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An Giang province is the most populous Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam. Part of An Giang is located in the Long Xuyen quadrangle. An Giang province has a total land area of 3536.6685 km2, of which an area of 280 658 ha of agricultural land, 14,724 hectares of forest land.

Angiang Vietnam Tours

An Giang Province

Area           3406.2 km²

Population  2.2 million people

Density         630 people / km²

Ethnicity    Vietnamese, Khmer, Chinese and Cham

Location An Giang 

An Giang province

An Giang province is the most populous Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam. Part of An Giang is located in the Long Xuyen quadrangle. An Giang province has a total land area of 3536.6685 km2, of which an area of 280 658 ha of agricultural land, 14,724 hectares of forest land.
Northwestern provinces bordering Cambodia (104 km) south-west of Kien Giang province (69.789 km), the southern border of Can Tho (44.734 km), Dong Thap Province to the east (107.628 km), Ho Chi Minh City 190 km.
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Angiang Tours Administrative Units
An Giang province has 11 administrative units, including 01 municipal LI ( Long Xuyen ), 02 ( Chau Doc, Binzhou ) and 08 districts, with 156 communes, wards and townships:
Long Xuyen City: 11 wards and 02 communes; Chau Doc town: 04 wards and 03 communes; Tan Chau town: 05 wards and 09 communes; An Phu: 02 towns and 12 communes; Chau Phu district: 01 towns and 12 communes; Chau Thanh district: 01 towns and 12 communes; Cho Moi District: 02 towns and 16 communes; Phu Tan: 02 towns and 16 communes; Voice Son: 03 towns and 14 communes; Tinh Bien district: 03 towns and 11 communes; Tri Ton : 02 towns and 13 communes
Angiang Vietnam Tours Attractions and Angiang Vietnam Tours Tourism
Vietnam tours in An Giang
An Giang has a number of attractions such as:
  • Chau Doc : famous Festival Via Lady origin , Sam Mountain . Sam Mountain resort has many historical, religious matter: Tomb Phone Ngoc Hau , Tay An Pagoda , Chua Phuoc Dien ... There is also the Cham village along the Hau River , the village of Chau Doc friends ...
  • That Son : of 7 mountains of Tinh Bien district 2 & Triton. Forbidden Temple of the Big Buddha on the mountain with Buddha Maitreya Vietnam record books recognized the country's largest.
  • Melaleuca Tea Master is the ecotourism on 700 hectares , located in the heart of Long Xuyen quadrangle, of Van Catholic, Tinh Bien district .
  • Voice Ho Son is one of the beautiful lakes of Long Xuyen city 29 km provincial road 943.
  • Bung Binh Thien (also known as the kingdom of heaven) is a freshwater lake especially in An Phu district , surrounding of green all year round whether the canal sediment tainted .
  • January isle ( New Market ) is located between the river with many unique religious buildings.
  • Souvenir President Ton Duc Thang was ranked as national monuments special.
 Vietnam Tours that include Angiang
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Vietnam tours in An Giang
Angiang Tours with locals
An Giang is located in the southwest of the country, where the Mekong River, the Tien and Hau rivers pass through making the annual flooding season when mild-severe. Northwest of the Cambodian border, with nearly 100 km of the border, west south of Kien Giang, Dong Tho south, northeast bordered to the east tower. An Giang has an area of 3536 km2 and a population of over 2.2 million people, including the Kinh, Hoa, Cham, Khmer.
An Giang inherit the glorious traditions of our ancestors is to save people in open territory the South for over a hundred years ago to overcome obstacles when deforestation paint, drill mountains, canal, turn Xinjiang border towns into thriving villages fields, fertile rice production has topped the country and is the strength of the Province of catfish, fish tra.vv.. Fish fed by thousands of friends, over three thousand hectares of ponds, fish processing for export to markets in hundreds of countries around the world.
Nowadays, An Giang are on track to develop all aspects of economic, social chance ... With characteristics of a province southwest vast rice fields, green river water specifically, the majestic painting Interior and vast mangrove forest, ... Along with the traditional dynamic, generous, hospitable, An Giang people are involved in the development of tourism activities to revive the potential advantages of natural resources for tourism, cultural activities , festival, ...
Go to Long Xuyen city, the hometown of the late President Ton Duc Thang, riverside city rich with floating markets, abundant goods. To Mr. isle Tiger visited Bacton Temple, visited tourist Gardens.
Along the Hau River by river or road about 75 minutes, to Chau Doc town junction of three rivers where of Tien songHau, terminal Chau Giang visit the Mosque beautiful architecture, unique, look at the style of the traditional ancient Cham, learn about written hoaCham, brocade weaving craft with sophisticated products used as souvenirs, progress of the Cham people in life that preserves the traditions of Islam. Visit our "Friendship Village" with the leading floating Songsan animal model fish with traditional methods both industrial, large-scale, home friends with advanced facilities, to see the dynamics of the South River water. Night to drop a boat rowing on the river looking up the town of Chau Doc brilliant flower lights, listening to traditional music amateurs. As a hobby many guests enjoyed a diverse shopping, specialty rich in Chau Doc market and, of course, indispensable sauce Chau Doc as a gift. Along Highway 91 just 6 km, Nui Sam mountain children grow up in the heart of the market town with famous monument around the foot of the mountain as Creator TâyAn just as architectural monuments as well as the revolutionary cradle, design side Ngoc Hau Tomb Phone Tips for reclamation, canal, opening up the village land.
Ba Chua Xu Temple on Sam Mountain, unique architecture - to - beauty, attracting over 2 million visitors annually to admire - worship-strengthening faith, the Vía Mrs. ceremony held on January 4 negative calendar, as well as the festive season attracted domestic and foreign.
Mass Vía She is considered a national cultural festival and was upgraded to a national festival since 2001. As the festive season, to Sam Mountain enjoy interesting sightseeing climbing, with over 100 temples, am the cup, or by phuongt Car Electrical paved road for about 20 minutes to reach the top of Mount Sam visits where Legend is She stands before. On the way dico can visit Tourism Victoria Village with upscale amenities, French-style architecture, stands at Tao Ngo Garden overlooking the vast rice fields, toddler Lost Son and the Cambodian border as closer in range eyes.
Arrive Sam Mountain holiday season can participate in various types of art and culture, professional, amateur traditional music, games, all kinds of entertainment. Tourism services from budget to luxury Resorts Ben Da Nui Sam Hotel - Restaurant Postal Service and how much is the motel, motels, restaurants solicitation.
According Quoclo line 91, That Son will come with the mighty implications how unspoiled drawing of a youth "That Son mysterious" enough to arouse the curiosity discovery of visitors to which reminiscent sites: Mount Cam Mount Safe, Mount Christ, Mt Age, caves, streams, lakes, etc.
In Tinh Bien with Lam Vien Resorts, Mount Cam Dragon stream in, enjoy the lake Thuy Liem, visit the Temple of the Great Buddha, beautiful sightseeing Van Linh Pagoda Fresh fruit Nui Cam ngon.Den Bo Hong (Forbidden Mountain peak) was proud to conquer the highest level of the Mekong Delta Long.Hoac customers can go to Tra Su Forest Tram, Binh Minh City is located in the heart of the quadrilateral Long Xuyen. Sitting on a small boat Displacement creeping in the forest, bird watching tower, flamingo, monkey bridge by Melaleuca, the neighboring inns enjoy special dishes, mingles with the sound of birds chirping, the wind rustling forest the implementation of Israel's natural to make your mind more comfortable and more pleasant for your trip.
According to Tri Ton lanes with the ancient Khmer temple and hamlet levels of population tocKhmer eat up, drink water fruit and Thot Los specialties from the tree Thot. Climbing Co looking to Yellow Springs, visit Penglai Temple, along the stream to the lake Soai So, with garden surrounding foothills. Or find to Ba Chuc temples Africa, the open Ba Chuc. Revolutionary bases O Ta Care, Hill Tuc Dup hill called the hill famous "two million", a number of historical monuments have been reconstructed and the tourist attractions.
Loop Voice Son to Mountain Resorts Sap, Oc Eo Cultural Sites zone being excavated, the study of an age culture of Funan old.
Tourism of An Giang tourists also enjoy the type of garden, fishing, sleeping in friends, enjoy the rustic strange mouth, characteristic of the South River.
Tourism An Giang more attractive in cultural and ethnic festivals as ceremony Dolta and Racing Khmer beef in Tri Ton, Tinh Bien on May 10, lunar calendar, Ramadan Festival of lunar Cham May, the German celebrity anniversary as Problem Management Tran Van Thanh, anniversary Nguyen Huu Canh, Phone Ngoc Hau Festival Traditional Sports Culture in An Phu, Ba Chua Xu Festival Vía Sam Mountain, ...
An Giang are trying to develop tourism potential, are striving to improve the quality of tourism products. And organizations working with Tourism Cambodia and the Mekong Delta provinces effectively exploit the Mekong sub-regional tourism; tour connection to the people of the two countries through the sightseeing tour through tourism development cooperation program Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, Kien Giang and Tay Ninh.

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