, long since become produce of Kinh Bac home, not only popular across the country Datt, but also are exported to foreign countries.
Orange Bo Ha
Bo Ha, the country's No. 1 oranges, was known throughout the region in the national competition effects was held in the ancient capital of Hue , once the pride of the people of Northern origin . This kind of commitments often ripening on the occasion of the Lunar New Year : fresh yellow brown, flattened spherical, rounded, beautiful, thick crust, slightly lumpy skin. Depending on the long-term fertilization and the level of annual tree, an orange tree can be from 50 to 200 results. The special attraction of this kind of commitment is specific aroma, dark sweet, succulent shrimps to the, red gold intestine, very high nutrient content. Once upon a time, in Ha poor dad has a few dozen rich orange original original, up to a few thousand. Cam is also an important source of income and also the pride of the people Ha father. Yet through the vicissitudes of time, and an orange with orange varieties such special fund gradually degraded, tomorrow a citrus by many reasons nhan.Nhung people and local leaders have devoted to you this special oranges are tormented, concern: "trying to maintain your orange seed development of the ancestors".
Rice Design
Next pancake comes from the traditional village pancake Cheng Ke, Bac Giang. Especially, the taste just crunchy, just new sweet rice and aromatic fragrance of sunny countryside North bo.Do it's also a special cake points to distribute biet.De baked a cake perfect told to undergone a lot of complexity. With skilled hands of the people to tell, skills, fan gear manually by charcoal making cake always blooming, plump, round ring as the moon full moon night and not be scorched. Also technical sprinkle sesame, peanuts stars for the black, yellow blotchy all over banh.Banh the multi Ke always create a separate definition, can not be mixed. It became a specialty of the northern country characterized.
HOME wheat
Despite longstanding wheat but only really made ​​an impression to consumers a few years ago. When new, this rice noodle things less known, however over time, along with outstanding features like a sweet of fetus pink powder, wheat fiber length is not as crushed wheat that kind of home town named and known in the daily life of people around the region. Not only that, my uncle became the specialty gift home people here are gifts for guests and acquaintances outside the province

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