Pac Bo Cave

That the wonderful natural beauty, superb landscape of Ban Gioc waterfall has made Cao Bang a rendezvous place for visitors. In addition, this province is also well-known as the land of revolution traditions and famous for cultural – historical monuments through glorious struggle stages of Viet Nam

It takes additional 52 kilometres to drive from Cao Bang town to Truong Ha commune, Ha Quang district where visitors can come to historical relic Pac Bo.
Through the windows of car, you will certainly be very interested in the picturesque scenery, endowed by the nature – They are golden rice fields lying amid green mountains, small hamlets with dozens of houses-on-stilts under the shade of towering clusters of peach trees, and the winding streams with thatch-roofed bridges.
Pac Bo means “mouth of source” in local language. Pac Bo is the original point of Vietnam revolution as this place cements the special important historical period in the life of Uncle Ho and Vietnam revolution since 1941-1945. After 30 years abroad seeking way for rescuing the nation, on January, 28th, 1941, passing the border mark No108, Nguyen Ai Quoc – the former name of President Ho Chi Minh at that time, returned and selected this place to stay and guide the Vietnam revolution.
In Pac Bo, Uncle Ho launched significant guidelines and decisions preparing for the historical August 1945 revolution. In particular, he posted the 8th Central Party Conference from 10-19 of May 1941. The conference determined that national liberation is the first priority of Vietnam revolution, forming Vietnam front for independence alliance, abbreviated Viet Minh. President Ho also opened training courses on politics, military for revolution cadres, edited revolution documents, published the Vietnam-Independence newspaper – propaganda of Viet Minh front, formed Pac Bo guerrillas team…
In Pac Bo today, you will have chance to learn about the precious historical relics such as Sir Ly Quoc Sung house, Coc Bo cave where Uncle Ho selected as living and working place to guide the Vietnam revolution, stone table “tottering Party history”, Lenin stream, Karl Marx mountain, Khuoi Nam tent, Sir Duong Van Dinh house. No108 milestone is the place where Uncle Ho first put his foot on his homeland after 30 years abroad. Stopping at the display house in Pac Bo relic, you will see souvenirs of Uncle Ho such as the typewriter, rattan basket, rubber sandals, etc. All these simple souvenirs are sacred to Vietnamese people as they are part of life of Uncle Ho who wrote great historical pages of Vietnam.
Very well-known historical place for Vietnamese people where Ho Chi Minh first time come back to Vietnam after 30 years living abroad to find the way salvage country from French domination. The scenery from Cao Bang to Pac Bo is great with green rice field, mountain, stream with water wheel and even water fall together with villages of Tay people is great photo opportunity.

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